Belt Sander Vs Orbital Sander

Comparing the differences between orbital sander and belt floor sander in details.

Imagine you’re renovating and refinishing your home’s floors and other wood components, and you feel enervated while sanding manually. Well, this is pretty understandable, for without using an electric sander, you will indeed tire yourself quickly. The reason for this is that manual sanding is a backbreaking task. Sanding, however, becomes easy using electric sanders. … Read more

What is an Orbital Sander Used for?

Different uses and applications of orbital sander.

So, you are considering using an orbital sander, but you only got a few ideas about it, and thus you want to know more about this sander. Well, the random orbital sander is a hand-held sander that provides a consistent orbital action when sanding. It features a distinct square or rectangular shape that sands flat … Read more

Best Belt Sanders for Deck

Using belt sander model that suitable for sanding deck panels.

Being exposed to harsher elements of nature, the deck of your house might need refinishing over time. However, refinishing a deck will require sanding as an essential step. Hence, you will need an electric sander, and one sander type that is best for sanding decks is the belt sander. Of course, you can also use … Read more

Different Types of Floor Sanders

All the different types of floor sander for refinish hardwood floor.

Hardwood floors would surely need refinishing at a certain point because, over time, they will incur damages like dents and scratches. Yet, to prepare the surface for refinishing and staining, you must sand the floor manually or use a floor sander to smoothen their surface and remove damages. Manual sanding, of course, is exhausting, and … Read more

How to Sand Between Deck Boards

Sanding the edge gap on two deck wood boards.

If you’re looking for the ultimate DIY backyard project, you might as well consider building a deck. Building a deck, of course, isn’t meant for the weak-hearted and weak-bodied, for it entails some hefty works. You must plan this project well and execute the plan to perfection. It is also essential that you know how … Read more