Wood Density Chart

Wood hardness and density ratings of different species of wood.

If you would recall your science classes, you might remember the meaning of density. It is the mass of the substance per unit volume. Similarly, wood density refers to the amount of wood material in a given unit of wood volume. Wood may vary in density depending on its Moisture Content (MC). Moreover, you can get … Read more

What Is Burl Wood?

Cutting wood burl with chain saw.

Quite Frankly, if it is your first time dabbling in woodworking, you might be perplexed upon seeing deformed grain in your wood. These deformed grains get usually formed by rounded outgrowth on the tree trunk, characterized by tiny knots from dormant shoots or buds. These knotty wood grains get generally referred to as burl wood or burr. Burls … Read more

Woodworking With Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most used and valuable plants in this world. In fact, it has around 1,500 documented applications and uses, and for this reason, bamboo is undoubtedly a beneficial plant. Yet, one of the best applications of bamboo lies in woodworking. For millennia, bamboo has been used for making almost anything, from … Read more

Is Particle Board Strong?

Particle Board Cabinet Top

My best friend, who wants to dabble in woodworking, asked me the other day whether he could use particleboard as a substitute for plywood, and I said, “Yes!” Nevertheless, I’ve warned him that it is not strong enough compared to plywood and MDF. Particleboard, for example, is made of waste materials from various wood products, … Read more

How Much Does a Sheet of Plywood Weigh?

Stacks of plywood sheets with different weights

Consider the weight of the Plywood to avoid serious issues later if you’re structural support or frame is incapable of holding the weight of the Plywood. Thus, before you even plan to use Plywood in your project, ensure that you factor in the weight of the Plywood to avoid any issue or problem related to … Read more

Lumber and Wood Sizes Chart

Various sizes of wood lumber and board in hardware store.

So, you wanted to jumpstart your woodworking career and researched the wood dimensions available in the market today. To your surprise, you had come face-to-face with terms like nominal size and actual size of lumber—terms you are pretty unfamiliar with. Things suddenly become confusing to you, and you want to know the difference between nominal … Read more

Is Ash A Hardwood?

Ash hardwood lumber and timber.

If you ever want to dabble in woodworking, you will more likely tinker with Ashwood, and you might also ask whether Ash is hardwood. Ash is a significant wood in the lumber industry because of its strength and lightness. It is also shock resistant and can give your project a great look. As a hardwood, … Read more

African Pearwood: Properties, Colors, Texture, Uses, Workability & Sustainability

African Pearwood Wood texture and colors.

Let’s check out African Pearwood to get you started in your quest for the ideal wood. If you live, for example, in Africa, one hardwood native to this continent is African Pearwood. This wood gets generally used for making veneer, fine furniture, turned objects, specialty items, and cabinetry. African Pearwood has the scientific name Baillonella toxisperma, … Read more