Guide on Nailing Tongue and Groove Flooring

Are you spending time trying to figure out how to nail the tongue-and-groove flooring? Well, the same thing happened to me several years ago when I was trying to work out how to install the 3/4″ tongue-and-groove prefinished oak flooring. For this reason, I am putting together this simple guide on how to nail tongue-and-groove … Read more

Staples or Nails for Hardwood Flooring?

Deciding to use nails or staples to install hardwood floor.

Most of us love the natural beauty of hardwood floors. Yet, hardwood floors can be squeaky and creaky over time, which can be a bit annoying. Of course, there are reasons why they squeak and creak. One reason might be that the floorboards rub against each other or slide against nail shafts. This issue happens … Read more

How Long After Rain to Stain Deck?

Raining water on the deck.

After Rain, How Long Should You Wait Before Staining the Deck? Suppose you plan to stain your deck, but the rain kept drenching your newly installed deck. You might be asking then about when you can apply the stain to your deck. You might ask, likewise, about how long would you wait before applying stain … Read more

How to Make Wood Floors Look New Again

Newly polished and renewed hardwood flooring.

The wood floors of your home will indeed become worn and dull over time due to heavy foot traffic, friction, and other damages. As such, they would need refinishing to make them look presentable again. Yet, hiring a professional refinishing service would mean denting your savings.  The reason is that professional floor refinishers would charge … Read more

Refinishing 100 Year Old Wood Floors

Sanding and refinishing the old and damaged wood floor.

If ever you have hardwood floors that are a century old, you are fortunate, for those hardwood floors are usually made of old-growth wood, and old-growth wood is becoming rarer nowadays. However, refinishing such floors might be labor extensive, given that the floor surface might have already been pockmarked with holes and uneven surfaces brought … Read more