Why Is My Circular Saw Kicking Back?

Improper placement of wood board when cutting with circular saw will cause kick back.

The use of circular saws is fraught with many risks. Despite having upper and lower guards surrounding the saw blade, for example, the lower guard of the circular saw readily opens when you push the saw into your workpiece. This setup exposes the saw blade. An exposed blade, of course, is always an amputation and … Read more

Why Does My Circular Saw Keep Stopping?

Circular saw blade jammed and stopped when cutting wood board.

Several months ago, I was making some cuts using my circular saw, and suddenly, my circular saw stopped. Such an occurrence is quite frustrating and a surefire way to destroy my momentum. So, I got frustrated and lost my momentum. But if you happen to be working on your circular saw and your circular saw … Read more

Best Electric Upholstery Staple Guns

Ways of using electric corded and cordless staple gun for upholstering chair cushion.

Sometimes, you don’t need to pay a sizeable amount of money to buy new furniture or repair old furniture if you can invest in an upholstery tool kit. Of course, you might say that you don’t have the technical experience to make or repair your furniture. Yet, if you have the essential upholstery tools, no … Read more

Chainsaw Bar Length Vs CC

The length and cubic centimeter of a chainsaw bar.

If you ever try to shop around for a chainsaw for the first time, you will immediately get acquainted with technical terms like chainsaw CC and chainsaw bar length. Although these terms seem self-explanatory, you might also get a tad confused about their implications and relevance to your choice of chainsaw model. Hence, it will help if you … Read more

How to Start a Stubborn Chainsaw

Try to troubleshoot and repair the chainsaw that won't start easily.

Not so long ago, I was about to do a cleanup after a storm and preparing my chainsaw for such a hefty work. But when I turned on the chainsaw, it wouldn’t budge. I was a bit frustrated because I badly needed my chainsaw. But it was acting stubbornly and wouldn’t start. Of course, I … Read more

When To Replace Chainsaw Bar?

Resawing wood log with a new chain bar.

Common sense will tell you that your chainsaw is not designed to last forever. There will surely come a time when components like the chainsaw bar will wear out, and eventually, your chainsaw will stop delivering the efficiency level it used to provide. The chainsaw bar handles too much friction and heat, and you can … Read more

Best Nailers for Joist Hangers

Installing and nailing the joist hangers o roof, frame and table joints with nailer.

Not so long ago, I was building my deck, and one big question I got confronted with was: Which is better: joist hangers, end nailing, or toe nailing? I wanted to know which offers the most robust method for attaching joists to rim joists and ledger boards. I did get some advice and ended up favoring … Read more

Best Cordless Staple Guns

Ways to use cordless staple gun on different kind of nailing projects.

In a world replete with varying tools and machines, one must-have work tool is the electric staple gun. The cordless staple gun is a beast when it comes to versatility and efficiency. It also serves a variety of applications and purposes like affixing materials for upholsteries, insulation, crafting, insulation, and carpeting. Besides, it makes your … Read more

How Does A Cordless Nail Gun Work?

Using portable cordless nail gun on woodworking jobsite.

Cordless nail guns, of course, have quickly become popular in recent years because battery technology has improved at a rapid clip. Nowadays, batteries have become longer-lasting and more powerful than before. Thus, this rapid technological advancement in battery design has also trickled down to the development of better cordless nail guns. Cordless nail guns, of … Read more