Best Circular Saw Blades for Hardwood

Makita circular saw blade to cut and rip the thick hardwood.

Aside from selecting a circular saw blade based on factors like the number of teeth, positive-negative zero saw blades, tip style, and many other factors, you also need to select a saw blade according to the material type you will cut. The materials you will cut might be non-ferrous metals, plastic, composite materials, softwood, or … Read more

Best Left-handed Circular Saws

Different brands and styles of circular saws for left-handed woodworkers.

Not long ago, a very close friend of mine asked me about which circular saw for left-handed users he would buy to jumpstart his woodworking career. Well, I told him that most manufacturers of circular saws also roll out left-handed circular saws. So, I assured him that he would indeed have a lot of circular … Read more

Best Straight Edge Guides for Circular Saw

Using straight edge clamp guide to make long cut on board.

One necessary skill you need to develop when using a circular saw is the ability to make straight cuts on long sheets of wood and board. Of course, achieving perfectly straight cuts for narrow materials is easy. But when cutting wide boards, you may find it challenging to maintain the straightness of your cuts, especially … Read more

Best Circular Saws

The most useful and quality circular saw for woodworking reviewed.

Many homeowners are focusing more on enhancing their home improvement skills. Surveys cannot deny this fact. Moreover, statistics show that three out of four Americans have already engaged in DIY woodworking to hone their woodworking skills. As an experienced woodworker, however, I have received many inquiries about woodworking stuff, and one question I get asked … Read more

Best Circular Saw Track Systems

Circular saw track rail guides.

In 1923, almost a century ago, the electric circular saw was first introduced into the market. Yet, before its introduction, many woodworkers relied heavily on pit saws and other traditional manual saws when making long rip cuts on boards. Gone were those days, however, for, nowadays, electric circular saws have already superseded the traditional ones. … Read more

When and Who Invented the Circular Saw?

Old circular saw on the table.

Once you try to jumpstart your woodworking career, you will quickly discover a kaleidoscope of woodworking tools and equipment that can indeed impress you. But one piece of equipment that you can’t do without as a woodworker is the circular saw. The circular saw had a lengthy history of evolution dating back to the 18th … Read more