Why Does My Circular Saw Overheat?

Woodworkers love using the circular saw because it is handy and can make different cuts. It can cut through all sorts of wood, whether construction lumber, plywood, solid hardwood stock, pressure-treated lumber, and many other materials. Yet, like any power tool subjected to rigorous usage, it requires care and maintenance. And if you fail to … Read more

Why is My Circular Saw Smoking?

Circular saw over-heating

Some of the possible reasons behind the smoking of the circular saw include a wobbling saw blade, dull saw blade, misaligned saw blade, improper support, wrong cutting depth, wrong tooth set, warped saw blade, slow cutting speed, and many other causes. Of course, you can’t fix the smoking issue if you fail to zero in on the real … Read more

How Deep Can A Circular Saw Cut?

Use 7 1/4" circular saw to cut 1" thick wood board.

The cutting depth of the circular saw is relative to the size of its saw blade. The most common circular saw blade’s diameters include the 6-1/2″ and the 7-1/2.” The smaller 6-1/2″ can cut up to two-inch deep, while the 7-1/2″ circular saw can cut up to 2-3/4″ deep. You can also find circular saws … Read more