Best Wood Material for Shelves

Different types of wooden shelves.

One of the most important aspects of any home is the shelves and cabinets. These are the foundations from which everything else hangs, and they need to be sturdy.  A shelving system is a great way to smarten up a room without spending a fortune, and many different materials can be used for shelves. The … Read more

How Does A Floating Shelf Work?

Flat wooden panel floating shelf.

There’s something about floating shelves that just makes any room feel polished, right? It may also feel like there’s some kind of magic behind its support system. But how exactly do they work? More importantly, can you DIY one yourself?  What Are Floating Shelves? Floating shelves are typically found in homes with a deep craving … Read more

Is Plywood a Good Material for Making Shelves?

Building a set of wall shelf with plywood.

As you excitedly explore the different woodworking projects you can make as a beginner, you will soon ask whether plywood is perfect for your other projects like making shelves. Plywood, of course, is often used for making shelves because it is inexpensive yet strong. It also comes in various thicknesses, but the most preferred plywood … Read more

Types of Shelf Brackets

Different types and styles of brackets for wood shelf.

One essential component you will surely need when making a shelf is brackets. Shelf brackets usually get categorized according to shapes and made. You will find, for example, wooden brackets, and they are pretty common. Besides, wooden brackets are perfect for supporting wooden shelves, and they also come in various styles and designs. You will … Read more

Best Finishes for Kitchen Table

Walnut warm color tone finish on the kitchen table top.

Using the right finish for your kitchen table can bring out its elegance and natural warmth. Besides, the right finish can give your kitchen table long-term protection from damages. Finishes, however, provide varying hues and levels of protection for wooden kitchen tables. As such, you need to carefully choose the appropriate finish to maximize protection … Read more

Best Wood for a Bed Frame

Wooden bed frame projects and styles.

Hardwood, softwood, and composite woods like plywood and fiberboard may all be used to make wood bed frames, each with its advantages. It is widely accepted that the finest timbers for a bed frame are hardwoods such as maple, mahogany, walnut, cherry, and oak. The capability of softwoods such as fir, cedar, and pine outweighs … Read more