8 Most Popular Edge Jointing Techniques

Wood panel side edge joining using clamps.

One of the skills you should learn as an aspiring woodworker is edge jointing. It is the process of preparing the wooden board’s edge accurately and straight to set it for the next operation. Jointing is traditionally done with a jointer plane. Nowadays, however, you can employ various edge jointing techniques like using a hand-held … Read more

What is Band Clamp?

Clamping patterns and styles that a strap clamp can do.

A band clamp also known as strap clamp, of course, is perfect for clamping large and irregularly shaped objects. Likewise, it is ideal for holding the moldings as you connect them together. A band clamp is like the ratchet straps utilized to tie down loads. The strap gets looped around the assembly. Afterward, it is … Read more

What is Coped Joint? (Uses, Pros & Cons)

Making a coped joint for a crown molding board corner.

Coped joints are joints produced by the wood joinery technique called coping. The result of this technique is a joint that is neat and professional looking. Coping also gets referred to as scribing. It is a technique that lets you shape the molding’s end to fit the abutting member’s contours neatly. Many English-speaking countries, aside from the … Read more

What Is Rabbet Joint?

Cutting rabbet joint with table saw.

Of course, there are many types of woodworking joints, and one type he should first learn about is the rabbet joint. But what is a rabbet joint? A rabbet joint is a product of jointing two wood pieces using a rabbet. A rabbet refers to a recess cut made on the workpiece’s edge. The extruding … Read more

How to Cut a Hole in Wood By Hand

“You are not a full-blooded woodworker if you do not know how to cut holes in wood manually,” said many woodworkers. And I would agree with them! But it might be an overstatement, for you can still become a certified woodworker if your only way of cutting holes in wood is by using power tools. … Read more