How To Drill Pocket Holes In Wood

Methods of making pocket holes on wood with and without jig.

Pocket hole joinery makes the fusion of two workpieces possible. However, for pocket hole joinery to happen, you need to drill the holes first! Most people find this step confusing.  If you’re one of them, worry no more. This article guides you on how to drill pocket holes in wood. Read on for an in-depth … Read more

How To Use A Dowel Jig

Steps on how to use the dowel jig correctly.

Woodworkers have various ways of connecting blocks of wood together, and one such method is via the use of the doweling jig and dowels. As a tool, the doweling jig allows you to make holes to attach the dowels and two stocks. Moreover, the holes created by the doweling jig come with great accuracy and … Read more

How To Join Two Boards Lengthwise

Joining long wood boards side by side.

As a woodworker, you will encounter projects that would require you to join lengthwise two board pieces. If you’re just a beginner, you may end up scratching your head, figuring out how you would accomplish such a task. Of course, joining two boards lengthwise require more than gluing them together. You’ll likewise need to ensure … Read more

Types of Woodworking Joints

Wood joinery is a wood joining technique that woodworker applied to install and join pieces of wood or lumber together. It is an essential part of the woodworking process in order to make great woodwork. There are different types of wood joinery out there. The type of wood joint to use depends on the woodworking … Read more

How To Join Wood Planks For Table Top

Arrange, glueing and clamping the wood planks for making tabletop.

For a beginning woodworker or even a tenured woodworker, making a tabletop is one of the simplest yet exciting projects you will embark on.  Joining at least two wood boards to form a tabletop is the first and main challenge in forming an everyday indispensable home item–the table. Every project exercises your problem-solving skills.  Among … Read more

What Is A Wood Dowel?

Installing cabinet frame with dowel pins.

A Wood dowel is a thin wooden rod that is fashioned cylindrically to join pieces of wood together. Much like the biscuit joint, this makes use of slots, though it is much handier without the use or purchase of a specialized tool like the biscuit joiner but only with a drill. Wood dowels are usually … Read more

What Is A Biscuit Joint?

Woodwork is installing and glueing a biscuit joint.

A Biscuit Joint is made up of pieces or flakes of wood that are compressed into an oval-shaped chip that is processed through a Biscuit Cutter. These are inserted in grooves made by a Biscuit Joiner to connect or join two pieces of wood by the edges or sides. A biscuit joint is usually made … Read more