How to Restain Cedar Siding

Harsh cedar siding that need to restain.

Using cedar for your exterior home sidings might be one of your best options to provide your home with a rustic but elegant look. Yet, cedarwood is not entirely impervious to the effects of harsh external elements like UV light and moisture. So, if you opt for cedar sidings, you might as well prepare yourself … Read more

Best Rollers for Polyurethane

Applying Polyurethane coat on hardwood floor with quality foam roller for more even finish.

One of the best tools for applying polyurethane is the roller. Rollers come in a wide variety of brands, textures, and dimensions, and your choice, of course, would partly depend on the type of finish you would like to achieve. For example, if you want a smooth finish, you can go for a soft roller, … Read more

Best Teak Oil for Boats

Boat refinished with new protection layer of teak oil.

The teakwood has been in use throughout the centuries for building decks and ships. The reason is that teakwood is known for its stability and durability. In fact, in ancient times, teakwood was considered the royal timber for its high oil content, which served as a water repellant. Although having natural qualities—that make it almost impervious to … Read more

Types of Wood Finishes

All the different types of wood finishes that woodworkers will use.

You can use oil, dye, polyurethane, varnish, wax, and Shellac, and many other types of wood finishes. However, there are several essential factors you need to consider when selecting a wood finish for your wood project.   Wood finishing is the final process in the manufacturing of wood furniture. It fashions out the furniture according to … Read more

Best Spray Lacquer for Wood 2022

Applying finish coating on wood surface with wood lacquer spray.

It’s important to have a smooth and polished surface while dealing with wood. When this happens, lacquer and varnish should be considered as options. The best wood lacquer will give the wood a glossy, long-lasting shine while also preserving it. Lacquer may be applied to wood using a spray gun or a brush, and it … Read more

Best Stain for Cedar Furniture 2022

Staining a set of cedarwood chairs and table with wood stain.

As you become more experienced in woodworking, you will soon find that each type of wood has distinct characteristics. Each wood has its specific dimensional stability and weight, and each reacts differently to paint or stain. Take, for example, cedarwood. Cedarwood is known for its outdoor usages like wooden decks and fences. It features a … Read more

Can You Apply Epoxy With a Brush?

Apply wood epoxy resin on the tabletop.

Many newbies in the use of Epoxy would usually ask me whether they could use a brush when applying the Epoxy. Well, it is natural to ask this question, for the brush is commonly used to apply paint and varnish. Yet, epoxy resin is a different thing, and if you misapply epoxy resin, the outcome … Read more

Simple Tips and Guides on Sealing Cedarwood

Applying sealant finish on cedar wood board.

Cedar is one of the lightest softwoods for commercial use. Its density is around 21 pounds/cubic foot in oven-dry conditions. It also shows dimensional stability, allowing it to absorb and discharge moisture to attain the necessary equilibrium with the ambient atmosphere. It is also an excellent thermal insulator. Moreover, it is durable. All these natural … Read more