When and Who Invented Plywood?

Plywood sheets in the store.

Samuel Bentham, a British naval engineer, was credited for inventing modern plywood when he applied for patents for several machines that produce veneers. He elaborated on the idea of laminating layers of veneer and gluing them to form thicker pieces. This idea, of course, aptly pertained to plywood.  Plywood is a structural panel made of … Read more

Woodworking Shop Layout Ideas: Workflow, Wood & Machines Arrangement

Your woodworking shop is your sacred nook, your inner sanctum wherein you can dabble in woodworking freely. Inside it, you can actualize your creative woodworking ideas without being disturbed by others. Thus, building a workshop for your woodworking activities is essential to becoming a full-pledged woodworker. Setting up a woodworking shop, however, is not easy. … Read more

How to Set Up Woodworking Shop

Woodworker setting up a simple garage woodworking shop for his furniture building business.

Setting up a fully-functional woodworking shop is the biggest goal of most woodworkers. Many woodworkers worldwide are not fortunate enough to have a workshop in which they can freely engage in woodworking endeavors. Of course, they surely want to own a workshop, but maybe they cannot afford one or have no available space. So, if … Read more

Types of Woodworking Dust Collectors

Wood contains irritant compounds found in wood sap that can cause allergic reactions. Besides, fine dust, barely visible to the naked eye, is the most detrimental to the human body.  The use of powerful woodworking machines is indeed fraught with so many risks. So, it behooves you to take the necessary precautions to avoid injuring … Read more

How To Fix A Wobbly Chair Leg 

Driving screw into the joint of a chair leg.

Wood tables and chairs are among the most attractive pieces of furniture available. These furnishings are frequently passed down from generation to generation, becoming much-loved and used family treasures due to their natural beauty and warm tones. Normal wear and tear can eventually make the legs unsteady. Chair legs that are loose create discomfort and … Read more