Why Does My Circular Saw Overheat?

Woodworkers love using the circular saw because it is handy and can make different cuts. It can cut through all sorts of wood, whether construction lumber, plywood, solid hardwood stock, pressure-treated lumber, and many other materials. Yet, like any power tool subjected to rigorous usage, it requires care and maintenance. And if you fail to … Read more

Miter Saw Blade Sizes

Large 12" miter saw blade

As a beginner in using a miter saw, it will be best to understand that the saw blade is the heart of your miter saw. As such, it will help to know how to select the correct blade size for your miter saw. The standard miter saw sizes include 7.5 “, 8.5″, 10″, and 12″, … Read more

Why is My Circular Saw Smoking?

Circular saw over-heating

Some of the possible reasons behind the smoking of the circular saw include a wobbling saw blade, dull saw blade, misaligned saw blade, improper support, wrong cutting depth, wrong tooth set, warped saw blade, slow cutting speed, and many other causes. Of course, you can’t fix the smoking issue if you fail to zero in on the real … Read more

What Is A Table Saw Trunnion?

Hybrid table saw with adjustable trunnion angle features.

A table saw is made up of numerous components. Every single feature has contributed to the value of a table saw. One of them is the trunnion. The trunnions are noteworthy because they align the blade with the rip fence and miter slot machine. Shape the blade and motor into the bulk of the table … Read more

What is the Arbor on a Table Saw?

Table saw arbor shaft.

If you read through a woodworking forum for the first time, you might come across some terms like the arbor of the table saw, and you might be scratching your head in utter ignorance as to what this term means. Arbor, of course, may also mean “tree branches” or “vines” in the Webster Dictionary. Yet, in woodworking, … Read more

How Does A Jigsaw Work?

Cutting wood board panel with jigsaw.

Having adequate skills to operate a jigsaw is crucial to its efficient and safe usage. Such knowledge will come in handy in reducing the rate of accidents when using it. However, using a jigsaw is not as riskier as other power tools. Nevertheless, any exposed blade will entail a lot of risks. Thus, it will … Read more