How To Cut A Circle In Wood With A Jigsaw

Tutorials on how to use jigsaw to cut circle on wood board.

The jigsaw is one of the woodworking tools you would want to have in your workshop. Jigsaw is a nimble cutting tool that specializes in making complex and precise cuts and curves. It has an array of matching blades that come in many styles and sizes. Choosing a jigsaw’s blade will vary on the project … Read more

Best Low Noise & Quietest Jigsaws

Home DIYer working on small woodworking project at night.

A jigsaw is a standard tool utilized by many woodworkers in cutting curved lines. It is also used in creating these lines on metals and plastics. It is a better tool to use instead of a traditional saw, which has many limitations surrounding its use in cutting curved shapes. They have a lightweight and can … Read more

Jigsaw Tool Uses

Unlike other conventional saws such as the traditional ones seeing with many carpenters and woodworkers, the jigsaw has the advantage of being able to cut through many types of materials. This power tool is employed in the cutting of shapes (a popular one is the jigsaw puzzles amongst others), and also in a straight line … Read more