Can A Chainsaw Cut Metal?

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Using air chainsaw to cut metal materials.

Many find the chainsaw handy when they need to perform serious cutting tasks. With the chainsaw, for example, you can fell a towering tree and cut through different types of wood. Besides, if you fasten the chainsaw to a particular guide frame, you can use the chainsaw as a portable sawmill for reducing bulk wood into boards and planks. This portable sawmill gets often referred to as the Alaskan sawmill or chainsaw mill

Yet, if you frequently use the chainsaw to cut wood, you might be asking yourself whether you can use the chainsaw to cut metal. Such a question and temptation to use the chainsaw to cut metal might be risky. 

Nevertheless, there are some chainsaws and chains designed for cutting metald. With these chains, you can cut metal safely and efficiently. 

Are There Chainsaws Designed for Cutting Metal?

The answer to this question is an affirmative one. Yes, you can cut metal using a chainsaw. But it will be best if you choose powerful chainsaws like those equipped with hydraulics. These chainsaws can cut through hard metal and concrete. Yet, these chainsaws are not very common, and you will have a hard time finding these chainsaws in the open market. 

However, you can find these chainsaws in construction crew kits or service warehouses. These chainsaws pack sufficient power and slice through anything with ease and efficiency. An example of these chainsaws is the ICS 576153 680ES-14 Gas Powered Concrete Cutting Chainsaw.

These powerful chainsaws come with chains with cutting edges laced with diamond grit. They can either be hydraulic or gas-powered. Moreover, their chains are designed to get lubricated with water. 

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These chainsaws are used for construction when making square holes in floors or walls, cutting deep, and carving stone structures. Besides, many fire departments use these chainsaws to get access to buildings.

Can You Cut Nails Using a Chainsaw?

One of the corollary questions to the abovementioned question is whether a chainsaw can cut nails. You may ask this question too because there will come a time when you will accidentally hit nails when you cut through wood. 

If ever that happens, you should not panic as most users of chainsaws would. Of course, your chainsaw will quickly get blunt if it cuts through a nail. But as mentioned above, if you are using a chainsaw designed for cutting metals, cutting nails would never be a huge issue.

Are There Many Chainsaws Designed for Cutting Through Metals?

If you intend to cut metal using your chainsaw, it will be best to know your chainsaw options designed for cutting metals. Cutting metals using the ordinary woodcutting chainsaw is fraught with danger. Besides, you will only damage your chainsaw if you do so intentionally. 

Remember that home-grade chainsaws should be limited only to cutting wood, pruning, or trimming. They are only designed for light woodcutting tasks like chopping firewood and cutting small branches. 

Home-grade chainsaws come with a smaller motor, which is not fit for cutting metal. These smaller motors will not have enough power to cut through nails. Furthermore, the home-grade chainsaw’s teeth don’t come with reinforcement to ensure that they can cut through metals. So, if you will cut wood, you need to inspect the wood you will cut if there are nails embedded in the wood.

Of course, you might cut through some nails using your home-grade chainsaws. Yet, in the end, you will surely damage your chainsaw, and its chain might snap, exposing you to the risk of injury.

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Risks Concomitant with Cutting Metal Using a Chainsaw

If your chainsaw is made for cutting wood, using it for other purposes might put you at risk of injuries. Even if your chainsaw gets designed to cut metal, the risk of injuries will always be present. Some of these risks include the following:

  1. The chainsaw chain can break while using it. This breaking of the chain can cause you injuries. 
  2. Cutting nails and metals can cause sparks, leading to burns and fire.
  3. The engine of the chainsaw can get damaged if you cut through metal.
  4. Cutting metal can cause chips to fly away, causing injuries. 
  5. Your chainsaw can get dull fast.
  6. Accidentally cutting through metal can cause kickback, which can cause injury.

So, if you’re using a home-grade chainsaw, you should refrain from using it to cut metal. The risks concomitant with its use on metal are high, and it might cause you injuries and even death.

Types of Metal You Can Cut Using Chainsaw

When you ask whether a chainsaw can cut metal, it will also help if you ask which metals can chainsaw cut. Metals come in different types and combinations. Some metals are lightweight and thin, while others are heavier and tough. An example of light metal is tin. Heavier metals, however, are steel and heavier alloys.

You can also bend thin metals even with your bare hands. Yet, if you deal with heavier and thicker metal, you will find it hard to bend. Besides, even if you use a home-grade chainsaw, it is hard even to scratch or dent a heavier and thicker metal. Thus, it will be best to think twice before you even dare to prove that a home-grade chainsaw can cut through metal.

If you use a heavy-duty chainsaw like the one mentioned above, you can easily cut through metals. So, if you intend to cut metals, use something designed for metal cutting. Other chainsaw brands and models designed for cutting metals include the Black+Decker LCS1020B, DEWALT DCCS620B, WORX WG305.1, WORX WG322, and many others. 

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You can even cut through concrete using these chainsaws. Such heavy-duty chainsaws are hydraulically powered and lubricated with water. 

Another thing is that when you use your chainsaw to cut wood or metal, always ensure your safety. Wear your safety gear like safety goggles and earplugs. Remember that accidents due to the use of a chainsaw is high, and statistics show that the number of chainsaw users that got injured is increasing. 

Hence, it will be best to be always on the safe side of using the chainsaw. Besides, only use those chainsaws designed for cutting metal if you want to cut metal. Remember that your safety should be paramount when using a chainsaw. 


If you intend to cut metals, concrete, or brick, it will be best to use a chainsaw designed for cutting such materials. Chainsaws designed for cutting metals should have edges embedded with diamond grits. These chainsaws also are hydraulically or gas-powered. Besides, you should know how to lubricate the chainsaw when cutting metal or concrete. 

Remember that it is not a good idea to cut metal using ordinary chainsaws. It will be best to opt for other tools designed for cutting metals like jigsaw, bandsaw, circular saw, angle grinder, and other metal-cutting tools.

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