How to Drill a Large Hole in Wood

Drill bits that are suitable for drilling big holes in wood.

As a newbie woodworker, there will always be instances wherein you will need to cut precise and large-diameter holes in your woodworking projects, and doing so could be very challenging. Fortunately, projects like that seldom come by. But when such a project comes and requires you to cut a large circle, you don’t need to … Read more

How To Drill Pocket Holes In Wood

Methods of making pocket holes on wood with and without jig.

Pocket hole joinery makes the fusion of two workpieces possible. However, for pocket hole joinery to happen, you need to drill the holes first! Most people find this step confusing.  If you’re one of them, worry no more. This article guides you on how to drill pocket holes in wood. Read on for an in-depth … Read more

How To Cut A Perfect Circle In Wood

Different ways of cutting circle on wood board.

If making a straight cut in wood is already tricky for newbie woodworkers, cutting circles would be doubly challenging for them. Luckily, you won’t often cut circles in most of your wood projects. But when a project requires cutting circular figures, you won’t be needing elaborate calculations and math. As long as you have knowledge … Read more

How To Use A Circular Saw Without A Table

Cutting 2"x4" wood with circular saw on the floor.

You have already seen many woodworkers with their circular saw set up on a table, and you might have undoubtedly concluded that you can only use the circular saw on a table. Yet, there are instances when you would need to perform cuts without the table. And in those instances, you should know precisely how … Read more

How To Use A Dowel Jig

Steps on how to use the dowel jig correctly.

Woodworkers have various ways of connecting blocks of wood together, and one such method is via the use of the doweling jig and dowels. As a tool, the doweling jig allows you to make holes to attach the dowels and two stocks. Moreover, the holes created by the doweling jig come with great accuracy and … Read more

Wood Putty Vs Wood Filler

Comparing the features of Wood putty and wood filler.

You might already be familiar with wood fillers. When the wood surface suffers from cracks, gaps, blemishes, and holes, we rely on wood filler to cover them back up.  We consider wood putty as a type of wood filler, though they are distinct from one another. This article will treat them as such.  So, while … Read more

How To Use Wood Filler Before Painting

Filling the holes on wood board before painting.

If you’ve worked on woodworking projects before, you know how wood filler works. Or maybe, you have an upcoming repair soon, and you’re starting to familiarize yourself. Whatever the reason, we all know wood filler can hide blemishes, deficiencies, and other damages on wood surfaces.  During home repair, you can blend the wood filler into … Read more

How Long Do Wood Putty & Filler Take To Dry?

Filling wood putty on the board with putty knife.

When doing home repairs, you want things done as fast as possible. You have a set schedule, and you’re eager to finish the task.  However, working with wood filler and putty can be a big question mark. Both materials have varied drying times, and you always need to consider several factors.  To make sure that … Read more