What Is A Skill Saw?

June 16, 2022

Circular saw product display.

Skill saw is a circular saw. Skil Inc invented circular saw initially and been very successful in the marketing campaign for this tool. And most people were straight away just called this type of saw the “Skill Saw“.

A name is something expected to be unique, not necessarily though, but it must be easily accepted by the majority of people. Why this is so is something that has been for years and the question What makes up a name? Has been going on for God knows when. What difference does it make if I am named Peter, Paul, or Pyro? Does it have something that it adds to you?

The same question can be tweaked and asked about saws. What makes a saw to be regarded as a circular saw and a skill saw. Both are generally discussed on many sites when talking about reviews. As a result, a lot of confusion is seen when people try to get an answer.

It’s All Started With A Brand

At the beginning of the 20th century, a portable circular saw was invented by SkillSaw power tools. It was a success and became popular among many people who work with woods. The product nowadays is referred to as the worm-drive saw, it can be easily transferred from a part of a workbench to the other with the increasing ease of operation and efficiency. However, back then, it was called the Skilsaw according to the name of the manufacturer.

It is common to copy designs of products to produce another. With this, many other saws were produced, also having the properties the Skilsaw/worm-drive saw has with little modification. This action, however, came at a disadvantage, which is, even though other companies were responsible for these new saws since the design was a bit of a rip-off, the name Skilsaw was constantly used.

From this time onward, circular saws place was cemented in the market, making it an important product in many vocations. The name “circular” comes from the design of the cutting component. However, because of the extensive use of this product manufactured by Skil saw Inc., they were accepted and called Skill saws.

Over time, as a result of growing sophistication and improvement in this power tool, people started affiliating with a type which they considered better. This led to an increase in the dropping of the name (Skill saws) and the taken up of the name circular saws. Therefore, it is okay to call a circular saw made by Skil saw a Skill saw; however, it will be offending if the name is applied when referring to another brand.

To be exact, a skill saw is a circular saw while a circular saw is a common name given to saws that uses a circular cutting component. Therefore, it can be said that a circular saw does not necessarily mean a Skill saw.

Branding Effect

When looking at it candidly, a Skil saw is simply a circular saw. However, during the time of production of this product (the Skil saw), it became the general term by which all the circular saws were called. This is possible because the product was the pioneer of its kind when manufactured. Therefore, its brand name, which is the Skil Saw after the company was accepted as the name of all circular saws. Though there is a reduction in the calling of circular saws Skil saws and vice versa, they still compete with other companies in making circular saws and other accessories.

This effect is common in many places of work. In a place of work, it is common for a carpenter to call out to an apprentice and request for a Skill saw, whereas this brand is is not present in the workplace, and the only one present is manufactured by Bosch. This does not occur only in these products. This can also be seen when many individuals refer to an adjustable spanner as the crescent wrench; this is as a result of the Crescent wrench being more accessible and contributing to a higher degree of use of this tool. This is aside from the fact that tools manufacture by Crescent (a brand) are sophisticated in design and are ideal for the majority of processes more than their counterparts. With this illustration, it can be said that there are similarities in what is termed a skill saw and a circular saw, what differs can be as a result of the utilization of the imagination of the manufacturers. However, it is another thing entirely if a carpenter is calling for a saw product made by Skil, e.g., the Skil reciprocating saw. This also can be averted by calling the product the Sawzall, which is its common name. All these shows that irrespective of the branding effect that it had in the past, a Skill saw/ Skil saw is nothing less of a Circular saw.

It is something when calling some products based on the brand name of the others, it can be considered unusual, and it is widespread among people.

Skip & Skilsaw History

It was founded in 1924 after designing and manufacturing a circular saw called the Skilsaw. It was widely accepted and used in many operations due to its portability, efficiency, and effectiveness. An upgrade known as model 77 was rolled out in 1937, and it became the standard that other companies follow and individuals use.

After the war in a way to help in rebuilding, the company shifted to the production of tools ideal for people enthusiastic about DIY. In 1952 the company was renamed to the SKIL corporation.

In 2014 the company was partially divided to serve two audiences, SKILSAW, to manufacture tools used for construction and SKIL to manufacture tools ideal for the DIY market.

SKIL & SKILSAW was acquired by Chervon, which made them control their business in Europe and North America.

Tools Manufactured By Skil

Currently, they are into making power tools ideal for DIY professionals. Examples of tools manufactured are the table saws, drills (cordless), jigsaws, grinders, amongst others. They are also involved in the manufacture of component that serves as addons for their own products such as batteries, blades for jigsaws and standard saws and other accessories.

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