10 Easy Jigsaw Projects for Beginners

making wood craft and woodworking products with jigsaw.

The jigsaw can cut faster than the hacksaw and the handsaw. As such, it is a favorite by many experienced woodworkers and hobbyists. They love it because of the many benefits, concomitant with its use. One such benefit is safe usage. It is safer to use than other power tools. It is also very efficient … Read more

Best Jigsaws and Blades for Coping 2022

Use jigsaw for coping the molding crown board.

As a beginner in woodworking, you might have seen some woodworkers do a finishing cut on dovetail joints or make matching baseboards using the jigsaw for coping. And you might have realized quickly how important the jigsaw is to woodworking upon seeing those woodworkers. The jigsaw is a tool for cutting intricate designs, curves, and … Read more

Best Jigsaw Blade for Plexiglass 2022

Cutting Plexiglass sheet with jigsaw blade.

The jigsaw is a convenient tool to use when you’re engaged in wall framing, flooring, and many other tasks. It can cut with ease through various materials like plywood, metal, and lumber. Moreover, it is designed to cut curves, circles, and other non-standard cutting patterns, which a circular saw and other power saws can’t do. … Read more

Best Jigsaw Blades for Plywood 2022

Jigsaw blade for cutting plywood

If you’re a beginner in woodworking and you’re looking for a power saw that could easily cut circles, inside openings, curves, and other cuts, other than long straight cuts, you should consider the jigsaw. The jigsaw indeed excels in cutting curves and circles through extensive plywood sheets with ease. Yet, if you want to maximize … Read more

Can a Jigsaw Cut Metal?

using Dewalt jigsaw to cut metal sheet.

The jigsaw is the go-to tool when it comes to cutting varied shapes in different materials. You can utilize it for cutting curves, holes, stencils, and even bevels on wood and plastic. But can it also cut metal? Of course, it can! Yet, you need to choose a powerful and heavy-duty professional jigsaw to perform … Read more

Jigsaw Blade Types

Jigsaw in woodworking.

Aside from choosing the best jigsaw brand and model for your woodworking activities, your proper blade selection will also factor well and make a big difference in your jigsaw’s cut quality and performance. For this reason, you should carefully select your jigsaw blades and make sure that you use the right jigsaw blade when cutting … Read more

Best Jigsaws for Cutting Curves 2022

Using Jigsaw to cut difficult curve live on wood.

It is hard to imagine an expert woodworker cutting curves and circles using a circular saw. This is because any reasonable woodworker will not use the circular saw to cut curves and circles. Instead, an experienced woodworker will use a jigsaw when cutting circles and curves. The jigsaw, of course, is the appropriate tool for … Read more