Best Wood Fillers for Plywood Edges

Smoothing and filling plywood edges with paintable wood filler

In the woodworking world, replete with various grades of woodworking materials, one of the handiest materials you can ever use is plywood. You can use it to build almost anything. For example, you can use it for house construction and furniture-making applications. Besides, it is highly workable, versatile, and stable as a woodworking material. Yet, … Read more

Stressed vs Unstressed Joints

Different types of unstressed and stressed wood joints

Woodworkers usually make joints to build excellent projects, and without joints, projects become almost impossible to make. Besides, joints are essential to a project, and the more skilled you are in making joints, the higher the level of your woodworking skills. Furthermore, you can enhance the strength and durability of joints by using wood glue.  … Read more

Miter Saw Blade Sizes

Large 12" miter saw blade

As a beginner in using a miter saw, it will be best to understand that the saw blade is the heart of your miter saw. As such, it will help to know how to select the correct blade size for your miter saw. The standard miter saw sizes include 7.5 “, 8.5″, 10″, and 12″, … Read more

Wood Density Chart

Wood hardness and density ratings of different species of wood.

If you would recall your science classes, you might remember the meaning of density. It is the mass of the substance per unit volume. Similarly, wood density refers to the amount of wood material in a given unit of wood volume. Wood may vary in density depending on its Moisture Content (MC). Moreover, you can get … Read more

What Is Burl Wood?

Cutting wood burl with chain saw.

Quite Frankly, if it is your first time dabbling in woodworking, you might be perplexed upon seeing deformed grain in your wood. These deformed grains get usually formed by rounded outgrowth on the tree trunk, characterized by tiny knots from dormant shoots or buds. These knotty wood grains get generally referred to as burl wood or burr. Burls … Read more

Woodworking With Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most used and valuable plants in this world. In fact, it has around 1,500 documented applications and uses, and for this reason, bamboo is undoubtedly a beneficial plant. Yet, one of the best applications of bamboo lies in woodworking. For millennia, bamboo has been used for making almost anything, from … Read more

How Much Does a Sheet of Plywood Weigh?

Stacks of plywood sheets with different weights

Consider the weight of the Plywood to avoid serious issues later if you’re structural support or frame is incapable of holding the weight of the Plywood. Thus, before you even plan to use Plywood in your project, ensure that you factor in the weight of the Plywood to avoid any issue or problem related to … Read more