How to Start Wood Carving Project

Student start carving his first wood craft with chisel.

Napoleon Hill, the co-author of Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, once said: “a creative idea is not creative if you don’t follow it through with action.” Similarly, your creative wood carving ideas are still not creative if you don’t engage in wood carving to actualize those ideas. Wood carving as an endeavor has long provided … Read more

How to Use Wood Chisels for Carving

Carving wood with chisel tools.

One of the fascinating forms of woodworking is woodcarving which had been widely practiced throughout the ages. But at present, I know of many woodworkers who have already mastered other woodworking areas but have never tried wood carving. They may have reasons for not engaging in wood carving, but I think wood carving is a … Read more

Types of Chisel in Woodworking

Various types of woodworking chisels.

If you’re in woodworking, you should know what chisels are. If you’re new to the entire thing, chisels are simple to explain. It’s a long, metallic bar with one sharp end for cutting. On the other end, you can find wood, plastic, or other durable handles.  However, you won’t find the chisel you want with … Read more

Best Rotary Tools for Wood Carving 2023

Different types and models of wood carving Dremel tools.

A question I get asked more often about wood carving concerns the rotary tools. Of course, my new students in woodcarving know more about the traditional carving tools like wood carving knives, chisels, gouges, rifflers, mallets, and leather thumb guards. But more often, they do not know much about the rotary tools for wood carving.  … Read more

Softest Woods For Carving

Carving wood pillars using woodworking hand tools.

Wood carving hobbyists are increasing in numbers. It is a great way to bond with the young ones and teach them new skills. This is also a productive way of passing time that can result not only in many beautiful works of art but also for objects that has practical uses inside our homes. Beginner … Read more