Most Popular Types of Chainsaws Brands

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List of brands and manufacturers that specialized in making quality chainsaws.

As a beginner in buying a chainsaw, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of chainsaw brands. Likewise, you might get confused and not know which is perfect for your needs. Therefore, it will be best to familiarize yourself with the different reliable brands so that you can quickly narrow down your options to the best brand options in the market today.

In this post, you will learn about the most popular chainsaw brands. You will also learn about the short history of these popular chainsaw brands, as well as the types of chainsaws they are manufacturing.

Different Types of Most Popular Chainsaw Brands 

There are top-notch chainsaw brands in the market today that have proven themselves in producing quality chainsaw products. Below are some of these top-rated brands and the other popular chainsaw brands:

1) Husqvarna

The Husqvarna is a leading manufacturer of gas-engine chainsaws. So, if you want a gas-powered chainsaw, you can check out this brand. This brand rolls out chainsaws of various bar lengths ranging from the 14″ one to 20.” This brand also rolls out chainsaws under the brand name Poulan

Husqvarna is a company that hails from Sweden. Yet, it distributes chainsaws around the world. It also sells its products in the U.S. Most of its products sold in the U.S. were either assembled or manufactured in the U.S. 

This brand, of course, is a trusted brand by professionals. It is at par with the Stihl, and it manufactures chainsaws for both professional and home users of chainsaws. 

If you check out its website, you will discover a wide array of chainsaw models rolled out by this brand. With this brand, you will have various choices of small chainsaws for pruning and large chainsaws for felling giant trees.

2) Stihl

Another well-trusted brand in the field of chainsaw manufacturing is Stihl. It manufactures professional and consumer-grade electric and gas chainsaws. It also features a variety of models with variable bar lengths ranging from 12″ to 20.” Its electric chainsaws come with a small bar compared to its gas-powered chainsaws. Stihl sells its brand only via equipment dealers. Many consider the Stihl as the number one brand when it comes to manufacturing chainsaws. 

Stihl has its headquarters in Germany, and it is a German company. Despite being a German company, it distributes chainsaws anywhere in the world. The chainsaws it sells in the United States are made there. Moreover, the chainsaws manufactured by Stihl are the most expensive chainsaws you will ever find. 

Aside from electric and gas-powered chainsaws, Stihl also manufactures battery-powered models. If you’re looking for a small chainsaw for pruning or you want something for professional usage, you should check out its website.

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3) DeWalt

Another well-known brand in the field of chainsaw manufacturing is DeWalt. DeWalt, however, only manufactures electric-powered chainsaws. Besides, DeWalt rolls out chainsaws up to 40-volt options. And they even offer a couple of 60-volt options. 

You will see an advertisement of DeWalt claiming that its electric chainsaws can make up to seventy cuts on a single charge. You can also run single batteries on different voltages for various applications. 

The chainsaws DeWalt manufactures also have many sterling features, like chain breaks, pull cords, and auto-oiling. DeWalt, however, has its manufacturing site in China, although it also has manufacturing plants in the United States.

3) Makita

Another excellent manufacturer of chainsaws is Makita. This company hails from Japan and manufactures electric and battery-powered chainsaws. It also rolls out a few larger-sized gas-powered chainsaws, like 20″ 61cc chainsaws. 

Its chainsaws come with many sterling features like lower emissions, engine management, extended life for its filter, and improved fuel efficiency. 

Makita is a vast company. It also has a sector that focuses on developing innovative chainsaws that you will surely appreciate.

4) Milwaukee Chainsaws

Another well-known brand of chainsaws is Milwaukee. This brand delivers all battery-powered chainsaws. The largest model it rolls out is a 16″ model. The chainsaws it manufactures are powerful and are perfect for pruning branches and trimming. 

The chainsaws rolled out by this brand have been receiving positive reviews for their durability and cutting power. This company has a hundred years of history of manufacturing great tools. It was founded in 1915. 

At the onset of its founding, the company only focuses on repairing electric motors and selling them. But later, the company started manufacturing portable electric planers. 

At present, Makita has already expanded and dabbled in producing electric and battery-powered machines. It also offers an array of sterling chainsaw products.

5) Craftsman

Craftsman is another manufacturer of tools like gas and electric chainsaws. Its chainsaws come in an array of bar lengths ranging from ten inches to twenty inches. This brand focuses on providing chainsaws to the consumer market instead of the industrial or professional field. 

The chainsaws it manufactures come with smaller bar lengths, and it sells its products at Lowe’s stores and Ace Hardware stores.

This brand also sells battery and gas-powered chainsaws, although it offers an array of corded electric chainsaws. 

Its gas chainsaws sell like hotcakes and have garnered positive reviews for their reliability. Moreover, the largest chainsaws that Craftsman manufactures are in the range of 20″ bar. These chainsaws can fell small trees.


Another well-established brand in the field of chainsaw manufacturing is WORX. WORX rolls out electric and battery-powered chainsaws. Moreover, it doesn’t carry any gas-powered chainsaw. 

The chainsaws of WORX are small and light. These chainsaws are suitable for trimming or pruning small branches. You can use these chainsaws to trim bushes around your home. 

But you can’t use them for cutting firewood or logs. If you do so, these saws might not last long. The chainsaws of WORX belong to the cheapest chainsaws in the market today.

