How to Make Money with Woodworking

November 20, 2022

Woodworker running a woodworking business in selling customized furniture course, plans and old furniture restoration services.

Many people would say you are blessed if you can earn money by doing something you love to do, and I would readily agree with them. Not many people get the chance to make money by doing the things they love. So, if you’re one of them, you should be happy and proud. 

If you love to engage in woodworking, for example, you can turn this hobby into a moneymaking pursuit. You might be at a loss regarding how to make money from woodworking. Yet, if you read through this post, you will learn the different ways to monetize your woodworking activities.

8 Ways to Make Money from Woodworking

You might have engaged in woodworking to do some repairs and DIY projects to make your wife happy. But you might have never thought of making money out of woodworking. Yet, as you become more proficient in woodworking, you can turn your woodworking skills into a moneymaking one if you familiarize yourself with the following ways to make money out of woodworking:

1) Engage in Making Sellable Custom-made Furniture and Craft

If you can build furniture, you can monetize that skill and make sellable custom-made furniture and craft. These pieces of custom furniture and craft might include desks, tables, and bookshelves. If you’re a beginner just learning the woodworking craft, you might think twice about building sellable furniture items. The reason is that you’re not yet confident in your woodworking skills. 

But if you’ve been producing great furniture items and crafts as a hobbyist, you might as well sell some of your finished products. 

If you do well in your craft, you can develop a client pool who can ask you to make custom-made furniture and craft for their houses. Remember that pieces of custom furniture are expensive. Thus, engaging in building custom furniture is a sure-shot way of making money from woodworking. 

Learn more about the best-selling woodworking projects you can make instantly.

2) Sell Your Crafts Online

Selling craft nowadays doesn’t necessarily entails peddling your products on the street. There are various online platforms on which you can sell your craft. Digital technology has made it convenient for those with woodworking skills to sell online. Etsy, for example, is one platform that allows selling crafts and creations. 

Of course, you need to consider your logistics when selling online. If you do larger wood projects, it would surely be a headache shipping your items. So, as a beginner, it will be best to start with smaller projects you can quickly ship. 

You can also create an online store to sell your crafts and creations. This way, you can lessen the fees you need to pay when selling your items. 

Selling online, of course, provides you with a broad and ready market. It allows you to have a highly targeted selling of your products not only locally but internationally. 

3) Engaged in Teaching Woodworking Skills

Aside from selling crafts and furniture, you can also monetize your woodworking skills if you have the knack for teaching others. The pandemic, for example, has opened the gates for many people to engage in hobbies when at home. Besides, it made many realize that they need to develop woodworking skills that can always come in handy at home. 

So, if you got the skills and know-how, you could share and teach your skills to other people. You can make your teaching modules and provide easy steps to develop woodworking skills. By teaching, you can earn up to a hundred dollars per class. 

3) Sell Your Woodworking Courses Online

If you are hesitant to engage in teaching, you can sell woodworking courses online. Selling woodworking courses online is a more passive method of making money from woodworking. This way, you don’t need to engage in daily teaching and are not required to be present in a class. 

You can record your courses using different video recording and editing apps. Your students need only to access these videos at their convenient time. 

You might think you would only earn a measly profit from this endeavor. Yet, you can even earn millions of dollars by selling your courses online. 

4) Sell Your Woodworking Designs and Plans

If you are a DIYer, you might have made many woodworking designs and plans that you think are worth learning by others. If you’re confident in your designs, you can also monetize them by selling them to other woodworkers. 

You can sell them online by giving prospective buyers a glimpse of your creative designs. One way to sell your plans is by making a woodworking blog to showcase your creative woodworking ideas. 

5) Sell Your Crafts to Your Neighbors or Locally

Of course, when monetizing, it is better to start small. You can start selling your woodworking projects locally to your neighbors. By words of mouth, your neighbors could help you advertise your woodworking products. 

You can also sell through Facebook or Craigslist. Besides, you can sell your items at outdoor markets or craft fairs. This way of selling helps you avoid paying for the shipping costs of your products while enabling you to sell your larger woodworking projects sans shipping fee. 

6) Provide Furniture Restoration Services

If other people would learn about your expertise in woodworking, sooner or later, they will bring you their damaged furniture for restoration. Pieces of furniture are not cheap. They are expensive. So, many people would opt for furniture restoration instead of buying a new one.

If you have a knack for restoring damaged furniture, people will soon flock to your doorstep asking you to fix their old furniture. 

7) Flipping Old Furniture

You can find pieces of furniture at thrift stores and yard sales. If you got the woodworking skills, you could flip furniture by sanding it down, refinishing it, and selling it. You can make extra bucks from this endeavor. 

8) Start Vlogging About Your Woodworking Skills and Endeavors

You can start a YouTube channel to showcase your woodworking know-how and projects. You can elucidate aspiring woodworkers on how to use tools and plan and design their woodworking projects. You can also tackle any woodworking topics, and if your channel gets thousands of views, you can indeed monetize your channel. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to vlogging, and if you focus on woodworking in your vlog, you will surely have a ready audience because there are millions of people around the world who are desirous of learning woodworking craft. 


Not many people have the knack for making products out of raw wood. Besides, not all people excel in woodworking. So, if you know you have a high level of woodworking skills, you need to know how to monetize your skills. As mentioned above, you got many ways to monetize your woodworking skills. 

The good thing about our contemporary time is that we got the virtual world or the digital world to facilitate the monetizing process for us. If you know how to harness this technology to your advantage, you will never run out of ways of monetizing your woodworking skills. 

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