What Does A Router Table Do?

How to use router table.

Do you really need a router table in your workshop? If your answer is—yes, you are right. Maybe you are one of those DIYers who have already known the value of a router table. Yet, if you’re a newbie who has not yet bought or own a router table, it will help if you provide … Read more

Jigsaw Vs Circular Saw

Comparing the differences between circular saw and jigsaw.

Two of the most versatile tools a woodworker should have are circular saws and jigsaws. Both saws are suitable for different cutting styles, and professional woodworkers should have these power saws in their tool arsenal. Yet, even if you have both these power saws but do not know when and how to use them well, … Read more

Chop Saw Vs Circular Saw

Comparing circular saw and chop in every aspect.

While most industries nowadays are shifting to automation, many woodworkers across the globe still get stuck with their manual and ancient woodworking tools. This is because most power tools are still expensive. Nevertheless, the moment you decide to transition to the use of power tools, you’ll soon get confronted with a wide array of power … Read more

Best Dovetail Jigs for Router Table

Cutting dovetail joints with the dovetail jig designed to use on table router.

Using a table router dovetail jig to cut the dovetail joints is the most efficient and time-saving method compared to other alternative ways. However, there are many things to have to take into consideration. As a beginner in woodworking, you might have seen some woodworking projects that involved the use of dovetail joints. You might … Read more

Band Saw Vs Jigsaw

Comparing the features of bandsaws and jigsaws.

Bandsaw and Jigsaw have the same appearance at first sight. Because they cut straight lines and corners, both saws use a narrow blade. Using a thin blade, all cuts are performed using the dynamic moment of the saws, allowing for more control over the cut. Because of their design, bandsaws and jigsaws make cutting more … Read more

How to Cut Plexiglass with Dremel

Use Dremel rotary tool to cut Plexiglass.

One tool that you will find helpful in your woodworking is the Dremel rotary tool. You can use it when working with various materials, from wood and metals to plexiglass and fiberglass. It can handle any job easily and efficiently, cutting materials at a very high speed ranging from 10,000 RPM to 35,000 RPM. Hence, … Read more

Best Router Bits for Door Hinges 2023

Router a door hinge hole.

Router bits can be surprisingly versatile for router the perfect door hinges. Make sure you get strong, heavy-duty router bits to accommodate different door installation projects. Plan ahead! You want to look for the right thickness and length for woodworking.  You can use a trim router for door hinges! It’s lightweight and easy to control, … Read more