What is a Compound Miter Cut?

Making miter compound cut on wood board.

As a tyro woodworker, you will come to a point wherein you would need to make a compound miter cut for your projects. If it is your first time making such a cut, you might get confused about how to do it. Thus, it will help to understand what a compound miter cut is so … Read more

What Is A Bevel Cut?

Making bevel cut on wood with miter saw.

As you kickstart your woodworking career, you will soon get acquainted with the different woodworking cuts like the rip cut, cross-cut, miter cut, and bevel cut. Of course, you might be familiar with most of these types of cuts, but with the bevel cuts, you might get confused, as many other beginners would often do. … Read more

How to Cut MDF Board by Hand

You may be taken aback upon hearing this question, “How to cut MDF board by hand?” After all, we are already in the 21st Century, and contemporary woodworkers are no longer inclined to cut MDF board using an ordinary handsaw. Yet, if you happen to visit a third-world country, you will still see many woodworkers cutting … Read more

How to Cut Plexiglass With a Circular Saw

cut plexiglass sheet using circular saw.

One of the most versatile materials ever made by humans is the plexiglass. The plexiglass comes in various colors, though it is transparent. First produced in 1928, the plexiglass was primarily used in submarine periscopes, airplane windscreens, and gun turrets during the Second World War. Nowadays, however, plexiglass is used almost everywhere.  As a professional … Read more

How To Cut A Perfect Circle In Wood

Different ways of cutting circle on wood board.

If making a straight cut in wood is already tricky for newbie woodworkers, cutting circles would be doubly challenging for them. Luckily, you won’t often cut circles in most of your wood projects. But when a project requires cutting circular figures, you won’t be needing elaborate calculations and math. As long as you have knowledge … Read more