Top Selling Woodworking Items

Carpenter made a wooden toy dog.

Getting started on woodworking? Thinking of turning it into a business? 

If you’re a starting enthusiast in woodworking and looking to turn your hobby into a lucrative income, then seek no more. If you don’t know what you should sell as a woodworker to get your money, materials, and efforts worth, here is a list of what to create. 

Listed here are ideas and products that will get you the maximum gain you had for your efforts, but it does not mean that by merely making them will gain your income immediately. As a woodcrafter/woodworker, it both takes skill and artistic feel as to what the clientele would like. 

Factors To Take Into Consideration

Knowing the top-selling items serves as a hint on the demographic for either a specific or a wider range of potential customers. It also challenges the artist as to what will sell in the craft and will give a step in the right direction for getting what your efforts and artistic skills are worth. Not only that, knowing the competition is tough with manufacturers and factories who are already selling out products like pancakes such as IKEA. On the other hand, customized handicrafts that are tailor-made for individual customers are also seemingly rare nowadays, which gives a particular demand and trend to this business. 

The items in this list may be short but by no means limited since they can be considered as wide categories and starting ideas for exploration and innovation. These ideas have been dependable on the market for a steady pace in sales. 

Small wood-crafting businesses may take a lot of roles in construction since it is indispensable in carpentry. Woodcraft is a platform with a variety of categories to explore with only the artist’s imagination as the limit in making fruitful ideas for business.

Top Selling Woodworking Items That You Can Make

1) Wooden Toys for Children

Back in the day, wooden toys are commonplace, but now, it has become a unique collection for enthusiasts. Though with good quality wood, it is considered as quality material; therefore, stores have found them valuable and amped up the prices for these wooden crafts in comparison with mass-produced and cheaper children’s toys.

Most toys today are composed of mostly plastic and other synthetic materials. For stores and antique shops, they charge a considerable amount for wooden toys; this includes a diverse classification from puzzles to dolls and figures to intricate automotive sculptures. Wooden toys for children, unlike plastic toys, are known to be safer and stronger because of the material it was made from, and this is one of the factors which convince parents to prefer purchasing these. They also have the time-tested quality, depending on the quality of the wood it was made and its design. Even if a wooden toy aged through years and in mint condition, it can be sold as an antique with a higher price. 

Wooden toys are a classic among woodcrafters. The demographic for clientele in wooden toy crafting is based on the locality and the trend of the toys that can be doable with wood, for example, “Jenga” or classic board games like chess and scrabble.  

2) Entryway Organizer

Many people prefer having an organizer that can easily be accessed at home, and from its namesake, ‘entryway‘, what can be more convenient than a shelf which one can simply place at the doorstep of a room or house and put valuables and mundane things at home? 

An entry or hallway organizer is a convenient addition to homes in terms of fashion sense and durability. This is a popular product for homes in terms of its multi-faceted usability. It can be used as a simple shelf for books, accessories, and also valuables. Besides this feature, it can be used to hang coats right at the doorstep. Other designs include ideas that give innovation and expand the possibility of usage and design to make it more appealing.

Woodcrafters make this out of soft maple, pine, oak, or other good quality wood that would best fit the background of the place it will be installed on. Pieces of the solid wood are glued together, and the screws and nails are only used to attach it to the wall.

3) Coat Racks

A wooden coat rack is considered fashionable in whatever room layout and design it is placed. 

Coat racks are surprisingly doable in woodworks and a great beginner project for a starting woodcrafter. Coat racks can be found along with entryway organizers as an attachment, a built attached on a wall or corner of the house with shelves, or simply, a stand. With its functionality and versatility, it is a great addition to a home not just as a piece of decorative furniture; it is also quite practical since with the number of rungs can hold several articles of clothing and other items. 

Coat racks vary on the materials and built. Modern coat racks make use of metal and plastic along with wood. 

Coat racks gained a lot of diversity because of its versatility. The most popular types are Stand-alone coat racks and the wall-mounted coat rack, and woodcrafters have found creative ways to make it more suitable to the different tastes of customers. The stand-alone coat rack, for one, is a classic, though it has a minor flaw, with the tendency to tip over if the weight is distributed unevenly. While a wall-mounted coat rack, otherwise known as a rustic coat rack, is a simple yet elegant feature on every wall of a house and can be an easy DIY project with the use of solid wood, nails, and wrought iron hangers.

4) Docking station

Wooden docking stations have become popular today with the trend on smartphones. They are also known as Mobile Phone Holders or bedside organizers. From its namesake, it is popular among people who like to keep all their accessories and phone in an accessible yet also fashionable, handy shelf.

Also considered to be an innovation that adopted the technology needs of the 21st century, it is combined with the rustic feel of a handy wooden miniature organizer for valuables with a multi-purpose enhancement as a cellphone charger, hooks, and ledges for hanging stuff like keys and wristwatches. 

It can be pretty much made by anyone and made with only a few materials, so it sells quite cheaply, but a steady line of customers still vie for this item because of its popularity. It can be built with two boards and attached with wood glue or some 1-1/4 inch brad nails. DIY tutorials are made available on multiple websites.

