Is Apple Wood a Hardwood?

Have you ever harvested apples from the Apple tree? I guess you have, and I am sure the apple fruits captivated your eyes more than the apple wood. If you’re not a woodworker, you may not even ask whether an Apple tree is hardwood or softwood. Yet, if you’re a die-hard woodworker, you will know … Read more

Is Mesquite A Hardwood?

Mesquite wood log grain and texture.

If you live in the dry region of North America, you might be familiar with Mesquite. Mesquite, of course, is a common name for many plants under the genus Prosopis. Besides, there are around forty species of trees under this genus. Mesquite, of course, is deciduous, which sheds its leaves during autumn.  Mesquite, of course, … Read more

What is Patagonian Rosewood?

Curupau wood

If you want the most rigid and densest wood on Earth, you should check out the Patagonian Rosewood. It is, without doubt, a rare and exotic wood species characterized by a combination of exquisite beauty and extreme hardness with a Hardness Janka rating of 3840 lbf. It will not crack up easily and will last … Read more

What is Australian Buloke?

Australian Ironwood tree.

Do you know that Australian Buloke is considered the hardest hardwood on Earth available commercially? Yes, you heard it right, but you might be unfamiliar with this wood because it is rarely available in the market. Its scientific name isĀ Allocasuarina luehmannii, referred to as the ā€œAustralian Ironwood Tree” or “Bull-oak” It has a Janka Hardness … Read more