Top 4 Alternatives To Birdsmouth Cut

Different methods of roof joints.

When it comes to joinery, birdsmouth cuts are generally one-of-a-kind. Hollow spars come naturally to this joinery method! It can hold anything from eight, twelve, to even sixteen pieces.  If you’re familiar with birdsmouth cuts, you know that they’re great for roofing and rafters. However, they should be used sparingly for the latter. Large timber … Read more

What is Lap Joint?

Cutting and and making a lap joint.

As a woodworker, learning different joinery methods is a must. Before the advent of technology, woodworkers made sure every wood project was held together securely. One useful joinery method is the lap joint!  If you’re not familiar with the lap joint, you may also know it by another name: the overlap joint. You can use … Read more

What is Birdsmouth Joint?

Raffle birdsmouth joint on the roof.

You may have heard of the birdsmouth joint as the bird’s beak cut as well. While the name is interesting, many beginner woodworkers have a hard time pinpointing what exactly a birdsmouth joint is. What does it even do?  A birdsmouth joint interlock with roof rafters to supporting walls. It’s a type of woodworking joint … Read more

Best Deck Strippers

Washing the deck after soaking the deck wood with the deck stripper and cleaner.

If you would make a visual assessment of any wooden deck that had seen no refinishing for two years, you would readily notice some wear and tear, chafing, and scratches on it. These damages are only natural because the wooden deck had been continuously used and exposed to harsh outdoor elements like UV rays and … Read more

Types of Wood Finishes

All the different types of wood finishes that woodworkers will use.

You can use oil, dye, polyurethane, varnish, wax, and Shellac, and many other types of wood finishes. However, there are several essential factors you need to consider when selecting a wood finish for your wood project.   Wood finishing is the final process in the manufacturing of wood furniture. It fashions out the furniture according to … Read more

How To Apply Teak Oil

The most effective ways to stain teak oil on wood.

You may be scratching your head a bit as you read that you need to follow several steps when applying teak oil. You may also be asking why you need to use teak oil when, in fact, teak oil is never extracted from teak wood. Hence, the teak oil products peddled around by some unscrupulous … Read more

Best Rollers for Staining Deck & Fence

Home owner staining and painting deck with roller.

You would surely love to while away your time basking in the sunlight and enjoying the beautiful outdoor surrounding while seated on your Adirondack chair on your wooden deck. But your leisurely sightseeing usually gets interrupted by the sight of the faded deck boards littered with scratches and moss. Upon seeing your shabby deck, you … Read more

Drill Bit for Door Hinges

Drill bits that suitable for drilling door hinge precisely.

Sometime around 2010, I was just a struggling “wannabe” woodworker, trying to look confident to my wife as I attempted to fix the stripped screws of our front door. My wife looked skeptical at me and would instead call a handyperson rather than let me lay my hands on those stripped screws. Gone were those … Read more