5) Birdhouses

Not what you would think of as a luxury item, but birdhouses are a popular craft. Birdhouses, when made with high-quality wood, not only would entice bird enthusiasts but also gain you a considerable amount of money for a simply-built birdhouse. 

When building a one, a huge factor to think of is the type of wood you’re going to use, which should be weather-resistant and rot-resistant. Though wood is a great choice for building a birdhouse, which makes it durable and breathable for birds, it is also an attractive dwelling to other creatures such as squirrels who will tend to chew the edges off the entry and also take over the birdhouse.

Birdhouses are a cheap and straightforward project which can be made under $5, and if you’re looking into producing this craft, wood like cedar, pine, cypress, and redwood are the ideal material to make it with. 

A birdhouse can be made with the use of basic tools like hammer, saw and drill, and a simple pine board. A solid wood board can get you to make the parts of one birdhouse–the roof, base, two sides, front and back panel, with glue or nails to join together and attached to a tree. 

Local birds find these attractive, and it is advisable to abstain from making a birdhouse without any paint on it since the smell can either repel the birds or attract other animals. The dangerous chemical from paints can affect birds’ eggs.

6) Fruit Bowls

Seen often as a universal item in houses and even a necessity in living rooms and dining tables, fruit bowls are a relatively simple yet popular product among woodcrafts. 

In comparison to glass or plastic fruit bowls, wooden fruit bowls are durable and suitable for any home, as well as an eye-catching feature with its material. 

For homemakers, this is a popular product no matter the style, and woodturning, as found by many woodworkers, is one of the most satisfying processes in woodcrafting placing no limits in design whether it is from solid wood, wood fragments or a combination of materials, so this is an overall worthwhile endeavor in woodcrafting. 

7) Scrap Wood Wall Art

This comes in as a contemporary blend and appeal of making old, antique, or broken things into a more constructive, as well as environment-friendly commodity. Making Scrap Wood Wall Art doesn’t take any special requirement of buying a new or special type of wood to work with, but simply, with what is already found available in one’s surroundings, with the limit only available through the imagination of the artist.

This could be the most exploratory and diverse project a woodcrafter will undergo since this craft must extend his creativity as well as marketing to make it profitable.

8) Wooden Picture Frames

Seen in every home, picture frames are placed in the line between need and want of the clientele in buying this product. Making picture frames involves choosing the right kind of design for a customized project. The appeal goes in the design and feel of the object, which most photo retailing shops or studios account for, as they seek out personally woodcraft makers or manufacturers to build customized picture frames for clients. 

Crafting picture frames has always been stylish, in-demand, and also inexpensive in terms of materials, making this a great project to embark on.

9) Plant Boxes

Plant boxes come in all shapes, sizes and with a little creativity, design.

A wooden plant box not only makes use of the organic but brings out the appeal of the plant with simple designs and material, which makes this a worthwhile output in woodcrafting. 

Plant boxes are easy to make, robust, and striking addition to the outdoor environment of your terrace, garden, patio, and lawns, as well as, it gives a flair to the indoors. 

Undertaking plant boxes as a woodworking output can also be one of the most gainful, popular, and cheapest projects to do if you have mastered woodburning. 

10) Jewelry Boxes

If you want to make a profitable gain from your woodworking projects, a jewelry box is an excellent piece to sell.

Simplicity is the highlight and appeal of wooden jewelry boxes, which makes its contents stand out. But Jewelry boxes vary in not only highlighting what is concealed within them but also the patterns and designs with woodburning or, for some, artistic designs with paint and lacquer that cater to a customer’s taste in choosing the product.

Like any other woodworking project, the quality of the wood should be chosen well, and the addition of a thin velvet clothing or felt that is placed inside the jewelry box adds to its style and worth. 

11) Toy Cars & Other Vehicles

Under the category of wooden toys, the popularity of this item among woodcrafting manufacturers and artists is how diverse in complexity or simplicity this category is, with only the handicraft is made out of simple bits and pieces of wood.

For making toy cars and other vehicles, the templates can readily be found online and simply printed out, laid out, and traced on wood. Then, by drilling out the shapes according to the pattern, one will have parts of the toy. Toy cars and trucks are novelty items and collectibles among toy car enthusiasts and for a wide client demographic–both young and old. 

This deserves a different category from wooden toys, as was mentioned before, since toy cars give a different platform and a different edge to its clientele as one of the best-selling categories in woodcraft. 

12) Cutting Boards

Along with jewelry boxes, picture frames, fruit bowls, and plant boxes, the cutting board is a hot commodity for its demand as a requirement in homes and kitchen. It can be made with pretty much any kind of wood, even scrap wood, which is the ease of making these. 

Cutting boards are made with S4S lumber, which is usually on sale in most home depots or hardware stores, then these are laminated together.

Naturally enough, the length and width matter a great deal if you want to obtain the smoothness and flattened form. 

One, you have to cut those wood bigger than the sizes you intend to make out with. Next, compile these and glue your prepared cut boards, flatten the sides, and form the rectangular square with a sander (belt, drum, or planer). Then, add a curve along the edges, making the edges rounder, and even adding some decorations. Next, sand the whole thing smooth. Lastly, it is to apply a cutting board oil to finish it, and you can also add the feet.

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