Wood Crafts to Sell at Craft Shows

May 7, 2021

Customes shopping at the craft and art show.

Woodworking can be a hobby, a stress-reliever, a way to show off your unique woodworking skills, and a way to earn money. There’s always a market for wooden crafts and believe me – these products are unique and are very durable. Most interior designers find wooden crafts to put an accent to their interior design projects and that is one booming market out there for wooden crafts. 

List of 12 Best Wood Crafts That You Can Sell at Craft Shows

1) Wood Fashion Jewelry

Are you fond of wearing wooden jewelry? The market for wooden jewelry has always been popular. However, since wooden jewelry is associated with age and fashion sense, some people getting a bit cynical in wearing wooden jewelry. If you want to get into its market, make sure to start thinking of creative designs and patterns for wooden jewelry. 

2) Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Some household owners request for customized pieces of furniture such as dining table set and outdoor table sets. Some even look for coffee tables and wardrobes. Hobbyists and woodworkers who are into this craft are known for producing furniture with intricate details, making their products a unique must-have for every homeowner. 

3) Wall Art

If you love personalizing your house décor, you can add rustic wall arts in your living room or bedroom. This type of wall décor is very personalized especially when it is made by crafty woodworkers. Have a specially designed rustic wall décor in your kids’ bedrooms or your living room and feel more at home every time you gaze at your wall decors. 

4) Wooden Planters

Are you not confident yet with your woodworking skills? Start with a simple woodworking project such as planter boxes. Planter boxes can be found in gardens, terraces, decks, and patios. If you have a well-designed or uniquely styled wooden planter, you can surely attract homeowners to try your boxes. 

Wooden planters are easy to build. You just need some woods, nails, glue, saw for cutting, and stains. Design indoor and outdoor wood planters and start earning while improving your skills in woodworking. 

Where to start selling your wood planters? Start at craft fairs or do online selling. 

5) Business Card Holder

Making a business card holder is one of the few things you can do to earn from woodworking. Most people with a business card often look for a way to organize and store their cards. 

Some people just hate leaving their business cards on the same box that it originally came from. I mean, just imagine it in your worktable! Then imagine having a personalized business card holder or a uniquely designed business card holder that is made of wood with patterns running on its side? Better – right? 

For business card holders, you must be good with customized work. You should have wide imaginations when it comes to patterns and designs that you can use to make your business card holders enticing for both genders. 

6) Personalized Wooden Letters

Have you seen your boss’s name plaque on his work desk? No matter how simple a name plaque is, it is a good source of income. The basic design costs around $30. People often order it for their boss while some families just love to put name plaques in their living room to show off their accomplished family members. 

Imagine the Davis family with a doctor, lawyer, and engineer children! How do we know it? It is engraved on their name plaques displayed in their living room wall!

7) Hexagonal Shelves

In modern homes where space is tight and interior design is doing everything it can to make more space, having personalized hexagonal shelves is now a trend. Say goodbye to straight wooden plans and cabinets and say hello to hexagonal shelves!

Hexagonal shaped shelves are easier to design, easier to install, and require less wood. it can add beauty to the home too. If you are into crafting hexagonal shapes, you can even charge more because of its added aesthetic beauty to the home as compared to those boring straight wooden shelves. 

Make your hexagonal shaped shelves more personalized by adding intricate patterns and designs outside. 

8) Chess Boards

The game of chess never gets old. There are a lot of games you can do with a chess board and most homeowners, own a piece or two chess boards. It is one of the best ways to past time, especially during family gatherings. 

With a good market for chess boards, you can always make money out of making it. It is easy to construct, and you only need a few materials to make it. You might need to spend more hours crafting the pieces but then, seeing those specially designed horses and bishops will surely make your chess boards stand out when compared to commercial chess boards. 

Chess boards are also a great gift for all occasions so you can be sure to have a market all year round, but especially during Christmas. 

9) Bowls & Chopsticks

If you are into Asian culture and you have too many bamboo around you, you can start making personalized bamboo chopsticks and bamboo bowls. Make it a set and people who love collecting kitchenware set will surely love it. 

Asian cuisine fanatics love to see their traditional wooden and bamboo bowls in their kitchen hence despite the popularity of ceramic and plastic bowls, your traditional kitchen set will surely make a buzz. 

10) Customized Wooden Coaster

Wooden coaster is not that ride that you are afraid of when visiting recreational parks. It is a circular or squarely designed wood that you can find laying on restaurants and bars all the time. 

Wooden coasters are used as an additional décor to restaurants and bars. Homeowners who love to throw parties also have it. A personalized wooden coaster can make an establishment feel homier especially in laidback towns and cities. 

