What is Bridle Joint?

Cutting bridle joint by hand.

If you know what a mortise and tenon joint is, the bridle joint needs no introduction! They are similar joints in terms of construction. Basically, a bridle joint is when you join together two wood pieces with ends that accept and receive one another. Once joined, they form a corner!  In contrast, a mortise and … Read more

What is Lap Joint?

Cutting and and making a lap joint.

As a woodworker, learning different joinery methods is a must. Before the advent of technology, woodworkers made sure every wood project was held together securely. One useful joinery method is the lap joint!  If you’re not familiar with the lap joint, you may also know it by another name: the overlap joint. You can use … Read more

What is Birdsmouth Joint?

Raffle birdsmouth joint on the roof.

You may have heard of the birdsmouth joint as the bird’s beak cut as well. While the name is interesting, many beginner woodworkers have a hard time pinpointing what exactly a birdsmouth joint is. What does it even do?  A birdsmouth joint interlock with roof rafters to supporting walls. It’s a type of woodworking joint … Read more

What is Dado Cut?

Sample of a clean dado cut on wood board.

Dado cutting involves the adding of a groove to a stock. You will find dado cuts very helpful in woodworking, especially if you create door panels and hold drawer bottoms. Dado grooves also come in handy when you need a slot in the stock.  Dado can also become functional when connecting two pieces of wood. … Read more

How To Drill Pocket Holes In Wood

Methods of making pocket holes on wood with and without jig.

Pocket hole joinery makes the fusion of two workpieces possible. However, for pocket hole joinery to happen, you need to drill the holes first! Most people find this step confusing.  If you’re one of them, worry no more. This article guides you on how to drill pocket holes in wood. Read on for an in-depth … Read more