Is Balsa Wood A Hardwood?

Balsa wood color and processed wood pieces.

Balsa wood is a pretty soft and light timber. In fact, it is so soft that you can mark it using your fingernails. This property makes Balsa wood ideal for sculpting, especially for wooden details, structures, or architectural details, like scale models of houses. You can get balsa wood in stick form or sheet form. … Read more

Is Elm A Hardwood?

Examples of elm wood.

You might also be asking whether Elm is hardwood or not. Well, Elm is softwood with an 830 lbf Janka Hardness rating.  Despite being a softwood, Elm is pretty tough and durable. It features interlocking grain, making it harder and more resistant to breaking or splitting. For this reason, you can use Elm wood for … Read more

Is Douglas Fir A Hardwood?

Douglas Fir wood texture and properties.

One wood that gets frequently used in many woodworking projects is Douglas Fir. It is one of North America’s most common timber trees and gets often used for lumber, flooring, plywood, and other woodworking projects. If you’re new to Douglas Fir wood in woodworking industry, reading through this article will give you an inside look … Read more

How to Start Wood Carving Project

Student start carving his first wood craft with chisel.

Napoleon Hill, the co-author of Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, once said: “a creative idea is not creative if you don’t follow it through with action.” Similarly, your creative wood carving ideas are still not creative if you don’t engage in wood carving to actualize those ideas. Wood carving as an endeavor has long provided … Read more

7 Easy Methods to Make Rabbet Cut

Machines and hand tools that you can cut rabbet joint.

Joints are essential woodworking components, and if you want to raise your level of woodworking a notch higher, it will be best to learn and master the different types of woodworking joints. One of the best woodworking joints you should know is the rabbet joint. It is also called a rebate joint. You can use … Read more