How to Paint Plywood Walls

Paint plywood wall with roller.

Although the gluing together of thin sheets had been around since 2,600 BC, it was only in the 1850s that plywood got industrially produced. The first patent for plywood got granted in 1865, and now, you will see plywood everywhere. Besides, plywood has also become a favorite of many woodworkers. If you’re an aspiring woodworker, … Read more

How To Make Wood Look Old And Gray

Making the new wood board looked old and gray in color tone.

Many furniture and homeowners prefer a natural grey and old looks for some of their outdoor and indoor furniture. Such preference is not something new, for the old and shabby-chic shade on furniture pieces has been popular for a long time. Besides, this weathered and vintage look of furniture elicits a natural appearance, devoid of … Read more

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Wood

Applying acrylic white paint on the wood board.

As time goes by, there would be flaking and cracking on the painted wood if it is not done correctly. Woods are usually exposed to direct sunlight, and if they were not painted or prepared correctly, expect that they are prone to peeling and chipping effects. For a more lasting lifespan for your wood, it … Read more

Which Grit Sandpaper for Deck Sanding?

Sanding deck surfaces with 100-grit sandpaper.

One crucial step in staining your deck is the sanding process. Sanding your deck before applying a stain is an excellent way to enhance the smoothness of the finish. Besides, you will indeed get the preparation right if you use the right tools and the appropriate sanding grit when sanding the deck. With the correct … Read more

How Long After Rain to Stain Deck?

Raining water on the deck.

After Rain, How Long Should You Wait Before Staining the Deck? Suppose you plan to stain your deck, but the rain kept drenching your newly installed deck. You might be asking then about when you can apply the stain to your deck. You might ask, likewise, about how long would you wait before applying stain … Read more

How to Restain Cedar Siding

Harsh cedar siding that need to restain.

Using cedar for your exterior home sidings might be one of your best options to provide your home with a rustic but elegant look. Yet, cedarwood is not entirely impervious to the effects of harsh external elements like UV light and moisture. So, if you opt for cedar sidings, you might as well prepare yourself … Read more

Best Rollers for Polyurethane

Applying Polyurethane coat on hardwood floor with quality foam roller for more even finish.

One of the best tools for applying polyurethane is the roller. Rollers come in a wide variety of brands, textures, and dimensions, and your choice, of course, would partly depend on the type of finish you would like to achieve. For example, if you want a smooth finish, you can go for a soft roller, … Read more