Painting MDF Without Primer

How to paint MDF furniture without using any primer.

A friend of mine asked me the other week whether he could paint MDF without primer. Well, I said he could, but if he did not prime it, he would consume more paint than if he had primed it. Moreover, he would have ended up with a not-so-decent finish without a primer.  Of course, Medium … Read more

Can You Paint MDF Furniture?

Apply paint finish on the mdf furniture.

Knowledge is power, and the more you understand something, the better you can handle it. This mantra is very much applicable even in the simple act of painting MDF materials, for before you even paint MDF, you need to understand its properties. MDF, of course, is an acronym for Medium Density Fiberboards. These fiberboards are … Read more

How to Drill a Large Hole in Wood

Drill bits that are suitable for drilling big holes in wood.

As a newbie woodworker, there will always be instances wherein you will need to cut precise and large-diameter holes in your woodworking projects, and doing so could be very challenging. Fortunately, projects like that seldom come by. But when such a project comes and requires you to cut a large circle, you don’t need to … Read more

Best Circular Saw Blades for Plywood

Worker cutting thin plywood board using circular saw.

I had reached a point wherein I could sort out and distinguish the circular saw blades that could give me the best cuts on plywood.  Of course, such a level of expertise in choosing a high-quality saw blade is born of having ripped and cross-cut countless plywood sheets using various brands and models of saw … Read more

How To Drill Pocket Holes In Wood

Methods of making pocket holes on wood with and without jig.

Pocket hole joinery makes the fusion of two workpieces possible. However, for pocket hole joinery to happen, you need to drill the holes first! Most people find this step confusing.  If you’re one of them, worry no more. This article guides you on how to drill pocket holes in wood. Read on for an in-depth … Read more

Best Portable Table Saws for Fine Woodworking

A small table saw that used for fine woodworking.

Portable table saws aren’t the number one priority for fine woodworking. While entirely understandable, it’s also a mistake. Portable table saws have the power, accuracy, and capability to render fine woodworking! Today, we have some recommendations you can go through. Once you get the best portable table saw, you can do a lot more projects! … Read more

How To Cut A Perfect Circle In Wood

Different ways of cutting circle on wood board.

If making a straight cut in wood is already tricky for newbie woodworkers, cutting circles would be doubly challenging for them. Luckily, you won’t often cut circles in most of your wood projects. But when a project requires cutting circular figures, you won’t be needing elaborate calculations and math. As long as you have knowledge … Read more

How To Use A Circular Saw Without A Table

Cutting 2"x4" wood with circular saw on the floor.

You have already seen many woodworkers with their circular saw set up on a table, and you might have undoubtedly concluded that you can only use the circular saw on a table. Yet, there are instances when you would need to perform cuts without the table. And in those instances, you should know precisely how … Read more