Wood Screw Sizes Chart

Wood screw types and sizes.

You might be asking whether you can use all wood screws on wood. Of course, the answer is, “Yes, you can!” Nevertheless, it will be good to note that wood screws differ in length, diameter, and other aspects. Thus, you must choose the screws that are best suited for a particular application. Besides, you should … Read more

Why is My Circular Saw Smoking?

Circular saw over-heating

Some of the possible reasons behind the smoking of the circular saw include a wobbling saw blade, dull saw blade, misaligned saw blade, improper support, wrong cutting depth, wrong tooth set, warped saw blade, slow cutting speed, and many other causes. Of course, you can’t fix the smoking issue if you fail to zero in on the real … Read more

Polyurethane Vs Lacquer Wood Finishes

Differences between polyurethane and lacquer

Two of the most preferred wood finishes are polyurethane and lacquer, and if you’re a beginner in finishing wood, a time will come when you must decide between using lacquer or polyurethane. When that time comes, you must know the pros and cons of using these two wood finishes to decide objectively which wood finish … Read more

Different Types of Wood Varnishes

Applying a layer of varnish on untreated wood.

Wood finishes come in various types, and if you want to raise the quality of your woodworking projects a notch, it will help to know these different types of wood finish. These different types of wood finishes include stain, wood dye, rub-in oils, polyurethane, paint, and varnish. Among these different types of wood finishes, the … Read more