How to Make Plywood Look Good & Smooth

Smoothening the surfaces of plywood to make better quality cabinet.

As a woodworking material, plywood has come a long way since it got patented on December 26, 1865. Since then, plywood had served only as an alternative to solid wood for several decades. Nowadays, however, plywood has become the foremost choice of many woodworkers. The reason is due to the many benefits and advantages afforded … Read more

When Was the First Nails Invented?

The history and the inventions of nails.

The other day, I was doing a couple of nailing when my little nephew suddenly asked: “When was the nail got invented?” I could not quickly reply because I was so engrossed in what I was doing (but I actually didn’t know the exact date). But the little boy was insistent. So, I casually remarked, … Read more

Best Coping Jigs for Crown Molding

Different types of crown molding coping jigs.

You might be looking and marveling at how some woodworkers effortlessly install those intricate crown moldings. But frankly speaking, installing those crown moldings might look easy. Yet, its installation indeed requires skills and techniques. If you are a tyro in woodworking, you need to learn those skills and techniques to be a well-rounded woodworker. Besides, … Read more

What Are Brad Nails Used For?

Features and design of a brad nail.

As you kickstart your woodworking career, you will soon learn that nails come in various types. You’ll find common nails, box nails, roofing nails, finishing nails, cut nails, spiral flooring nails, and many other types of nails. Yet, one nail would strike you most as having an unusual name. This nail is Brad nail which could make … Read more

Best Epoxy Resin for Wood Slabs 2022

Pouring different colors of epoxy resin into wood slabs to make table top.

Using epoxy resin for wood slabs is the most creative and beautiful wood art for making modern tabletop and other furniture tops. One of the best resins in the market today is epoxy resin. It shows remarkable resistance to heat stress, and its other properties make it a highly recommended resin for industrial use. You … Read more