How to Cut Angles on a Table Saw

Sawing and cutting 45 degree angle with table saw.

As the heart of most workshops, the table saw is the go-to equipment for most cutting tasks. You can use it all day long to rip long pieces of wood without a hitch. Besides, you can use it to cut angles. It may not be your best option when cutting angles, but you can produce … Read more

How to Cut MDF Board by Hand

You may be taken aback upon hearing this question, “How to cut MDF board by hand?” After all, we are already in the 21st Century, and contemporary woodworkers are no longer inclined to cut MDF board using an ordinary handsaw. Yet, if you happen to visit a third-world country, you will still see many woodworkers cutting … Read more

How to Cut Plexiglass With a Circular Saw

cut plexiglass sheet using circular saw.

One of the most versatile materials ever made by humans is the plexiglass. The plexiglass comes in various colors, though it is transparent. First produced in 1928, the plexiglass was primarily used in submarine periscopes, airplane windscreens, and gun turrets during the Second World War. Nowadays, however, plexiglass is used almost everywhere.  As a professional … Read more

Best Radial Arm Saw Blades

Carpenter using the suitable blade for the radial arm saw in workshop.

Are you spending time trying to figure out why your present radial arm saw blade seems to be pulling itself through your cut? Well, it may be because you’ve failed to outfit your radial saw with the appropriate blade. It will be good to note that radial arm saws necessitate a different type of blade … Read more

How To Cut A Perfect Circle In Wood

Different ways of cutting circle on wood board.

If making a straight cut in wood is already tricky for newbie woodworkers, cutting circles would be doubly challenging for them. Luckily, you won’t often cut circles in most of your wood projects. But when a project requires cutting circular figures, you won’t be needing elaborate calculations and math. As long as you have knowledge … Read more

How To Use A Circular Saw Without A Table

Cutting 2"x4" wood with circular saw on the floor.

You have already seen many woodworkers with their circular saw set up on a table, and you might have undoubtedly concluded that you can only use the circular saw on a table. Yet, there are instances when you would need to perform cuts without the table. And in those instances, you should know precisely how … Read more

Best Saw for Cutting 2×4

Use circular saw to cut 2x4 wood.

You want to jumpstart your career as a DIY carpenter, and now you need to know the best saws to cut 2×4 lumbers. Of course, it is reasonable to believe that you can cut everything if you can cut a 2×4 properly. But before you can engage in cutting, you need a saw that is … Read more