How To Notch Wood With A Router

Use router to notch the joint groove on the wood.

The technique of notching using router is an important aspect of the woodworking tradition. Every professional who adopted this method knows how beneficial it is to their craftmanship. This method helps professional carpenters or woodworkers increase their furniture durability or wood structure. However, beginners unfamiliar with notching wood find the process too difficult to perform. … Read more

How to Paint Plywood Walls

Paint plywood wall with roller.

Although the gluing together of thin sheets had been around since 2,600 BC, it was only in the 1850s that plywood got industrially produced. The first patent for plywood got granted in 1865, and now, you will see plywood everywhere. Besides, plywood has also become a favorite of many woodworkers. If you’re an aspiring woodworker, … Read more

How to Measure a Chain Saw Bar

400mm/16" chainsaw bar size.

Figuring out the measurement of your chainsaw bar will never be a big problem because the chainsaw bar’s dimension is often printed or stamped on the chainsaw. Yet, if you can’t find or can no longer read the printed measurement, you might as well manually measure the chainsaw bar. Given its design, a chainsaw is … Read more

Can A Chainsaw Cut Metal?

Using air chainsaw to cut metal materials.

Many find the chainsaw handy when they need to perform serious cutting tasks. With the chainsaw, for example, you can fell a towering tree and cut through different types of wood. Besides, if you fasten the chainsaw to a particular guide frame, you can use the chainsaw as a portable sawmill for reducing bulk wood … Read more

How To Fix A Wobbly Chair Leg 

Driving screw into the joint of a chair leg.

Wood tables and chairs are among the most attractive pieces of furniture available. These furnishings are frequently passed down from generation to generation, becoming much-loved and used family treasures due to their natural beauty and warm tones. Normal wear and tear can eventually make the legs unsteady. Chair legs that are loose create discomfort and … Read more

What Is A Table Saw Trunnion?

Hybrid table saw with adjustable trunnion angle features.

A table saw is made up of numerous components. Every single feature has contributed to the value of a table saw. One of them is the trunnion. The trunnions are noteworthy because they align the blade with the rip fence and miter slot machine. Shape the blade and motor into the bulk of the table … Read more

Best Wood Material for Shelves

Different types of wooden shelves.

One of the most important aspects of any home is the shelves and cabinets. These are the foundations from which everything else hangs, and they need to be sturdy.  A shelving system is a great way to smarten up a room without spending a fortune, and many different materials can be used for shelves. The … Read more

What is the Arbor on a Table Saw?

Table saw arbor shaft.

If you read through a woodworking forum for the first time, you might come across some terms like the arbor of the table saw, and you might be scratching your head in utter ignorance as to what this term means. Arbor, of course, may also mean “tree branches” or “vines” in the Webster Dictionary. Yet, in woodworking, … Read more

How Does A Jigsaw Work?

Cutting wood board panel with jigsaw.

Having adequate skills to operate a jigsaw is crucial to its efficient and safe usage. Such knowledge will come in handy in reducing the rate of accidents when using it. However, using a jigsaw is not as riskier as other power tools. Nevertheless, any exposed blade will entail a lot of risks. Thus, it will … Read more