How To Use Epoxy Resin on Wood

Preparing colorful epoxy resin to seal the wood gap.

One of my client asked me the other week about some tips on how to use epoxy resin on wood, and as a good and obliging friend and woodworker, I willingly provided him with what I know from my long years of experience as a woodworker. Epoxy resin, of course, will provide you with different … Read more

Best Drillable Wood Fillers

Drill on repaired and filled wood board.

Wood fillers have been coming to our collective rescue for many years now. But, sometimes, it may not be enough to simply fill the crack in a wall or furniture. What if there is a need to drill into it? Will the wood filler hold up against the drill? Well, we have some good news … Read more

Best Wood Fillers For Large Gaps & Holes?

Filling and repairing large wood holes with epoxy.

There’s one thing we can’t foresee: accidents. No matter how much we try to be safe and sure with our daily lives, something will happen out of the blue causing a large holes on the wood. Consider the state of your wooden surfaces. Any damage they might suffer – or already suffered – wasn’t planned, … Read more

Wood Putty Vs Wood Filler

Comparing the features of Wood putty and wood filler.

You might already be familiar with wood fillers. When the wood surface suffers from cracks, gaps, blemishes, and holes, we rely on wood filler to cover them back up.  We consider wood putty as a type of wood filler, though they are distinct from one another. This article will treat them as such.  So, while … Read more

How To Use Wood Filler Before Painting

Filling the holes on wood board before painting.

If you’ve worked on woodworking projects before, you know how wood filler works. Or maybe, you have an upcoming repair soon, and you’re starting to familiarize yourself. Whatever the reason, we all know wood filler can hide blemishes, deficiencies, and other damages on wood surfaces.  During home repair, you can blend the wood filler into … Read more

How Long Do Wood Putty & Filler Take To Dry?

Filling wood putty on the board with putty knife.

When doing home repairs, you want things done as fast as possible. You have a set schedule, and you’re eager to finish the task.  However, working with wood filler and putty can be a big question mark. Both materials have varied drying times, and you always need to consider several factors.  To make sure that … Read more