Best Router Bits for Door Hinges

Router a door hinge hole.

Router bits can be surprisingly versatile for router the perfect door hinges. Make sure you get strong, heavy-duty router bits to accommodate different door installation projects. Plan ahead! You want to look for the right thickness and length for woodworking.  You can use a trim router for door hinges! It’s lightweight and easy to control, … Read more

Best Router for Making Signs & Letters

Choosing the suitable router for making wood signs and letters.

We can argue that hanging a sign is human nature. It’s one of the best ways any person can recognize a place, and you can mark your territory. But just getting any sign isn’t the best idea. Instead, you can get it handmade with custom designs!  There’s nothing more charming than a handmade wooden sign. … Read more

Circular Saw: Cordless vs Corded

Comparing Cordless and corded circular saws.

If you’ve done woodworking, you should know what a circular saw is. It’s a primary feature in many workshops to cut wood. It doesn’t just cut wood as a hand-held power tool, but plastic and metal, too. Through different blades and models, circular saws become the go-to powerful and accurate tool. However, before you make … Read more

Best Router Bits for Sign & Letter Making

Different types of sign-making router bits.

Wood engraving is a popular wood decorating technique. When done right, even the simplest signs and letters grab your eye!  If you’re looking to start on wood engraving, letter-making, and sign-making, then you need the best router bits. Just like any other hobby, you benefit from the best results when you use high-quality products. It’s … Read more

Best Adjustable Router Table Insert Plates

Liftable table insert plates for router.

I often get asked a lot by newbie woodworkers who want to build their router table about the most recommended adjustable router table insert plates. They would often ask me about which brands and models they should purchase. Of course, the various brands and models of insert plates in the market make choosing a bit … Read more

How to Cut 2×4 with Circular Saw

2x4 wood circular saw cutting techniques.

If you do not own a table saw, you can always find the circular saw an excellent tool for your woodworking projects. It is a portable tool that lets you build anywhere, in your patio, driveway, or even on your balcony. The circular saw is like the table saw. However, instead of feeding the lumber … Read more

What is a Scoring Blade?

Setting up and adjusting the scoring blade on table saw.

Quite frankly, you will find the use of scoring blade invaluable if you want to get a clean cut on the bottom side of plywood or any composite material you want to cut. It helps prevent tear-out on the material, allowing you to produce a splinter-free cut. Moreover, the scoring blade comes in front of … Read more

How to Store Circular Saw Properly

Different ideas and ways of storage your circular saw properly.

You may shrug it off as non-important, but one essential aspect of circular saw maintenance is its proper storage. Of course, it is a fact that a circular saw is a power tool characterized by toughness and durability. Nevertheless, it is still susceptible to the effects of external factors like moisture. Thus, you should keep … Read more

How To Make Dado Cuts With Circular Saw

Use circular saw to cut dado.

If you’ve been in woodworking for a while, you know how great dado joints are. They’re reliable and straightforward if you want to do any joinery!  However, it does demand something: sharp precision. Otherwise, you can have a dado joint, but it won’t be any good. You want all your joints to be practical!  It’s … Read more