How To Notch Wood With A Router

Use router to notch the joint groove on the wood.

The technique of notching using router is an important aspect of the woodworking tradition. Every professional who adopted this method knows how beneficial it is to their craftmanship. This method helps professional carpenters or woodworkers increase their furniture durability or wood structure. However, beginners unfamiliar with notching wood find the process too difficult to perform. … Read more

How To Use A Handheld Router

Woodworker cutting inlay groove on wood board with hand router.

A creative woodworker—equipped with all the necessary power tools like a handheld router—is almost unstoppable in transforming a dull-looking wood piece into a fantastic work of art. A router, for example, can speed up your jobs, especially when cutting recesses and grooves. Besides, using the router, you can create excellent effects, which you will find … Read more

15 Different Types of Router Bits

Different types and sizes of router bits foe various cutting style.

There are many types of router bits that you can use on woodworking projects. Although the main application of the router is in carpentry and woodworking, specifically in cabinetry, you can also use the router in various applications. You can use the router as a plunging tool or in a router table in an inverted … Read more

Can You Use Router on MDF?

Routering groove on a mdf board.

Well, the answer is “Yes.” Of course, you can rout MDF using specific router bits. Moreover, you can do well routing MDF by knowing how to operate the router on MDF. Besides, it will be best to use spiral router bits when working on MDF because these bits have better chip evacuation, can create cleaner … Read more

What Is A Plunge Router?

Display unit for a new plunge router model.

My friend called in the other day asking me whether he should go for a fixed-base or a plunged router. My friend, of course, is a beginner in woodworking, so he is a bit tentative about his choice of power tools. He wants to know the pros and cons of these two router types. As … Read more

Can You Use the Router on Plywood?

Woodworker use router to trim and cut the edge of a plywood sheet.

Can you router on plywood? Well, the answer is an obvious “Yes.” It is a pity if you can never use the router on plywood, given that plywood is one of the most highly used engineered wood out there. It is versatile and inexpensive. Thus, it must be capable of handling the router without tearing … Read more

10 Major Plunge Router Uses

Woodworker demonstrating the correct ways to use plunge router.

A question I often get asked by tyros in the use of routers is about the difference between a plunge router and a fixed-base router. Well, the succinct difference between these two routers is quite apparent. For example, you can (with the fixed-base router) specify and lock in the router bit’s depth to get a … Read more

What Does A Router Table Do?

How to use router table.

Do you really need a router table in your workshop? If your answer is—yes, you are right. Maybe you are one of those DIYers who have already known the value of a router table. Yet, if you’re a newbie who has not yet bought or own a router table, it will help if you provide … Read more