Best Impact Drivers for Woodworking 2022

Use impact driver to install wood cabinet drawer.

If you’ve ever tried driving dozens of screws using a screwdriver to complete a project, you would surely understand how enervating the process is. You’ll indeed end up with sore muscles if you’re not conditioned physically to do it. So, you’ll readily appreciate a tool like an impact driver when working on heavy workloads that … Read more

What Is an Impact Driver Used For?

Using impact driver to drive screw into wood.

Imagine you’ve been driving several screws manually onto your workpiece using a screwdriver, and you know what an awful experience it is. Your hands are already sore, and your arm is already aching because of continuously twisting your arm muscles. Such would be your experience if the impact drivers weren’t invented. The good thing is … Read more

Can You Use An Impact Driver As A Drill?

Using drill bit on the impact driver.

If you want to jumpstart your woodworking career and are just building up your arsenal of woodworking tools, you’ll get surprised upon learning that the prices of woodworking tools are costly. So, you might want to maximize your budget by buying only the necessary tools to kickstart your woodworking career. You might be asking likewise … Read more