Best Light for Workbench for 2023

January 4, 2023

Different types of workbench lightings for garage or workshop.

The best lights for workbench should be easy to install and cost-efficient. They should also be easy to adjust and focus on your working area. Moreover, they should be portable and come with features that allow you to optimize their usage. 

You might not think about it that much, but your level of safety when engaged in woodworking tasks usually hinges on how well your workbench gets illuminated. Hence, it will be best to ensure that you equip your workbench with the best LED lights. Such LED lights would enable you to focus and see the details when engaged in woodworking.   

Workbench lights come in a wide array of brands and models. Thus, it will be best to know the features to look for to zero in on the best LED lights for your workbench.

7 Best Workbench Lights

As mentioned above, there are myriads of lighting options for your workbench. So, choosing becomes a bit confusing. Yet, if you want to zero in on the best lighting system for your workbench, you can check out the following most recommended lights by the experts:


One excellent option when it comes to lighting your workbench is the STANLEY PSL1000S. This lighting system comes with a 45 COB LED light that you can set quickly at the right angle to ensure you get enough illumination when working on your workbench. 

This light comes with two setting options. It also comes with a power switch (backlit) and a breaker that you can reset. Moreover, this shop light comes with storage for tools, allowing you to organize your hand tools. 

The STANLEY PSL1000S also features four power outlets (AC) for your tools (power). It also has two charging ports (USB) for your gadgets and smaller electronics. You can also wall-mount this lighting system because it comes with a mounting system. It also comes with a durable power cord.

2) Hykolity Linkable LED Shop Light

The Hykolity Linkable LED Shop Light features a linkable led light four feet long. You can utilize plug connection for stringing up a maximum of six pieces together in your workshop. This lighting system is easy to install. It is also plug & plays. 

It features a 59-inch power cord with a switch. It also comes with small accessories. You can hang this lighting system, and it comes with hanging chains. Moreover, you can mount it to your ceiling, and it comes with mounting screws.

This light can provide 4400 lumens brightness at 5K Daylight White, utilizing 42W. Thus, this light is very efficient, and you can use it to replace your traditional fluorescent fixture. Besides, you can save energy up to 75%.

3) WEBANG Metal Power Strip Surge Protector with Worklight

Another handy lighting option is the WEBANG Heavy Duty Metal Power Strip Surge Protector with Worklight. Of course, this one comes with eight grounded AC outlets for your working tools. Thus, you can charge your devices simultaneously. 

Plus, it comes with two USB charging ports for charging your Bluetooth Speakers and cell phone. It also comes with a couple of USB power outlets capable of 3.4 Amp output. Yet, the main draw of this system is its work light. You’ll find in it two LED lights for illuminating your workspace.

It comes with a cord holder for wrapping around the cord. Moreover, it features a compact shape for easy installing or mounting. This one is of excellent quality and has a more extended durability.

4) ZESEN 10-Outlet Power Strip with LED Worklight

It comes with ten outlets for use with your transformer and adapter. It also features a four-foot power cord for reaching out to distant outlets. You can also mount it on your desk or wall with ease. 

This outlet and lighting system comes with an automatic safeguard (shut-off) with its integrated circuit breaker. Hence, you are assured of the safe use of this item. Moreover, it is versatile enough and heavy-duty. It also features metal construction and is meant for durability.

5) FaithSail Shop Light

The FaithSail Linkable is another excellent option if you’re looking for a lighting system for your workshop. It features a wide-beam angle and wide illumination that could do away with eyes exhaustion. Nevertheless, it consumes less energy and reduces your electric consumption by 75%. 

The FaithSail Linkable is 48-inch long and could surely lighten up your shop for more enhanced working conditions. Moreover, it is of durable aluminum that can dissipate heat. Plus, it consists of quality LEDs with a 50K hours lifespan. You can plug it in or pull the chain that comes with it to turn it on.

6) Barrina LED T5

You can use it for your basement, work areas, garage, etc. This lighting system is a plug-and-play system. You can also hardwire it to your wall’s switch. Moreover, you can string together eight lights for maximum illumination. 

It is easy to install and is not expensive. Besides, it offers a much brighter and healthier lighting system than traditional fluorescent light. You can also easily replace your preset fluorescent fixture with this system. 

Barrina LED T5 doesn’t consume much energy, allowing you to save up to 65% on your electric bill. This light is also of high quality, being made of LED chips. The housing materials likewise are durable and long-lasting. Aside from being easy to install, these lights are also linkable. You can use this light for broad applications.

7) Phive LED Desk Lamp

If you are looking for a more focused lighting system, you should check out the Phive LED Desk Lamp. This lighting system is a desk lamp and an architect lamp, with its cool 5000K color temp. With this light, you can protect your eyes from too much illumination, allowing for daylight illumination equipped with a diffusion panel. 

You can rotate this lamp 180-degrees, and it features two joined parts: metal and arm. The clamp allows you to install this lamp anywhere you want to install it on your table. Besides, it uses up to 8W and can last up to 50-thousand hours.

Major Workbench Light Types

Aside from knowing the essential factors to consider when choosing light for your workbench, it will also help if you are familiar with the following different types of workbench light:

LED Garage Lighting

In the past few decades, the fluorescent bulbs had lorded it over when it comes to lighting workshops. However, with the introduction of LED lights, the fluorescent bulbs have slowly faded into oblivion. 

If you have an existing fluorescent lighting system, you need to spend on changing the fixture of your workshop lighting if you want to shift to LED Garage lighting. Yet, at present, you can replace the fluorescent lamp with LED replacement using the standard fixtures. 

