Best Jigsaws for Cutting Curves 2023

January 4, 2023

Using Jigsaw to cut difficult curve live on wood.

It is hard to imagine an expert woodworker cutting curves and circles using a circular saw. This is because any reasonable woodworker will not use the circular saw to cut curves and circles. Instead, an experienced woodworker will use a jigsaw when cutting circles and curves. The jigsaw, of course, is the appropriate tool for cutting irregular patterns on any materials, whether these materials are plywood, metal sheet, plexiglass, MDF, or laminate.

Of course, cutting circles and curves on any material isn’t easy. It requires skill and mastery. Moreover, it involves the use of specialized tools like the jigsaws. But there are many jigsaw brands and models in the market and choosing becomes confusing if you are a beginner in woodworking. 

Of course, the best jigsaws should feature variable speeds and bevel adjustment to allow them to cut curves and corners effectively. Besides, the best jigsaws should be equipped with the best jigsaw blades to ensure that you can create clean and quality cuts using them.

What Factors Make the Jigsaw Excellent for Cutting Curves?

When choosing the ideal jigsaw for your cutting endeavors, you need to be mindful of the necessary features that the best jigsaw should have. Most jigsaws, of course, can cut curves and circles, but the quality of their cuts may vary. Hence, you need to zero in on the best jigsaw if you want to raise your woodworking skills a notch higher when it comes to cutting curves. 

The ideal jigsaw should have a higher SPM or Strokes Per Minute. Moreover, it should have variable speeds to allow you to vary the jigsaw speed according to the kind of cuts you would like to make and the material you are cutting. With the variable speed option, you will have greater control when cutting curves. 

Orbital action isn’t required for cutting curves. Besides, you will not make use of it if you are desirous of producing accurate, clean curves. 

Nevertheless, you will need an excellent set of scrolling blades when cutting curves. Experienced woodworkers prefer to use the scrolling blades when cutting curves because they feature a slim profile and are more flexible. These features of the scrolling blades make them ideal for use when cutting curves, allowing the user to stick to the cut lines. 

With the scrolling blade, you can wiggle the jigsaw blade easily along the curved cut lines, and these blades allow for easy change of direction. These scrolling blades are also not prone to snapping because they are more flexible.

The Most Recommended Jigsaws for Cutting Curves

Aside from knowing what makes a jigsaw great for cutting curves, it will also help if you are cognizant of the most recommended jigsaws for cutting curves by the experts. In this way, you can quickly narrow down your options to the best options:

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1) Bosch JS470e

If you’re looking for the ideal jigsaw for cutting curves, you should check out the Bosch JS470e. The Bosch JS470e is easy to use because it sports a user-friendly design. Thus, it is very convenient to use even if you are just a tyro in woodworking. It doesn’t require any tool to change its blade. You only need to utilize the ejection lever to insert a new jigsaw blade, sans touching the hot jigsaw blade. 

The best thing about the Bosch JS470e is that it offers different speeds. You can use its speed dial (variable) as well as its low vibration feature for more precise cuts. It also features a lock-on button (ambidextrous) for steadier and comfortable usage. 

The Bosch JS470e comes with a die-cast foot that features a steel insert. It also comes with an onboard bevel wrench. Moreover, it features a superior multidirectional clamp for the blade that provides an excellent grip on the jigsaw blade.


  • It’s convenient to use and user-friendly. 
  • It offers low vibrancy for optimum precision.
  • It’s excellent even for left-handed and right-handed users. 


  • It doesn’t come with a laser guiding feature.


Another excellent option if you’re looking for a jigsaw for cutting curves is the DEWALT DCS331B. It is an excellent option and is a cordless one. Since it is cordless, it offers minimalist usage and is relatively easy to operate. You can change its blade easily, and this blade change will not necessitate any key or tool. 

It also features four orbital actions, though you might not be using these actions when cutting curves. Besides, it comes with a blower for clearing sawdust. 

The DEWALT DCS331B, being cordless, is run by a battery. Nevertheless, you need to buy the battery and its charger separately. But this means that you can easily replace its battery and charger when the need arises. It uses an XR Lithium-ion battery. 

The DCS331B also features three LED fuel gauge system that indicates the status of the battery. It is a bit heavy, given its battery weight. This additional battery weight makes it a bit challenging to use when tackling extra tight spots. Yet, it works great, and its design is excellent.


  • It features a keyless blade replacement. 
  • It features four orbital actions.
  • It comes with a blower for clearing sawdust. 


  • It comes with a short warranty. 
  • It’s a bit heavy, given the additional weight of the battery.


BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C comes with some exciting features that you would appreciate. It comes with a powerful motor that offers variable speeds. Its motor can generate a maximum of 3,000 SPM for incredible cutting power. 

This jigsaw exhibits high performance, and it comes with a 3/4″ blade for enhanced precision. When dealing with curved cut lines, this jigsaw would indeed excel. It will provide you with maximum control over your rounded cuts. It also allows for 45-degree beveled cuts. 

The BDEJS600C also comes with an adjustable shoe along with a wire guard for better stability and a great line of sight. It also features a technology that allows for four curve settings. Moreover, you don’t need to use any tool or key when changing the blade because of its innovative design. 


  • It offers curve speed control. 
  • It comes with an excellent design. 
  • It provides smooth cuts. 
  • It’s user-friendly. 


  • Its blade locking mechanism will lose its springiness if you use U-shank blades on it.

4) WEN 33606

Another worth considering jigsaw for cutting curves is WEN 33606. The WEN 33606 is affordable compared to other options. Nevertheless, it exhibits a remarkable design. It also offers a four-position orbital setting, which, of course, may not be recommended for cutting curves. 

