Wood Screw Sizes Chart

Wood screw types and sizes.

You might be asking whether you can use all wood screws on wood. Of course, the answer is, “Yes, you can!” Nevertheless, it will be good to note that wood screws differ in length, diameter, and other aspects. Thus, you must choose the screws that are best suited for a particular application. Besides, you should … Read more

Lumber and Wood Sizes Chart

Various sizes of wood lumber and board in hardware store.

So, you wanted to jumpstart your woodworking career and researched the wood dimensions available in the market today. To your surprise, you had come face-to-face with terms like nominal size and actual size of lumber—terms you are pretty unfamiliar with. Things suddenly become confusing to you, and you want to know the difference between nominal … Read more

Is Ash A Hardwood?

Ash hardwood lumber and timber.

If you ever want to dabble in woodworking, you will more likely tinker with Ashwood, and you might also ask whether Ash is hardwood. Ash is a significant wood in the lumber industry because of its strength and lightness. It is also shock resistant and can give your project a great look. As a hardwood, … Read more

African Pearwood: Properties, Colors, Texture, Uses, Workability & Sustainability

African Pearwood Wood texture and colors.

Let’s check out African Pearwood to get you started in your quest for the ideal wood. If you live, for example, in Africa, one hardwood native to this continent is African Pearwood. This wood gets generally used for making veneer, fine furniture, turned objects, specialty items, and cabinetry. African Pearwood has the scientific name Baillonella toxisperma, … Read more

Is Apple Wood a Hardwood?

Have you ever harvested apples from the Apple tree? I guess you have, and I am sure the apple fruits captivated your eyes more than the apple wood. If you’re not a woodworker, you may not even ask whether an Apple tree is hardwood or softwood. Yet, if you’re a die-hard woodworker, you will know … Read more

Is Mesquite A Hardwood?

Mesquite wood log grain and texture.

If you live in the dry region of North America, you might be familiar with Mesquite. Mesquite, of course, is a common name for many plants under the genus Prosopis. Besides, there are around forty species of trees under this genus. Mesquite, of course, is deciduous, which sheds its leaves during autumn.  Mesquite, of course, … Read more