Top 4 Alternatives To Birdsmouth Cut

Different methods of roof joints.

When it comes to joinery, birdsmouth cuts are generally one-of-a-kind. Hollow spars come naturally to this joinery method! It can hold anything from eight, twelve, to even sixteen pieces.  If you’re familiar with birdsmouth cuts, you know that they’re great for roofing and rafters. However, they should be used sparingly for the latter. Large timber … Read more

What is Lap Joint?

Cutting and and making a lap joint.

As a woodworker, learning different joinery methods is a must. Before the advent of technology, woodworkers made sure every wood project was held together securely. One useful joinery method is the lap joint!  If you’re not familiar with the lap joint, you may also know it by another name: the overlap joint. You can use … Read more

What is Birdsmouth Joint?

Raffle birdsmouth joint on the roof.

You may have heard of the birdsmouth joint as the bird’s beak cut as well. While the name is interesting, many beginner woodworkers have a hard time pinpointing what exactly a birdsmouth joint is. What does it even do?  A birdsmouth joint interlock with roof rafters to supporting walls. It’s a type of woodworking joint … Read more

What is Dado Cut?

Sample of a clean dado cut on wood board.

A friend of mine asked me last month about how to make dado cuts, so I promised him I would show him how to do it in my workshop. Tagging him along to my workshop, I introduced him to the world of dado making using different tools. He surely benefited from my tutorials, and I … Read more