About Us

Hi, Welcome to WoodworkMag.Com.

I’m Liam Bronson, the co-founder of WoodworkMag.Com. I’m a woodworker and an interior designer. I love to integrate the elements of the woodworking concept into my interior design projects. For me, a creative and well-crated woodworking furniture/project is a masterpiece of art.

Interior design and fine woodworking being my passion since I had entered into the interior design industry. And I have started to curious and been hooked up with the art of fine woodworking. And I was so impressed with the woodworking projects that were aesthetically pleasing made of various pieces of simple wood materials.

And, I’m so excited to have my best friend in the field, Jason on board to run this meaningful woodworking project together.

I’m Jason Long, one of the co-founders of WoodworkMag.Com, who handles the video production parts of the “How-To” technique videos for all the small woodworking and wood crafts projects.

I’m a woodworker and carpenter who have been working in the woodworking industry for more than 17 years, since 23-year-old.

Small woodworking projects, joinery, and hand tools are the areas that I’m most knowledgeable and experience in. I love to share the techniques and processes of using different hand tools available in the workshop, from making the most simple stool chair to the complex cabinet projects.

Our Mission & Vision

WoodworkMag.Com is a woodworking site that focuses on providing useful and practical guides on woodworking, wood crafting, and wood art topics.

We tend to make this woodworking site into a magazine-style site that caters to woodworking beginners, hobbyists, woodworkers, and even professional carpenters to build and improve their carpentry skills.

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