Best Wall Mount Dust Collection Systems

Large wood dust collecting vacuum systems.

Dust collection is a must for any workshop. Even if you don’t work as often as other woodworkers in your workshop, dust still happens. It can come from your projects, outside, and even dead skin cells.  When dust is left to scatter, your workshop can end up looking messy. It can even get into your … Read more

Best Woodworking Aprons

Carpenter wearing apron in the woodworking workshop.

If you want to take your craft seriously as a woodworker, you need to have all the necessary woodworking tools and accessories. One such accessory you may deem unimportant but is indeed useful is the woodworking apron. The woodworking apron is different from the aprons used by chefs. But both types of aprons have almost … Read more

Best Safety Glasses for Woodworking

Woodworker wear protection glasses when drilling holes on wood.

In woodworking, most buying guides focus on the best power tools. What they don’t cover is the safety wear you’re required to have in your workshop – or you’re risking injuries and illnesses.  The very first thing you need is a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes. Woodworking requires a lot of cutting, … Read more

Best Hearing Protections for Woodworking

Woodworker wears ear pad to reduce noise level in workshop.

Statistics show that about 25% of people aged 65 to 74 manifest hearing loss, and we all know that a life bereft of the full use of hearing is a challenging life. Moreover, health experts would readily remind you that there are two causes of hearing loss: chronic exposure to intense sounds and aging. Of course, it is … Read more

Best Workbench Tops With Dog Holes

Different types and sizes of dog holes workbench tops.

If computer programmers have their computer tables with accessories for their elaborate computer setups, woodworkers also have their dog holes workbenches for setting up their materials and tools. Of course, woodworking benches do not only support tools and materials. They can also serve as a three-dimensional clamping platform for holding your wood pieces, allowing you … Read more