Best Teak Oils for Indoor Furniture

Different types of teak oil finishes for indoor wood furniture.

At this point, I bet that you want to oil your indoor furniture. If you do, begin by ascertaining that your working table is dry and clean. Then, grab a paintbrush that has wide bristles and get ready to put on teak oil on the surface. Now, brush the wood’s surface in equal strokes until … Read more

What Kind of Rag to Use for Staining?

Applying danish oil finish stain with rag cloth.

Are you wondering what rag to use when staining? Many woodworkers ask the same question. Here’s a catch. Staining rags can help you apply wood stains fast and precisely. For a woodworker, a cleaner stain application is irresistible. You don’t have to worry about blotching, which normally happens when staining with a brush. Experts recommend … Read more

Best Deck Strippers

Washing the deck after soaking the deck wood with the deck stripper and cleaner.

If you would make a visual assessment of any wooden deck that had seen no refinishing for two years, you would readily notice some wear and tear, chafing, and scratches on it. These damages are only natural because the wooden deck had been continuously used and exposed to harsh outdoor elements like UV rays and … Read more

Types of Wood Finishes

All the different types of wood finishes that woodworkers will use.

You can use oil, dye, polyurethane, varnish, wax, and Shellac, and many other types of wood finishes. However, there are several essential factors you need to consider when selecting a wood finish for your wood project.   Wood finishing is the final process in the manufacturing of wood furniture. It fashions out the furniture according to … Read more

How To Apply Teak Oil

The most effective ways to stain teak oil on wood.

You may be scratching your head a bit as you read that you need to follow several steps when applying teak oil. You may also be asking why you need to use teak oil when, in fact, teak oil is never extracted from teak wood. Hence, the teak oil products peddled around by some unscrupulous … Read more

Best Rollers for Staining Deck & Fence

Home owner staining and painting deck with roller.

You would surely love to while away your time basking in the sunlight and enjoying the beautiful outdoor surrounding while seated on your Adirondack chair on your wooden deck. But your leisurely sightseeing usually gets interrupted by the sight of the faded deck boards littered with scratches and moss. Upon seeing your shabby deck, you … Read more

Best Stains for Outdoor Furniture

Staining outdoor wood furniture.

When designing your patio, for example, you need to consider several factors like deciding on a focal point, finding the purpose of your deck, figuring out the appropriate placement of your outdoor furniture, and how your furniture would blend with the environment. But when it comes to prepping your furniture for the outdoors, you also … Read more

Best Wax Polish for Antique Wood Furniture

Use wax to polish wood furniture.

Although antique furniture increases in value over time, its value can also depreciate if it gets damaged or if you have repolished it incorrectly. So, you need to correctly polish or refinish it to protect it from damage and improve its appearance and condition. Polishing antique furniture, however, entails a lot of work and is … Read more

Tung Oil Vs Teak Oil Vs Danish Oil

Tung Oil Vs Teak Oil Vs Danish Oil

This article will teach you the benefits of each type of Teak oil, Tung oil finish and Danish Oil. You will be taught how to apply each as you read on. But, please allow me to give you a heads up on the reasons why investing in wood oil is considered one of the best … Read more