Best Low Noise & Quietest Jigsaws

November 19, 2022

It's better to use lower noise power tool jigsaw for your home diy woodworking projects in apartment or night time.

Using a lower noise jigsaw on your woodworking projects comes in handy when you have to work on your projects in apartments or the area surrounded by residential households.

In fact, the jigsaw is one of the quietest and low noise power tools you can ever obtain compared to other tools such as circular saw and miter saw.
However, the noise level may vary depending on the jigsaw model.

Jigsaw are is one of the powers tools that can be easily maneuvered and utilized to the highest capability by beginners and DIYers. They come in different speeds, which can be adjusted for softwoods, hardwoods, and other materials to reduce burning effects. Another parameter that must be checked before getting a jigsaw is their production of noise. This depends on several factors, and in this article, we will discuss some jigsaws with a low level of noise.

This article shortlisted top 4 models of low noise jigsaw based on our research.

Most Recommended Low Noise & Quietest Jigsaws

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1) MAKITA XVJ03Z Jigsaw

Noise Level: 84 dB(A)

Battery Information: 18V, 5Ah, 30mins charging time.

Motor Information: 1-inch stroke length, 2600 strokes per minute.

Other features: Plastic blade guide, T-shank blade.

This jigsaw is a unique one, and it is an ideal product to get for professionals looking for an affordable tool that can complement their ability. It is a cordless jigsaw, which means that it is powered by a lithium-ion battery. This makes it more portable and smooth transfer from one part of the workbench to another. The battery is capable of powering the speed motor that can provide a stroke of 2600 per minute. Charging the battery takes about 20 to 30 minutes with the rapid optimum charger. Therefore you do not need to charge it every time. After charging, it can deliver up to 45 minutes to 1 hour of runtime.

The jigsaw as a whole weigh 5 pounds further, making it more portable, it also has a trigger that is used to change the speed to what is desired. The Makita jigsaw has a keyless blade change system with 3 orbital settings and LED lights. The use of this tool is very versatile as it can be employed as a standard saw in cutting straight patterns.  The Makita XVJ032 jigsaw is very remarkable for small projects due to its features and less vibration and noise. 


  • Light weight despite with battery attached.
  • Compact and Ergonomic Design for better handling to avoid operating fatigue.
  • Low vibration.
  • Straight cutting and 3 orbital settings which you can use it for many different cutting styles.


  • Average quality acrylic plastic blade removal guard.
  • Cutting speed is quite slow on thick board.

2) BOSCH Jigsaw (JS470E) – 120V Low-Vibration

Motor Information: 1-inch stroke length, 3100 strokes per minute.

Other features: Blower, T-shank blade, 4 action orbital settings.

This jigsaw by Bosch is affordable and provides one of the best experiences out there when utilized. It comes with several features that set it aside from many of its classes. It is a corded jigsaw, which means it must be connected to a power outlet when used. The control features include a trigger that can be used to alter the speed of the blade. It also favors an ambidextrous approach, which ensures that the owner is steadier and more comfortable when using it. 

The jigsaw also delivered better grip with the T-shank blades and coupled with the low vibration and plunging system; the tool is more accurate when utilized in various operations. However, unlike other jigsaws, it does not have an LED light included. 

The Bosch jigsaw has a keyless blade change system with 4 in 1:4 orbital settings and can deliver up to 3100 strokes per minute, which can be used tuned for different purposes. There is also not a need to touch the hot blade after using the ejection system, which allows the removal of the blade without contact.


  • Powerful than MAKITA XVJ03Z.
  • 4 orbital action tool settings.
  • Lower vibration design for better accuracy and quiet operation.


  • More expensive than other models.

3) MAKITA J0600K Jigsaw

Noise Level: 85 dB(A)

Motor Information: 6.5 amps motor, 1-inch stroke length, 3000 strokes per minute, 3 orbital settings.

Other features: Dust blower, Tool-less blade system.

The Makita J0600K jigsaw was built for a high level of performance and is mostly utilized in tough jobs that need high accuracy while providing low noise and vibration. With the balance system, there is less damage to the material you are working on. Towards improving the precision associated with it, there is a dust blower that removes any dust and content from the cutting line. There is also an outlet that can be connected to a vacuum, which increases the removal of debris and dirt.

The motor has 3 orbital settings and a power rating 6.5 amp and can deliver 3000 strokes per minute, which can be tuned by a trigger from 500 to 3100 strokes per minute depending on the materials you are trying to cut. The blade can be removed and installed easily with the blade tool-less change system. The Makita J0600K has a handle that makes it easy to carry from one part of the workbench to the other.


  • Standard 3 orbital and straight cutting settings.
  • Best dust management system which allows you to connect vacuum to its duct blower port.
  • Affordable.


  • Sometimes, the blade can easily come off from the guide track.


Motor Information: 4.5 Amp, 1-inch stroke length, 3000 strokes per minute.

Other features: U-shank Blade, T-shank blade, dust blower, Tool-less blade system

By far, this is the most light-weight and compact-sized jigsaw among the entry-level jigsaw category. But, we found that the noise level is a bit louder than other jigsaw models. However, if the size and price are the major concerns, then this Black+Decker is the perfect jigsaw for you.

The Black+Decker is the right jigsaw to get if looking for accuracy and comfort while handling tough projects. The motor is capable of delivering 3000 strokes per minute and a stroke length of 0.75 inches, making it the right tool to go for in operations that requires cutting any type of material. The machine is also recommended because of the wire guard channel is improved and makes it more accurate when cutting these materials.

The jigsaw has a lightweight, which makes it easy to transfer from one part of the workbench to the other, coupled with a handle located at the top that is utilized depending on the user experience and ability for maneuvering and less vibration. There is a clamp that is used for removing the blade, a dust blower eliminates the dust from your line of sights when cutting and a base tilt that allows cutting to a broader degree. The jigsaw is used in making both curved and straight curves.



  • Low end jigsaw.
  • Only suitable for woodcraft or small projects. Don’t expect to use it on the big projects.

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