Of course, LED tube bulbs are costlier than fluorescent bulbs. Yet, their longevity and reduced energy consumption make up for the initial costs you will spend on the LED bulbs. Besides, you’ll get to enjoy better illumination for your workbench.

Shop Lights

Another type of light for your workbench is the shop light. The shop light provides your garage a traditional look with its single bar light fixture. Moreover, it is dangling by a chain assembly. It is easy to install, and you only need to plug it into an electrical outlet. 

Shop lights are a convenient way of lighting up your garage area. You can add a motion-sensing device to the shop lighting system for more convenience.

Strip Light Fixtures

If you’re looking for something easy to install, you should check out the strip light fixtures. You will find this option in several sizes, allowing for complete customization of your overhead garage lighting. You can rely on this lighting system for quick lighting, sans warming up. 

This lighting system is less expensive, yet it is reliable. Strip light fixtures consisting of fluorescent fixtures can be upgraded to LED strip light fixtures using a retrofit kit.

Wraparound Lights

Another excellent option is the LED wraparound lights for garage spaces with lower ceilings. You can install these wraparound lights level with your ceiling surface. They do not hang; hence, you can keep them out of your ladder’s way. 

They got designed so that they provide more light from above. Since their illuminations are multi-directional instead of unidirectional, they offer a more extensive light spread.

Clamp-on Lights

Another lighting type for your workbench is the clamp-on lights. The clamp-on lights are not expensive. They are also quite portable. You can install them anywhere you need temporary lighting. Then, you can stack them away when not required. You can rely on this lighting system if you need lighting for small projects requiring attention to detail.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Workbench Lights

Given the myriads of lighting options for your workbench, you might get confused in the selection process. But if you want to zero in on the best LED lights for your workbench, you can check out the following essential factors to consider when purchasing LED lights for your workbench:

Color Temperature

How you work gets affected mainly by the color temperature of your lights. Color temperatures get categorized into cool (5000 K or more) and warm (below 5000 K). You will notice that cooler temperatures allow you to increase your focus. Warmer temperature, however, allows for relaxation. 

When working, therefore, it will be best to have a more comfortable light temperature to enable you to focus more on what you are doing. Besides, most workbench lights are of cooler color temperatures.

Ceiling Lighting vs. Floor/Mountable Lighting

When choosing a lighting system for your workbench, you need to choose between floor/mountable vs. ceiling lighting. Of course, the floor/mountable lighting has the apparent advantage of being more mobile than those of ceiling lights. Yet, the ceiling lights usually have more when it comes to power. Hence, you need to go for the ceiling lighting if you want more illumination. 

Installation and Connectivity

When selecting lighting for your workbench, it will help to consider the ease of installation of the lighting. The screw-in replacement of the bulb is the easiest way to replace lighting. Screw-in bulbs are not like ordinary bulbs. But they are multi-positional LED fixtures that can screw into a light base. You won’t need extra wiring for such lighting. 

You can also opt for plug-in systems. You can string lights across your garage to provide you with a tremendous amount of illumination. These plug-in systems can work through your standard outlets. You only need to plug them in. Afterward, you turn on the switch. They also come with jumper wires for connecting a series of lights. In most instances, you can only install them with clips. 

Another option is fluorescent lighting which necessitates more elaborate installation. These lights come with ballast for regulating the light bulb’s voltage. You need to hardwire these lighting systems within your garage.

Color-rendering Index

The lighting system’s color-rendering index (CRI) is one factor worth considering. It refers to the faithfulness of the light to reveal the color of objects it illumines. Most manufacturers don’t disclose the CRI of their lighting products. You might as well not fuss about this factor. Yet, if you are meticulous with your work, you need to consider this factor closely.

Dimming Functionality

You will find some lighting systems that allow for dimming functionality. Dimming lets you set your lighting system according to the brightness level best suited for your work. So, when choosing a lighting system, look for lighting systems with preset brightness levels. You can also opt for a fully regulated lighting level.

Arm Neck Vs. Gooseneck

When it comes to the neck design of your floor/mountable lights, you can choose between arm neck or gooseneck. If you go for the gooseneck light, you might not be able to regulate the light’s height unless it has an adjustable neck. If you go for arm necks, you can quickly adjust the light’s height. You simply fold the neck to move the light lower or higher.


You can also go for something with magnifiers. You can find some mountable/floor lights with magnifiers. Such a magnifier can help you work well with small items in your workshop.

Watts and Lumens

Lumen refers to the quantity of light emitted by a bulb (luminous flux). On the other hand, Watts means the energy used by the bulb. The incandescent bulb, for example, has its brightness and power in wattage. However, contemporary LED lights use less energy but bring in similar luminosity. Their brightness level gets measured in lumens. 

An incandescent bulb, for example, will use up to 60 watts compared to a LED bulb which would use up to 12 watts. So, if you are shopping around for a LED light, go for one with higher lumens.


You might not think about it, but if you are working in a dimly lit workshop, you might be prone to injure yourself and make mistakes in your work. Hence, you must provide your workshop with the proper lighting and illumination to ensure that you work in a well-lighted and safe workspace.

However, choosing the right workbench lights becomes mind-boggling, given the myriad options at hand. So, it will be best to review the most recommended lighting systems for the workbench. In this way, you can limit your choices to the best options at hand. It will also help if you are familiar with the different types of lights and the essential factors to consider when choosing LED lights for your workbench.

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