Scroll Saw Blades Pin Vs Pinless Blades

Pinless and pin-end Scroll Saw Blades

One of the best woodworking tools you should have in your tool arsenal is the scroll saw. The scroll saw will help you create custom woodworking pieces with delicate details. If you equipped your scroll saw with the right saw blade, you can make precise cuts and create excellent and artistic woodworking projects. Well, there … Read more

Best Band Saw Blades for Metal

One excellent tool that could expand your woodworking capability is the bandsaw. With it, you can do things that you haven’t done before using other power tools. You can cut curves and circles and resaw larger pieces of lumber using it. You can also cut notches using the bandsaw and engage in book matching. Moreover, … Read more

Types of Scroll Saw Blades

Scroll saw blades

You might not think of the scroll saw as necessary for your workshop, but it indeed is. It is an excellent addition to your woodworking tool arsenal. As a tool, it got invented because of the need to make intricate cutting designs on metal and wood. As such, with its use, you can raise your … Read more

Best Bandsaw for Resawing

Using bandsaw to resaw wood block.

The table saw, being a workhorse, often gets the central space in most workshops. But it takes a lot of space, and it can deprive a workshop of much valuable space. So, many woodworkers prefer the bandsaw over the table saw for some succinct reasons. The bandsaw usually sits up against the workshop wall, taking … Read more

Best Resaw Bandsaw Blades

Bandsaw blade for resawing wood log.

Resawing wood pieces using the bandsaw into thinner and more manageable wood slices isn’t pleasurable if you don’t have the appropriate bandsaw blade for resawing. Even if you have the most powerful bandsaw but don’t equip it with the right resaw blade, you might find yourself enervated after resawing a few pieces of large lumber. … Read more

Resawing Logs on Bandsaw

Resawing wood log with band saw.

Many woodworkers are terrified at the thought of resawing with the table saw. They would instead prefer using a bandsaw for such tasks because of the advantages offered by the bandsaw when it comes to resawing. Of course, resawing using the bandsaw opens a new artistic slant to your woodworking activities. It lets you reduce … Read more

Scroll Saw Blade Direction

Setting the scroll saw blade.

If it is your first time using the scroll saw, you might get fascinated by its blade movements. One thing for sure is that the scroll saw blade appears to be moving up and own. So, if you look intently at it, you might get confused as to what stroke it cuts. The scroll saw … Read more

Different Types of Miter Saw Accessories

List of additional miter saw accessories and tools.

A miter saw is a powerful tool that you can use to make crosscuts and miter cuts with excellent accuracy. You can adjust the vertical tilt axis of the miter saw’s upper portion before cutting on the workpiece. Besides, you can use it for making wood trim and molding cuts. Plus, you can also use … Read more

Guide on Replacing Bandsaw Tires

How to change bandsaw tires.

Quick question: How can you replace your bandsaw tires when they get busted? If you answer I have no idea, you’re not alone because many bandsaw users also find themselves at a loss when the tires of their bandsaw become worn out. If you are the type of bandsaw user who does not tinker with your bandsaw, … Read more