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Another brand name you will often hear about is ECHO. It is a leading brand of gas-powered chainsaws. It offers a variety of models, and these models come with various bar lengths, ranging from 12″ to 20″. 

ECHO provides chainsaws for both professionals and consumers. This brand is a U.S. brand and showcases some of the latest innovations in chainsaw technology like ergonomic designs and vibration systems. 

This brand dates back to 1972, and until now, it keeps on expanding and innovating. This brand also leans more towards the production of consumer chainsaws than professional chainsaws. 

8) EGO

Another well-known manufacturer of chainsaws is EGO. EGO chainsaws come with cutting bars ranging from 14 to 18″. These chainsaws get powered by a 56V battery. 

You can also purchase its chainsaws at Lowe’s stores. EGO seems to be committed to the manufacturing of battery-powered chainsaws.

9) Homelite

Homelite is a chainsaw brand that has historical significance. This brand is significant because it was the very brand that rolled out the first chainsaw that a single person could operate in 1949. In the 60s, likewise, Homelite made the XL-12, a chainsaw that became one of the most popular chainsaws. 

Homelite chainsaws also got featured in some horror movies. Nowadays, however, Techtronic Industries own Homelite. Besides, this brand is more focused on manufacturing chainsaws that cater to the consumer market. 

10) Jonsered

Another manufacturer of chainsaws is the Scandinavian manufacturer called Jonsered. This brand made some of the early devices in the market. Nowadays, however, it manufactures gas-powered chainsaws, and they sell these chainsaws via private dealers. 

This brand has been here for a long time, since the 1950s. At present, however, this brand belongs to the Husqvarna group. The new chainsaws of this brand come with new features like a new power engine technology. This technology makes the chainsaws produce fewer emissions while increasing fuel efficiency. 


Poulan is another brand that rolls out chainsaws in large sizes and models. Its chainsaws are popular among professional and home users. Besides, its chainsaws are not expensive, and you can buy their best chainsaws for less than $200. 

Poulan has a solid group of followers, and you can even join their community and get pieces of advice from the community.


Another brand best known for great bars and chains is OREGON. This brand offers a range of battery-powered and electric-powered chainsaws. You will find the chainsaws of this brand affordable. They also come with a unique feature to keep their blade sharp. 

The largest chainsaw model of OREGON comes with an 18″ guide bar. The chainsaws of Oregon are low-emission chainsaws because they are non-gas-powered. They also quietly operate and are easy to handle.


Another brand of chainsaw that you will often hear is RYOBI. It is a Home Depot’s exclusive brand. It manufactures battery, gas, and corded-electric chainsaws.

Moreover, these chainsaws come with different lengths of cutting bars and have different designs.

As a well-known brand, it offers a range of chainsaws, which are also well-reviewed. 

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14) Greenworks

Another popular brand of chainsaws is Greenworks. It was founded in 2007, and Stihl invested in this company in the latter years. Its chainsaw products are sold everywhere, and online, you will find their chainsaws selling well. 

Likewise, in Europe and the United States, its G-MAX model is selling well.

It also rolls out an array of electric chainsaw models with 12”, 14”, 16”, and 18″ bars with ten-inch pole saws.

15) Black + Decker

This brand needs no introduction, for it is a popular brand. It offers an array of electric-powered chainsaws; some are cordless, while some are corded. It doesn’t manufacture gas-powered chainsaws. 

The bar length of its chainsaws ranges from 12″ to 18.” Besides, these chainsaws also come with tool-free chain tensioning. 

They also have wrap-around handles while exhibiting decent power. Moreover, they offer good run times. You can use these chainsaws for pruning trees and working around your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from knowing the most popular brands, it will also help if you are familiar with the FAQs about chainsaw brands, for these may also be the questions you have in mind:

What is the Top Chiansaw Brand?

The abovementioned brands are popular. Yet, the most popular among them are the Husqvarna and Stihl. These two are at the forefront of chainsaw production and popularity. Nevertheless, their chainsaws are expensive. So, only the moneyed ones can quickly afford these chainsaws. However, their chainsaws are worth investing in, but you can also get away with the cheaper chainsaw brands.

Would You Consider the Stihl Chainsaws the Best?

If you ask some professional users of chainsaws, they will say that the best chainsaws they’ve used are Husqvarna and Stihl’s chainsaws. So, the answer to the above question is, “Yes, the Stihl chainsaws belong to two of the best brands of chainsaws.” 

What Chainsaws Provide the Most Power?

The Stihl MS 880 Magnum is undoubtedly the most powerful in the market today. Moreover, it got 121.6 CC displacement rating. It also exhibits 8.6 HP. Another powerful chainsaw is the Husqvarna 3120 XP, with a displacement rating of 118.8 CC and Horsepower of 8.31.


When choosing a chainsaw, you should consider the scope of the task you intend to perform. Besides, you should select which power source you want to power your chainsaw. You should also choose a chainsaw depending on your mobility, ease of starting, weight, and price. 

It will also help if you choose chainsaws from trusted brands like Husqvarna and Stihl, for these two brands are known for their quality chainsaws. Yet, their chainsaws are a bit expensive. But their chainsaws, of course, are worth investing in. 

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