How To Use A Circular Saw Without A Table

Cutting 2"x4" wood with circular saw on the floor.

You have already seen many woodworkers with their circular saw set up on a table, and you might have undoubtedly concluded that you can only use the circular saw on a table. Yet, there are instances when you would need to perform cuts without the table. And in those instances, you should know precisely how … Read more

How To Use A Dowel Jig

Steps on how to use the dowel jig correctly.

Woodworkers have various ways of connecting blocks of wood together, and one such method is via the use of the doweling jig and dowels. As a tool, the doweling jig allows you to make holes to attach the dowels and two stocks. Moreover, the holes created by the doweling jig come with great accuracy and … Read more

What Does A Wood Jointer Do?

Functions of wood jointer.

The woodworking world is packed with countless tools and equipment, and, as a newbie, you will sometimes get confused as to which tools and equipment you should include in your workshop. For example, my friend—a beginner in woodworking—asked me a month ago whether he should buy a jointer or settle for a planer. I answered … Read more

Best Routers for Table Mounting

Ways to mount the compatible router under the table.

The router is undoubtedly the second most important tool in the modern workshops, next only to the contemporary table saw. But let’s cut through the nonsense and try to figure out if the router you have been eyeing or using is the best for table mounting. Remember that this post is not about brands, but … Read more

How Does Sawstop Work?

Closer look on how the SawStop activated.

Statistics would not lie when it comes to grisly accidents due to the use of table saw. In fact, in the U.S. alone, ten amputations happen every day due to its usage. For this reason, companies like the Sawstops were established to raise the safety level in the use of the table saw a notch … Read more

How To Build A Table Saw Workstation

Different styles and ideas for diy table saw workstation.

A table saw workstation is easier than you think. As woodworkers, it’s almost impossible to work without a workbench. You want your tools and projects all in one place!  And then, you take a peek at the prices. If you don’t have a budget and feel like you can take a DIY project on, this … Read more

Types of Particle Board

Stack of wood particle board stored in the warehouse.

The good thing about modern-day woodworking is that there are several engineered wood products you can choose from for your woodworking projects. One such wood product is particleboard. The particleboard is also referred to as chipboard because it came from wood chips combined with synthetic resin and other binder substances. These combined materials are then pressed and … Read more

Wood Putty Vs Wood Filler

Comparing the features of Wood putty and wood filler.

You might already be familiar with wood fillers. When the wood surface suffers from cracks, gaps, blemishes, and holes, we rely on wood filler to cover them back up.  We consider wood putty as a type of wood filler, though they are distinct from one another. This article will treat them as such.  So, while … Read more