Circular Saw: Cordless vs Corded

Comparing Cordless and corded circular saws.

If you’ve done woodworking, you should know what a circular saw is. It’s a primary feature in many workshops to cut wood. It doesn’t just cut wood as a hand-held power tool, but plastic and metal, too. Through different blades and models, circular saws become the go-to powerful and accurate tool. However, before you make … Read more

Best Kreg’s Pocket Hole Jigs

Different types and models of pocket hole jigs from Kreg.

Pocket hole joinery is a beneficial assemblage technique. While it’s been around for decades, there is one thing that changed the game in the early 1990s: pocket hole jigs.  We have innovator Craig Sommerfield to thank. Since being patented in 1991, the Kreg pocket hole jig has increased in commercial popularity. It’s one of the … Read more

Table Saws With Best Dust Collection, Reviewed

Dust collection ports on table saws.

A woodworker’s workshop isn’t complete without a table saw. Besides being an essential, helpful tool, it’s also a powerhouse for many projects. It’s best to own one, but like all tools, it has its drawbacks.  One of the primary disadvantages of having a table saw is the sawdust. It’s inevitable, and you’ll find them all … Read more

Best Router Bits for Sign & Letter Making

Different types of sign-making router bits.

Wood engraving is a popular wood decorating technique. When done right, even the simplest signs and letters grab your eye!  If you’re looking to start on wood engraving, letter-making, and sign-making, then you need the best router bits. Just like any other hobby, you benefit from the best results when you use high-quality products. It’s … Read more

Best Adjustable Router Table Insert Plates

Liftable table insert plates for router.

I often get asked a lot by newbie woodworkers who want to build their router table about the most recommended adjustable router table insert plates. They would often ask me about which brands and models they should purchase. Of course, the various brands and models of insert plates in the market make choosing a bit … Read more

How to Cut 2×4 with Circular Saw

2x4 wood circular saw cutting techniques.

If you do not own a table saw, you can always find the circular saw an excellent tool for your woodworking projects. It is a portable tool that lets you build anywhere, in your patio, driveway, or even on your balcony. The circular saw is like the table saw. However, instead of feeding the lumber … Read more

How to Use Wood Chisels for Carving

Carving wood with chisel tools.

One of the fascinating forms of woodworking is woodcarving which had been widely practiced throughout the ages. But at present, I know of many woodworkers who have already mastered other woodworking areas but have never tried wood carving. They may have reasons for not engaging in wood carving, but I think wood carving is a … Read more

Best Wood Lathes for Turning Bowls

Choosing the suitable wood lathe machine for turning wooden bowls.

You might have seen an experienced woodturner transformed a raw block of wood into a magnificent bowl, and I am pretty sure that you were amazed by the skill of that woodturner. Well, the sight of him—woodturning—might have taken you aback likewise, thinking that woodturning is difficult. But woodturning, as a form of woodworking, is … Read more