Best Angle Grinder Orbital Sander Attachments 2023

October 4, 2023

Accessories and attachments for angle grinder to sand wood.

Sanders and grinders are two of the most used tools in the professional construction setup. You can’t have a final polishing on your project without these tools. However, these two pieces of equipment exhibit many different usages and designs. Besides, you will find a variety of grinders that make them radically different from sanders. Angle grinders, of course, can cut metal, tile, pavers, and stucco. It can also grind metal, rout out mortar, polish, and sharpen. 

The thing about the angle grinder is that you can convert it into a sander by equipping it with a flap disc or an orbital sander attachment. Thus, you can sand, polish, and sharpen your workpieces using the angle grinder. However, using an orbital sander attachment might necessitate a more costly investment. Yet, your best option would be the orbital sander disc between the flap disc and the orbital sander attachment.

Things You Need to Know About Orbit Sander Attachment for Angle Grinder

Woodworkers prefer the orbital sander to the angle grinder for top-down sanding. Yet, you can also convert your angle grinder into a workable orbital sander by equipping it with the right attachment. With the proper attachment, you can extend the working distance of your device to create internal curves, shells, and profiles. You might find this orbital sander attachment a bit small compared to the orbital sander itself. But you will find this option economical compared to the standard-size orbital sander.

The proper attachment will serve as the angle grinder’s arm extension, extending the sanding pad to utilize it at various angles. This extension would enable you to sidestep the issues when using an orbital sander wherein the equipment gets in the way of sanding. Once the sanding pad gets extended from the angle grinder, you enable the device to engage in a sanding motion type you want to achieve.

You can also go for an orbit sander attachment with a flexible or movable backing pad. Such an attachment enables you to create a smooth finish. If you want to sand sans scarring, scratching, or blemishing your workpiece, you should go for this attachment type. 

Nevertheless, using orbital sander attachment on an angle grinder also has disadvantages. First, the equipment still gets angled, giving you less control of the sanding action. Moreover, you can’t put your weight on your pad as you usually do with the orbital sander. Besides, the pad is quite small. However, having a small pad makes this setup best for sanding tight corners.

Most Recommended Orbital Sander Attachments for Angle Grinder

Knowing the upsides and downsides of using an angle grinder with an orbital sanding attachment will enable you to decide if you would opt for using an orbital attachment for your angle grinder or settle for a standard-size orbital sander. If ever you decide on converting your angle grinder into a sander, you can always check out the following most recommended orbital grinder attachments for angle grinder:

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1) ARBORTECH Contour Sander

If you’re enervated when sanding manually, you can always convert your angle grinder into a working sander by attaching the ARBORTECH Contour Sander to it. The ARBORTECH Contour Sander is perfect for deep profile sanding. It is also ideal for sanding detailed woodwork and contours. 

This equipment molds according to your project’s shape, allowing you to smoothen sculpted and shaped forms. You gain more control when sanding using it. Its rotational movements and superimposed vibrations allow for more control of your finished project. It also provides a remarkable removal rate of stock that leads to quality surfaces. It can make sanding challenging to access and process surfaces easy.

Moreover, it is perfect for both aggressive and light sanding. You only need to replace the angle grinder disc from lower to higher grit and vice versa. 

ARBORTECH offers various sanding discs, providing you with ample options to choose from. This grinding tool, of course, is perfect for use by DIYers and sculptors. Moreover, carpenters will find this tool a handy tool. The ARBORTECH Contour Sander will also attach quickly to a standard 100mm (4″) or 4-1/2″ grinder.


  • Allows for quick attachment
  • Permits sanding at various angles
  • Perfect for smoothing bowls and inside curves


  • Sandpaper might fly off
  • Relatively small routed cove
  • Too large diameter of tool sandpaper

2) ARBORTECH Ball Gouge

ARBORTECH Ball Gouge is aptly called ball gouge because of its spherical shape. With its design, it can quickly hollow tiny concave surfaces. It also provides exceptional control, performance, and balance in freehand shaping and wood carving. Its ball-shaped cutter is around thirty millimeters in diameter and is perfect for hallowing out small curves in wooden spoons and small bowls. It is also perfect for medium sculpting. 

