Best Jigsaw Blades for Plywood 2023

October 4, 2023

Jigsaw blade for cutting plywood

If you’re a beginner in woodworking and you’re looking for a power saw that could easily cut circles, inside openings, curves, and other cuts, other than long straight cuts, you should consider the jigsaw. The jigsaw indeed excels in cutting curves and circles through extensive plywood sheets with ease. Yet, if you want to maximize its use when cutting plywood, you should equip it with a jigsaw blade appropriate for cutting plywood. 

Jigsaw blades come in different varieties and make, and their usage depends more on the material type you will cut. Therefore, if you intend to cut plywood, you should carefully select a jigsaw blade designed for cutting plywood sheets. 

Choosing the wrong blade will not only leave you with jagged cuts, characterized by the splintering of the plywood edges. Besides, you risk damage to your jigsaw if you use an inappropriate jigsaw blade. Hence, it will be best to know which jigsaw blades are the right ones for cutting plywood sheets at the onset.

What Types of Jigsaw Blade Perfect for Cutting Plywood?

As mentioned above, there are many jigsaw blades in the market today, and finding the best one for cutting plywood may prove to be a bit confusing if you are a newbie in woodworking. Thus, it will be best to know the following essential factors to consider when choosing a jigsaw blade for cutting plywood:

Designs of T-shank

The jigsaw blades come in different designs. You will find, for example, jigsaw blades with T-shank design and U-shank design. The T-shank jigsaw blade comes with a more stable movement with higher tooth counts. It exhibits less wobble when compared to the U-shank jigsaw blade. For this reason, it is a more excellent option compared to the U-shank jigsaw blade.

Blade Material

As you choose jigsaw blades for cutting plywood, you will discover that jigsaw blades come in different materials. Some are made of tungsten, carbon steel, carbide steel, and even bi-metal blends. The high-carbon steel, of course, is of superior make. As such, it is best for cutting plywood. In fact, cheaper carbon steel blades would surely do well compared to tungsten carbide. They would also do better when maneuvering through curved cuts.

The Tooth Count and Design

One factor that may affect the quality of your cut using the jigsaw is the TPI rating of the jigsaw blade. TPI means Teeth per Inch. If you want a cleaner cut, you will need a jigsaw blade with more teeth, with 20 TPI or more. 

The tooth design will also matter when cutting using a jigsaw. Ground teeth are better when cutting plywood, and the results will necessitate less sanding and cleanup. 

When cutting plywood using a jigsaw, you want to end up with less splintering. Yet, if you choose the wrong blade, you may end up with lots of splinters. So, you need to carefully consider the tooth count and teeth design when choosing a jigsaw blade for cutting plywood.

Blades for Cutting Curve Patterns

It will also help to consider the cutting patterns you would like to achieve with your jigsaw. A jigsaw blade with 10 to 12 TPI will do the trick if you deal with gradual and more extensive curves. On the other hand, if you cut tighter curves, it will be best to use jigsaw blades with 20 TPI.

Best Jigsaw Blades That Suitable for Cutting Metal

Now that you are familiar with the important factors to consider when choosing a jigsaw blade for plywood, you can quickly narrow down your list to a few options. Nevertheless, you can quickly zero in on the ideal jigsaw blade for plywood if you know the following most recommended jigsaw blades for plywood:

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1) BOSCH T101AO3

If you want a tested and reliable jigsaw blade for cutting plywood, you can check out the BOSCH T101AO3. The BOSCH T101AO3 features pointed teeth for reduced splintering on the workpiece’s sides. You can use it for plywood, double-sided laminates, softwood, laminate substrates, MDF, and even hardwood. 

Moreover, it features 20TPI and a narrow body for easy cleaning and wiggling along tight curves and circles. It may be expensive, but you will get three quality jigsaw blades once you buy this kit. 

The BOSCH T101AO3 is of high-carbon make and comes with a narrow design for a splinter-free cut. You can use it to cut curves and circles through multi-layered materials, and it is perfect for cutting plywood. This blade, of course, has been designed for scroll cutting. It can pierce through plywood with ease and moves steadily. It also lets you make sharp angled cuts.

Moreover, you can engage in wavelike cuts smoothly. Its teeth are pointed and sharp, allowing for swift blade motions. Besides, it doesn’t leave thick sawdust behind. So, this jigsaw blade is tailor-made for cutting plywood. 


  • It has a solid body and sharp teeth that let you cut smoothly along plywood. 
  • It leaves a fine cut on plywood. 
  • It’s perfect for cutting multi-layered materials. 


  • The blades are fairly thin and curved underneath the shank, which may be an issue when used with some jigsaw models.  

2) DEWALT (DW3742C)

Another excellent option if you’re looking for a jigsaw blade for cutting plywood is the DEWALT (DW3742C). This jigsaw blade is one of the bestsellers on most online sites, and it is bestselling for several reasons. You can rely on this jigsaw blade for cutting various materials, but most especially for cutting plywood. 

The DEWALT (DW3742C) features 14 jigsaw blades, and you got five options of blade TPI when you buy this jigsaw blade kit. You’ll get six, ten, and twelve models for four-inch long jigsaw blades and eighteen and thirty-two for three inches long. 

The DEWALT (DW3742C) performs well when cutting metal and wood. You can use the jigsaw blades with big teeth for fine finishing. You can also use the jigsaw blades with small teeth for fast cutting. 