Another noteworthy feature of WEN 33606 is its powerful motor (6.6 amp) that can deliver variable speeds. It is also capable of 3,330 maximum SPM. It is perfect for the precision cutting of curves and circles. (6.6 amp) that can deliver variable speeds. It is also capable of 3,330 maximum SPM. It is perfect for the precision cutting of curves and circles. 

The WEN 33606 also comes with a laser guide feature as well as LED light for added safety and guidance while cutting. Besides, it comes with a dust blower (front-mounted). It also comes with a lock-on (trigger) switch as well as a beveling footplate. Moreover, it comes with a two-year warranty.


  • It features a powerful motor. 
  • It offers four orbital settings. 
  • It comes with added accuracy features like the laser guide feature and LED light. 


  • Its durability is questionable.

5) SKIL JS314901

Another excellent option if you’re looking for a great jigsaw is the SKIL JS314901. The SKIL JS314901 offers four orbital functions for different applications. It also comes with variable speed, utilizing a two-finger trigger. 

The SKIL JS314901 also comes with a shoe bevel that you can adjust without using any extra tools. Moreover, it is easy to change its blade sans using other tools. It also comes with a halo light that illuminates your line of sight. 

Of course, its most sterling feature is its incredible speed control. You can change its speed when cutting curves, allowing you to control the cutting rate with ease. Besides, it comes with a dust-blowing switch that provides you with a clear view of the cutline.


  • It offers variable speed control. 
  • It allows for a tool-free change of blade. 
  • It also comes with bright illumination.


  • Its accuracy is questionable. 
  • It’s not that powerful as compared to other jigsaws.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Jigsaw for Cutting Curves

Once you’ve learned the most recommended jigsaws for cutting curves, you can surely narrow down your options to the abovementioned recommended jigsaw models. Yet, it will also help if you are familiar with the necessary factors to consider when selecting jigsaw blades:

Battery-powered vs. Electric-powered

When choosing a jigsaw for cutting curves, you will come across battery-powered and electric-powered jigsaws. So, you must choose between these two options, and each option comes with its pros and cons. Battery-powered jigsaws, of course, have gone a long way from having sputtering and unreliable batteries to having powerful batteries that offer longer runtime. 

However, the electric-powered jigsaws come with incredible power and a continuous supply of power unless there is a power outage in your place. They come with more powerful motors that can ensure you of ongoing works throughout the day. 

But when it comes to flexibility and portability, the battery-powered jigsaws are undoubtedly handier and portable. You can bring them anywhere you would like to work even if there is no nearby power outlet. Moreover, you will not get hampered by cords, so there is no danger of you tripping over the jigsaw cord while you work. 

Yet, it will be best to choose a jigsaw with a powerful battery. It should come with a more powerful battery to allow for longer runtime, for you don’t want your work getting interrupted because your jigsaw battery had run out of power.

Variable Speed

When choosing a jigsaw for cutting curves, it will be best to opt for something with a variable speed feature. This feature makes the controlling of the jigsaw’s speed easy. When cutting curves, there will be instances when you need to vary the cutting speed of the blade. 

Moreover, you need to alter the jigsaw speed depending on the type of materials you will cut. Besides, with variable speed, you can ensure that your grip over the jigsaw and the control of the blade is at optimum level. 

Blade Change Mechanism

Changing the blade on some jigsaws is a considerable challenge. So, when choosing a jigsaw, you must go for something that offers a tool-free blade change. You will more often change blades depending on the cut type you want to achieve and the material you will cut. 

You will use a different blade for cutting metal and a different blade for cutting wood or plexiglass. Hence, if your works entail cutting one material after another, it will be best to choose a jigsaw that allows you to change the blade quickly. 

Dust Blower

When cutting, the jigsaw will produce billows of sawdust which can prove harmful to your health. As such, you need to contain the sawdust. So, when choosing a jigsaw, you should go for something that has a dust blower. 

The dust blower will take the dust off your workpiece, allowing you to see the cutline. Having a clearer and more visible cut line will allow you to safely maneuver and navigate the cut line without going off the mark. It also increases the work convenience. 

Moreover, your jigsaw should have a provision for connecting to your dust collection system. In this way, the sawdust produced by the cutting process will get collected quickly without causing damage to your health.

Laser Guide

Another excellent feature worth considering is the laser guide feature. Although this is not that essential, it can facilitate the cutting process, especially if you are making straight cuts. But if you make curves and circle cuts, I guess the laser guide feature will never be that handy. 

It will also help if your jigsaw has an LED light. In this way, your cutline will get a bit of illumination, especially if you are working in a dark place. 

Grip Factor

Another excellent feature to look for is the rubberized grip. Different jigsaws offer different grip materials. So, when choosing grip materials, go for something that provides a comfortable grip. In this way, you can work well for a long time using the jigsaw without developing sore hands and sans inconveniencing yourself. 

Moreover, you can work for long hours without paining your hands. Besides, your productivity gets enhanced if you feel comfortable while working. Additionally, if you go for something with a comfortable grip, you can grip the jigsaw securely, raising the level of safety of your work to another level.


When using power tools in woodworking, it will be best to use the best tools available in the market today. Yet, power tools can be costly. If money is not a significant issue for you, you should go for top-notch products. Go for a jigsaw known for excellent performance when cutting curves. Go for the best, for buying the best is always a good investment, especially if you want to make woodworking your career. 

Cutting curves using the jigsaw, of course, is a challenge. It requires skills and training. You will become better at the use of jigsaw when cutting curves as you get more experience. Yet, it is best to equip yourself with a suitable jigsaw for cutting curves and the right blades. In this way, you can start well while slowly raising your skill level in cutting curves a notch higher.

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