Wooden coasters are easy to make. You need to cut the wood to your liking, sand it to smoothen the edges, stain and paint it or add some intricate patterns on its surface. It is a good product because no one buys a single wood coaster, they purchase it in bulk. 

When bar and restaurant guests see your wooden coaster, they might end up asking where it came from and presto – they might check out your other woodworks!

11) Shelves

Making shelves is one of the most common projects that woodworkers do. You can do it for their neighbors or long-time friends for a minimal fee. Your friends can then refer you to their friends and voila – for all you know, you will be cutting and making shelves for everyone in town. 

Learn how to make complex designs and different styles of shelves. You can increase your pricing if you can produce personalized shelves with unique patterns or styles. With minimal work and abundant imagination, you can show off your wood craft skills and earn money at the same time making shelves for friends and other customers. 

12) Wine Rack

People love to drink and love to show off their wine displayed on their gorgeous wine rack. Offer to make a customized wine rack. A wine rack doesn’t just show its owner’s taste when it comes to wines, it can also show their personality if it is personalized. 

In an era where most homeowners are trying to combine contemporary and traditional homes, having a wine rack seems to be a must. This means you won’t run out of customers for your wine racks. You can even display your finished wine racks online and to sweeten the deal, offer to make customized ones for new customers. 

How much is your potential earning for a wooden wine rack? A simple design can cost up to $50. Imagine how much would it cost if it has been customized!

Additional Tips On Selling Crafts at Craft Shows

How Much Can You Invest?

If you want to turn your woodworking hobby into a business, you have to consider it as an investment. As an investment, you have to consider the money you are willing and able to invest. If you will sell your products on booth fairs, what will be your expenses? Think of the booth rent, how will you transport your wood crafts, who will man the booth, and so on. 

You also have to consider your production capability. If you are going to sell wooden roller coasters, how many roller coasters will you produce? If it is a wood planter, how many wood planters should be on display? If you think you can handle these issues, then it is time to get a spot on the next culture fair!

Start with Small Projects and Products

If it is your first time joining a fair or trying to make a name for yourself in the wood craft industry, don’t go bringing in a dining table set that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Start small. Produce products that cost less than $20 like personalized wooden letters or business card holders. Make a few samples. Give it your best and put on display your best output. 

Once you have people recognizing your talent and skills in wood craft, then it will be time to level up your game. Also, if people are starting to contact you for personalized wood craft projects, then you know you have a market to focus on. 

Do Your Assignment

If you are going to turn your woodworking hobby into a business, make sure to do your assignment first. Before joining a fair or exhibit, do basic research. Who are the attendees? What are their wants or needs? Are you expecting to see Asian or rich College students at this fair? Will it be housewives or businessmen? 

If you think your product will attract these attendees, consider the pros and cons. How much will it cost you to get a booth? How much is the membership fee so you can sell or showcase your products on the said fair? Are you allowed to bring samples or just a portfolio? Can you bring finished products and sell them immediately?

Decorate Your Space

Since you are going to show your wood craft, make sure that your booth mirrors your talent and skills in woodworking. Add life to your booth by personalizing it while showing off the advantages of buying your products. 

Say you are marketing your wood planters, bring wood planters with live plants and place it strategically around your booth. People will not just notice how enticing your booth is, they will also notice how useful and beautiful your products are when used. 

You can also add rustic wood decors around your booth, make it like a real living room with a style!

Over-communicate Your Products

Don’t wait for your customers to ask for pricing or information about your product. If an attendee is lurking around, touching your product or scrutinizing it, take it as a chance to introduce your product.

Make a pamphlet or one-page information about your products. Put the price and your contact information. Who knows, they might find it enticing once they get home and call you to ask for more details. 

Also, adding a price that is visible to customers is advisable. If they come into your booth after seeing the price, chances are they are interested in your product. 


Attending a booth or exhibit can make or break your future in the wood craft business. Make sure to do your best in marketing your product. Make sure that your booth visitors will see your product when they look anywhere in your booth. This will make them think of how useful and beautiful your rustic wall décor is or your business card holders. 

Make your products as enticing as your booth. It should be clean and dust-free. Above all, make yourself presentable. Don’t go in an exhibit wearing your normal woodworking clothing such as your overalls. 

When someone approaches your booth, welcome them. Make them feel appreciated for taking the time to see your booth and products. Answer questions politely. Do not rush your potential customers into picking or choosing a product. Lastly, answer questions with confidence. If the customers feel that you know what you are talking about, they might find it very interesting and their interest in your product might be heightened. 

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