You will get seven jigsaw blade types in this set, allowing you to choose the right one for your work and materials. It also comes with an excellent case for better organizing your jigsaw blades.


  • This jigsaw blade kit is perfect for various cutting applications.
  • It works well with wood and metal. 
  • It’s reliable and durable and offers a quality finish. 
  • It’s fast cutting. 


  • It occasionally bends.

3) Bosch Thermotechnology T30W

The Bosch Thermotechnology T30W is another excellent option for cutting plywood using a jigsaw. These blades can make straight and curved cuts through different wood types. These jigsaw blades don’t dull as fast as other jigsaw blades. They also don’t get hot quickly and are perfect for cutting various materials. 

In this kit, you will get around ten jigsaw blades of four inches in length and 10 TPI. You will also get at least ten (T101D Clean) jigsaw blades for wood 4-inch long with 6 TPI. Moreover, you will get ten T144D blades for speed cutting. 

These T144D blades also come in four-inch length with 6 TPI. All in all, you will get around 30 jigsaw blades in this kit. You will also get a plastic storage tube for storing and organizing your jigsaw blades. 


  • It’s an excellent option and performs well when cutting plywood. 
  • The blades are robust and sharp.
  • It comes with an excellent storage tube. 
  • It can cut smoothly and cleanly.


  • You’ll get many blades out of this kit which may prove to be a bit confusing for a newbie.

4) BLACK+DECKER 75-626

If you’re looking for an excellent jigsaw blade for cutting plywood, you can check out the BLACK+DECKER 75-626. This kit comes with five blades, each with six TPI for making tough and rough cuts through softwood and hardwood. You will also get four jigsaw blades with 10 TPI for making a smoother finish. 

Moreover, the BLACK+DECKER 75-626 comes with five scrolling jigsaw blades of ten TPI. If you intend to cut thin or medium-thick metal, you can use the jigsaw blades with 18 TPI and 24 TPI. 

With all these jigsaw blades in a single kit, you can indeed find the ideal blade for the material and cutting type you would like to make. This kit set is perfect if a non-contractor wants to cut up to 3/4″ thick pine boards. 


  • It’s compatible with most types of jigsaws. 
  • It’s durable and reliable. 


  • These jigsaw blades are suitable for cutting plywood, though the installation process may take time.


The CRAFTSMAN CMAJ1SET13 is an interesting option for cutting plywood. It features thirteen pieces of jigsaw blades. You will get five (10TPI) jigsaw blades, two (12TPI), two (6TPI), two (14TPI), and two (24TPI) blades. This set of jigsaw blades is appealing because it comes with two down-cut blades and blades with varying TPIs. With this set of jigsaw blades, you can deal with various materials and sizes of materials.

This Kit also includes jigsaw blades for cutting metal, though you may have less use of these additional jigsaw blades if you only engage in cutting plywood and other types of wood.


  • It offers six types of jigsaw blades. 
  • These jigsaw blades come with sharp teeth. 
  • They are easy to install and exhibit less wobble. 
  • The kit also comes with metal blades. 


  • These jigsaw blades wear down quicker than other jigsaw blade models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from knowing the critical factors to consider and the most recommended jigsaw blades by the experts, it will also help if you would know the following frequently asked questions about cutting plywood using a jigsaw:

Which Jigsaw Blade Size Should I Use for Cutting 3/4″ Thick Plywood?

Well, you can use any jigsaw blades whose length is between the range of 3.7″ and 4.3″. But it will indeed help if you never forget that the TPI of the jigsaw blade would also matter. Moreover, you should consider the orbital speed’s adjustability of the jigsaw. 

The jigsaw blade length will be critical in providing you enough clearance when cutting. Yet, the cut’s quality would depend more on other factors.

What is the Best TPI for Cutting Plywood?

The range of jigsaw blade teeth is from six to twenty TPI. Yet, there are also lower TPIs that you can use with the jigsaw. Your choice, however, of a jigsaw blade depends more on how clean you wish the edges and the speed you would like to have when cutting. 

If your jigsaw blade has fewer teeth, you can, of course, cut quickly and speedily. So, it will be best to go for a lower TPI rating if you want more speed. But if you wish to make more delicate cuts, you should go for jigsaw blades with higher TPI.

How to Avoid Splinters When Cutting Plywood Using Jigsaw?

If you want to avoid splintering, you should choose the right blade for cutting plywood. Moreover, your jigsaw blade should be clean and new. Furthermore, the cutting rate should not be too fast, and you should not apply much pressure on the jigsaw. 

After marking the cut line, you should put masking tape at the bottom and top of the workpiece. It will be best to use transparent tape to see your marking on the workpiece. Then, cut the line using average speed. The masking tape will keep the veneers from splintering along the cut line.


As you become a more experienced woodworker, you will soon understand that cutting materials using the jigsaw requires the appropriate blade. Moreover, you become an expert in choosing the right jigsaw blade as you gain more experience using the jigsaw. Yet, you don’t need to go by way of trial and error as a newbie when selecting a jigsaw blade for cutting plywood or metal. 

You only need to read and understand this post to be cognizant of the essential factors to consider and the most recommended jigsaw blades for cutting plywood. In this way, you will be more deliberate in choosing a jigsaw blade without leaving anything to chance or guesswork. 

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