The ARBORTECH Ball Gouge makes use of Anti-Grab Technology. This technology prevents this tool from digging into the workpiece. Thus, you gain perfect control of this tool.

Moreover, it bounces out gently when you move it over the wood surface, allowing you to create an excellent chisel-like texture. It also comes with a ring-shaped blade that self-sharpens. It is also replaceable and rotatable. 


  • Perfect for DIYers and hobbyists as well as professional carvers
  • Fits the majority of angle grinders
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for working at different angles


  • Relatively slow when sanding

3) HERZO Dust Shroud for Angle Grinder

The HERZO Dust Shroud is the perfect attachment for your angle grinder if you want to use your angle grinder as a sander. It allows you to do your sanding without those billows of dust, saving you from the risk of respiratory sickness due to dust inhalation. You can use it with any angle grinder brand and model (115mm/125mm). It is also your best tool when grinding. 

The HERZO Dust Shroud comes with a top-notch brush ring. It also features a suction hood with clamp fitting and four clamping washers. Moreover, it is easy to set up. You can set the shroud in a way that the bristles do not extend beyond the grinding cup’s surface. If you set the cut beyond the bristles, it will let the dust escape. 

Its spanner allows you to tighten or release the accessories of the grinder quickly. Moreover, it is easy to use. You only need to connect the angle grinder’s head to the shroud body. Afterward, lock the shroud to the grinder. Connect the rubber hose to the vacuum adapter. Later, you can join it with the vacuum cleaner.


  • Features a solid build
  • Made of quality materials
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Dust port adapter might pull out
  • The collar might be loose
  • Requires an angle grinder head with no protrusions

4) Pomsare Upgraded 3PCS Wood Carving Disc Set

If you’re looking for another excellent attachment to your angle grinder, you should check out the Pomsare Upgraded 3 Pieces Wood Carving Disc Set. It is a wood grinding wheel with many sharped teeth that can easily remove hard material or residue. These teeth are more long-lasting than those of the sandpaper pads. Thus, using this tool, you can save time and energy while improving your work’s efficiency. Moreover, you can use this disc set for convex and flat shaping. 

These discs are perfect for carving, grinding, and removing tiny tree stumps. You will find detailed instructions in the kit. The discs likewise are perfect for many types of materials, including materials which are not metal like plastic. Besides, it can deal with hardwood. These grinding blades are made of carbon steel.  


  • Solidly built and of good quality
  • Works well if you intend to remove a small wood amount
  • Easy to set up and use


  • If you misuse it, you might lose control of the angle grinder
  • Very aggressive in removing materials

The Upsides and Downsides of Using Angle Grinder for Sanding

Aside from knowing the most recommended angle grinder orbital sander attachments, it will also help if you familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of using the angle grinder as a sander:


The angle grinder comes with a design that allows you to use it with ease when sanding surfaces. Its open design lets you work with the flap discs at a different angle. Moreover, you can buy flap discs without burning a hole in your pocket. Besides, you can use one flap disc for a long time before you need to replace it. 

The ease of changing out flap discs is another succinct advantage of using an angle grinder. You can remove it with ease and attach a new disc without much fuss. Thus, you won’t spend and lose much time while you replace the disc, and thus, you can improve your productivity along the way.


Despite being perfect for conversion into a sanding machine, an angle grinder also comes with some known disadvantages. For example, it can’t work well on uneven surfaces to flatten it. However, you can use it for sanding the protruding points, allowing you to remove materials with ease. Yet, you can’t use it to achieve a perfectly flat surface. 

Besides, its small-sized disc is a disadvantage. This small size limits the workpiece you can work on. Of course, you can effectively use it for small and medium-sized wood pieces. However, it is not appropriate for sanding larger surfaces. Lastly, its design makes it prone to abrasions and damages because of the inability to control it with ease.


When converting your angle grinder to a sander, it will be best to select the best orbital sander attachment to ensure that you can efficiently and safely sand using your angle grinder. It will also be best to consider factors like ease of installation and use, compatibility with your angle grinder, quality of make, removal rate, level of control afforded you, and many other crucial factors to consider. 

Of course, using the orbital sander is still the easiest way to remove excess material. Yet, if you’re on a budget and want to minimize the tools you want to buy for your tool arsenal, converting your angle grinder into a sander is your best and most practical option.

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