Table Saws With Best Dust Collection, Reviewed

Dust collection ports on table saws.

A woodworker’s workshop isn’t complete without a table saw. Besides being an essential, helpful tool, it’s also a powerhouse for many projects. It’s best to own one, but like all tools, it has its drawbacks.  One of the primary disadvantages of having a table saw is the sawdust. It’s inevitable, and you’ll find them all … Read more

Best Wood Lathes for Turning Bowls

Choosing the suitable wood lathe machine for turning wooden bowls.

You might have seen an experienced woodturner transformed a raw block of wood into a magnificent bowl, and I am pretty sure that you were amazed by the skill of that woodturner. Well, the sight of him—woodturning—might have taken you aback likewise, thinking that woodturning is difficult. But woodturning, as a form of woodworking, is … Read more

How to Use a Miter Saw to Cut Angles

Cutting bevel angles with miter saw.

Imagine you have been trying to cut angles on your workpieces, and you have already marked with utmost precision the lines of cut. But when you cut along the lines using your handsaw and set the pieces together, the pieces still do not fit together well. Well, such a thing usually happens, for handsaws are … Read more

What is Miter Saw Used for?

Miter saw in the workshop.

Sometime around the last quarter of 2015, I was just like you—an aspiring woodworker—who was raring to build my first workshop. One question I had then was what primary tool I would buy to jumpstart my woodworking projects. Fortunately, an expert woodworker told me first to buy a miter saw. Taking a cue from his advice, I … Read more

Best Table Saws for Small Shop

Compact and portable table saws that suitable for small space.

Even if you’re just starting out in woodworking in small workshop or compact working space, you still needs a table saw. You don’t want one of the most vital pieces of equipment missing from your shop! Any DIY enthusiast can benefit from one.  So, if you need a table saw fit for your workshop’s size, … Read more

Top Table Saws With Safety Stop Features

Demo of auto-break function on table saws.

Working on your projects can be addictive. While we focus on accurate cuts and intricate carving, we may not give proper attention to the rest of our bodies. Every 9 minutes, someone suffers from a table saw injury – resulting in up to 10 amputations every day.  No matter how much we try to be … Read more

Best Wood Lathes for Beginners

Beginner woodworker learn how to use basic wood lathe in workshop.

Do you spend time figuring out how those overwrought and elaborate wooden legs, columns, bangles, pots, goblets, plates, and other decorative wooden figurines were crafted? I guess you do, and you’re not alone in doing so, for even I and those countless wooden art lovers have also been perplexed and bemused by elaborately designed wooden … Read more

Wood Lathe Tool Sharpening Systems

Sharpen the woodworking lathe tool with the grinding jig.

Abraham Lincoln once said that if he were given six hours to chop down a big tree, he would definitely spend the first four hours sharpening the ax. Well, the beloved Ex-President of the United States had a point when he said that you should spend more time sharpening your tools, primarily if you are engaged … Read more