Types of Woodworking Hand Planes

Simple and classic wood hand planes.

Earlier last year, I challenged myself to build a cabinet for my wife. As a beginner, I started thinking of buying a workable hand plane to actualize this incredible project. I also began searching online for beginners’ best hand planes, knowing that I would need one to make a good finish for the cabinet’s components.   … Read more

Top 10 Wood Lathe Projects That Sell

Making popular and sought-after wood lathe wood products and crafts.

If you are skillful with the lathe machine, you can monetize this skill by creating different lathe projects that sell. However, if you are at a loss as to which lathe projects to engage in, it will help if you get inspiration from existing products sold online to get you started with some lathe projects. … Read more

What Table Saw Size Do I Need?

Different sizes of table saw that woodworker use on different sizes of wood and furniture projects.

The table saw size is one of the significant factors that affect the woodworking project sizes you can make. The table saws you will find in the market would generally fall under the following categories: portable or “jobsite” table saws, hybrid table saws, contractor table saws, and cabinet table saws. Besides, as you shop around for the ideal … Read more

What Is A Bevel Cut?

Making bevel cut on wood with miter saw.

As you kickstart your woodworking career, you will soon get acquainted with the different woodworking cuts like the rip cut, cross-cut, miter cut, and bevel cut. Of course, you might be familiar with most of these types of cuts, but with the bevel cuts, you might get confused, as many other beginners would often do. … Read more

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Wood

Applying acrylic white paint on the wood board.

As time goes by, there would be flaking and cracking on the painted wood if it is not done correctly. Woods are usually exposed to direct sunlight, and if they were not painted or prepared correctly, expect that they are prone to peeling and chipping effects. For a more lasting lifespan for your wood, it … Read more

Which Grit Sandpaper for Deck Sanding?

Sanding deck surfaces with 100-grit sandpaper.

One crucial step in staining your deck is the sanding process. Sanding your deck before applying a stain is an excellent way to enhance the smoothness of the finish. Besides, you will indeed get the preparation right if you use the right tools and the appropriate sanding grit when sanding the deck. With the correct … Read more

How Long After Rain to Stain Deck?

Raining water on the deck.

After Rain, How Long Should You Wait Before Staining the Deck? Suppose you plan to stain your deck, but the rain kept drenching your newly installed deck. You might be asking then about when you can apply the stain to your deck. You might ask, likewise, about how long would you wait before applying stain … Read more