Best Brands for Woodworking Tools

August 15, 2022

Craftsman router and Stanley chisels placed on the workbench.

Imagine you’re a newbie woodworker, shopping online, looking for the best circular saw to purchase. To your dismay, you quickly discover myriads of brands and models of circular saws in the market, which make the choosing process a big headache for you. Instinctively, you would check off those circular saw models with unfamiliar brands and focus on those circular saws with brand names that ring a bell. 

Of course, such buying behavior is understandable and is called brand stereotyping. This brand stereotyping is necessary to simplify and facilitate the buying process. So, if you’re at a loss as to which woodworking tools to buy, you might consider relying on brand stereotyping to limit your options to the best options. 

Most Popular Woodworking Tool Brands

Some companies thrive and pride themselves on the quality of their products. They have a strong culture of producing well-thought and well-made products that make their brands synonymous with high-quality products. Below are the most trusted brands when it comes to manufacturing woodworking tools:


The KREG Tool Company was established in 1989. It has its headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa. This company dedicates itself to providing solutions to woodworkers and DIYers. At the onset, Kreg had rolled out simple cabinetry joints. Later, it evolved into a well-trusted company, delivering high-quality woodworking tools.

Despite the high quality of its products, it maintains its products at an affordable level, providing woodworkers with high-quality products at an affordable price.

KREG has already ventured into the manufacturing of power tools aside from the specialized hand tools it produces. Among the popular products of KREG are pocket hole jigs, drawer slide jigs, and an adaptive cutting system.


Paul Akers founded FastCap in 1997. He is an experienced cabinet maker who, one day, while building cabinets, had a novel idea of making a self-adhesive screw cap cover. Then, the FastCap got conceived. 

The past five years have shown a remarkable exponential growth of the company, enabling it to expand its product base to cover various woodworking products. 

At present, FastCap is a trusted company when it comes to quality woodworking products. Besides, the company got branded as an innovative one.  


POWERTEC has been around for a very long time and has been producing tools for woodworkers for approximately four decades. It offers a wide variety of high-quality woodworking accessories and machines, hand tools, and measuring equipment. 

Its products have been meticulously designed to suit the needs of woodworkers. With most top brands asking much for their products, POWERTEC has bridged the gap between high-quality products and affordability. 

Examples of woodworking tools of POWERTEC include ratcheting table clamp, T-track hold downs, Abrasive cleaning stick, workbench casters, and many more. On Amazon and other online platforms, POWERTEC tools have been receiving top ratings. 

POWERTEC is rapidly expanding its range of products while infusing cutting-edge technology and innovation in the designs of its products. So, if you are collecting woodworking tools, you should consider the tools from this brand.


Among the brands that expert woodworkers rely on is the Woodpecker. It offers a wide range of woodworking tools like layout tools, woodworking rulers, squares, T-squares, and many other devices. 

This brand has been known for manufacturing quality tools that provide precision and accuracy. Its Precision Aluminum Square, for example, is top-rated regarding accuracy. 

The prices of Woodpecker tools are within the affordable range compared to those of other brands.

5) JessEm Tool

JessEm is a Canadian manufacturer that focuses on building tools that could last for generations. Its main ingredients in the manufacturing of its tools are innovation and quality. This company claims it doesn’t offer products it can’t be proud of. 

This company is a family-owned company, and its products include router table accessories, router table fences, router stands, table saw accessories, router lifts and planes, and many more. It is widely known in the woodworking circle for its router tables and lifts.

6) SawStop

Another excellent woodworking tool brand is the Sawstop. It was started in 1999, buoyed by its mission of revolutionizing the safety of the table saw. At present, it has already shipped more than a hundred thousand saws, and its products have saved countless fingers. 

Statistics show that around ten amputations happen daily in the United States alone. So, this company focuses on producing the safest power saws you can buy today. It introduces a system consisting of an electrical sensor that readily detects any alteration in the current when the saw blade comes in contact with skin. 

Once such skin contact with the saw blade is detected, the machine instantly deploys a brake that stops the blade and pulls it back below the saw’s surface. This innovative system saves countless fingers from injury. 

7) DeWalt

DeWalt is a well-known brand and a multinational company that evolved from the radial arm saw’s invention by Raymond E. DeWalt. Black & Decker, however, acquired DeWalt in the 1960s, which many considered started a decline in the quality of its products, considering that Black & Decker is a novice in the field of power tool manufacturing. 

In the 1990s, DeWalt got rebranded, making the brand a go-to brand among contractors and DIYers. At present, DeWalt offers a wide array of power tools. Among these tools is the FLEXVOLT Battery, which could automatically transition from 20 to 60 volts. This battery, of course, can power almost all DeWalt tools that use batteries.

8) Milwaukee

Milwaukee is another well-known woodworking brand rolling out quality woodworking products. This brand has been manufacturing tools since 1924. Though there have been changes in its proprietorship, the brand, however, was able to maintain its quality. Techtronic recently acquired this brand. 

