How to Mount a Woodworking Vise

Methods of mounting different types of woodworking vise.

Are you spending time trying to figure out how to install woodworking vise to your workbench? If you do, you’re not alone, for when I was just kickstarting my woodworking career, one of the things that challenged me most was the installation process of my woodworking vises. Since the muscle of your workbench depends on … Read more

Best Wood Vises for Workbench 2023

Woodworking workbench vise

When asked about the most essential woodworking equipment, many would say that the table saw or the bandsaw is their most important tool. Yet, woodworking isn’t about having only a single most important tool. It is all about having an arsenal of woodworking tools. These tools should work together to let you achieve your woodworking … Read more

10 Types of Woodworking Vises

Different types of woodworking vises in the workshop.

Imagine yourself cutting or drilling laboriously on a wood piece that keeps on moving and wobbling. You will indeed find it hard to cut straight or drill onto that wood piece with precision. Such a scenario is not ideal when working on a particular wood. But this could happen if you do not have woodworking … Read more