What is a Miter Box?

Different types of miter box.

If you got transported back a hundred years ago to a traditional woodworking shop, you would indeed find no power tool in it. You would instead find a miter box. The miter box, of course, is the predecessor of the contemporary power miter saw. It is a crude device used by woodworkers to guide a … Read more

Types of Chisel in Woodworking

Various types of woodworking chisels.

If you’re in woodworking, you should know what chisels are. If you’re new to the entire thing, chisels are simple to explain. It’s a long, metallic bar with one sharp end for cutting. On the other end, you can find wood, plastic, or other durable handles.  However, you won’t find the chisel you want with … Read more

Different Types Of Clamps For Woodworking

various sizes and models of woodworking clamps.

Newbie woodworkers often ask me about the types of clamps that they need to have in their workshops. Based on my experience and research, my answer is relatively straightforward—There will not be a single clamp that can do it all! Yet, I would also tell them that having the right ones at hand and learning … Read more

Best Clamps For Glue Ups

All the types of wood clamps that suitable for glueing up wood.

Most woodworking projects cannot be completed without glue in reinforcing the attachment of bonded materials or holding pieces of wood together permanently. However, without applying certain techniques, the glue dries up quickly before the assembly is finished. Instead of finishing on time, the project takes a long time to accomplish or produces a messed-up product. … Read more

Best Hand Planes for Beginners

Simple and classic wood hand planes.

Earlier last year, I challenged myself to build a cabinet for my wife. As a beginner, I started thinking of buying a workable hand plane to actualize this incredible project. I also began searching online for beginners’ best hand planes, knowing that I would need one to make a good finish for the cabinet’s components.   … Read more

10 Types of Hand Saw Blades

Hand saws, throughout the years, have diversified into different types and designs. Some hand saws are designed as general-purpose tools, while others are for specific applications. Yet, when it comes to selecting the appropriate hand saw for your cutting needs, you must consider factors like the shape of the saw, the teeth count (TPI), the … Read more