This brand has been known for releasing the popular one-handed drill called Hole Shooter. This drill, of course, is lightweight and handy. The brand has also been associated with dozens of power equipment and has been rolling out a wide array of cordless power tools.

9) Bosch

It was Robert Bosch who established this company in Stuttgart, Germany. Since then, this brand has become associated with many sterling woodworking products. Bosch is around 90% owned by an organization associated with charitable works, which makes this brand unique. 

Bosch is a brand known for its innovations, especially in the field of battery technology. Thus, this brand offers a wide array of cordless tools. 

Bosch tools, however, are typically more expensive than other brands. Such higher costs of its tools are pretty reasonable and acceptable, given the high quality of products it offers.

10) Makita

Makita was established in 1915, but it was only in 1958 that this brand began to make its presence felt internationally. Its primary product that became popular was its planer, then its drills. At present, this brand is popular for its power tools. 

You will find a wide array of Makita power tools in the market today. Its products include sanders, routers, angle grinders, circular saws, hammers, and impact drivers. 

Makita gets recognized as an innovative brand that makes tools simple and easy to use. Besides, it has been streamlining its cordless products with its 18V single voltage array of devices.

11) Ridgid

The Ridge Tool Company carries the brand name Ridgid. It is an American company that makes quality woodworking tools. It was established in 1923 and has been rolling out plumbing, pipe fittings, and construction tools since then. This brand, however, has been well-known for its red pipe wrenches. 

Rigid has expanded its product line into other carpentry power tool categories such as miter saws, circular saws, nailers, and cordless drills.

Ridgid might not be a significant tool dealer, but many woodworkers and construction companies likewise use its tools.

12) Ryobi

Ryobi is a Japanese brand that Techtronic Industries owns, which also owns Milwaukee. Thus, both Ryobi and Milwaukee form the company’s two arms. Ryobi, however, caters to the DIYers, while Milwaukee caters more to the professionals and contractors. 

Thus, the products of Milwaukee appear to be more robust and sturdier than those of Ryobi because Ryobi’s products are not designed for heavy-duty usage. 

The good thing about the products of Ryobi is that they are more affordable than those of Milwaukee. Thus, many DIYers favor its products more. 

13) Craftsman

Craftsman is a popular brand that has been here since 1927. Black & Decker, however, acquired it, enabling this brand to dominate the U.S. power tool market. This brand has been rolling out a wide range of power tools, including the Weedwhacker brand known to many woodworkers and users. 

Craftsman produces battery-powered and corded tools. It is also known for its Versa System, an innovative system it introduced which is a unique system of organizing tools, equipment, and accessories in your workshop. The costs of Craftsman tools tend to favor the affordable side.

14) Metabo HPT

You should not confuse Metabo HPT with Metabo because these two are distinct brands. Nevertheless, KKR owns both of them. Metabo HPT is the same as Hitachi.

In 2018, however, the company experienced a rebranding, changing its name to Metabo HPT. The company currently produces angle grinders, cut-off saws, and many other heavy-duty cutting tools.

15) Skil

It was in 1926 when Skil was founded in New Orleans. Bosch, however, acquired it in 1996, and for this reason, it got based in Stuttgart, Germany. Chervon, a Chinese company, acquired it recently. At present, it is one of the best tool brands in America. 

Skil is a famous brand, and almost everybody in the United States has heard about this brand. Its debut tool is the Skilsaw which is a powerful saw. Behind this brand is a portfolio of quality power tools. 

Its focus, as a company, is on power saws. Thus, if you’re looking for a powerful yet durable power saw, you can check out the products of this brand.

16) Black & Decker

Black & Decker is a popular brand. Almost everybody has heard about it. It was founded in 1910 and later rolled out a portable drill that expanded its popularity as a brand. 

Black & Decker focuses on producing tools for DIYers, and its tools include routers, sanders, drills, and screwdrivers. You will also see cleaning equipment with its logo and other home appliances. 

What is the Best Woodworking Power Tool Brand?

Although you can argue in favor of any brand mentioned above, many experts would agree that Bosch is the best brand for power tools. I have also talked to many woodworkers, and they claim that Bosch power tools deliver the goodies they are looking for in a power tool. 

Bosch power tools might be on the expensive side. Yet, regarding quality and durability, their products are undoubtedly durable and of high quality. So, when shopping around for power tools, it will be best to go for brands like Bosch, known for high-quality power tools.


As you read this post, you will discover that some brands mentioned above thrive in producing specific product lines. KREG Tool Company, for example, excels in creating high-quality cabinetry joints, jigs, pocket hole jigs, and drawer slide jibs. 

On the other hand, Woodpeckers Tools focuses more on rolling out quality tools like woodworking rulers, T-squares, and layout tools. JessEm Tools, however, delivers quality router table fences and accessories. Hence, if you want to have the best collections of woodworking tools, you can cherry-pick the best products that each brand is well-known for without sticking to a single brand.

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