Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing Kits for 2023

January 4, 2023

Use hardwood floor care refinish product to make the floor shine again.

Do you know that hardwood floors can last a lifetime? Of course, it is indeed a fact that hardwood floors can last a lifetime. Yet it is also a fact that the beauty of your hardwood floors would not last a lifetime without a bit of effort on your part. Hence, you need to do the dirty little works of refinishing your hardwood floors when they are already looking dull to keep them looking good.

You might think, however, that refinishing hardwood floors is difficult. But it is easier than you think if you have the right tools and materials. Besides, if you maintain your hardwood floors and take good care of them regularly, you could skip the sanding process altogether when refinishing your hardwood floors.

Facts about Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors can last for a hundred years. It can take up to ten to twelve heavy sanding and refinishing jobs before it would cave in and become thin and unusable. The engineered wood flooring, however, can only bear up to two refinishing. 

As a DIYer, you will save more if you do the refinishing process instead of hiring a professional refinishing service. Of course, the professional floor service would charge you three to eight dollars per square foot, which would surely put a dent in your savings. 

Besides, the total costs of refinishing may increase depending on the refinishing method the service would employ. It will be more expensive if the refinishing process is less disruptive and dustless. 

You could engage in a DIY refinishing of your hardwood floors if you got the right refinishing kit. However, the main challenge you would encounter as a DIYer is handling the drum sander. The drum sander is such a beast that you need a helping hand to carry this equipment. 

You can rent this equipment from any tool rental store, and if you handle it properly, you can speed up the sanding process of your hardwood floors.

The Fastest Refinishing Method for Hardwood Floors

One method that is fast enough to be on your list of the fastest refinishing methods for hardwood floors is the use of revitalizers. Revitalizers are also the most suited for DIYers and are not costly. You can find various revitalizers in the market today, and each comes with instructions. You only need to apply them to newly cleaned wood floors to ensure that they bring in excellent results. 

You can buy an applicator wand or a squeegee and clean the hard floor using a microfiber rag. You can also use a mop to do away with stubborn dirt that you could not remove with the dry rag. 

Once done with the cleaning process, you can apply the revitalizer. The greatest challenge with the revitalizer application is evenly spreading a nice coat of revitalizers. 

Moreover, when using the revitalizers, you should ensure that the room is well ventilated. It will be best to keep the windows open when applying these solutions. Then, let the revitalizers dry for a day, depending on the chemical you bought and the weather.

The 5 Most Recommended Refinishing Kits for Hardwood Floors

If you ever want to refinish your hardwood floor, you need to equip yourself with the best refinishing kit. Below are the five most recommended hardwood refinishing kits by the experts:

1) Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care Kit

If you want a complete refinishing kit, you should check out Bona’s Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care Kit. This kit comes with a mop handle (four-piece). This four-piece handle also comes with a mop head. Besides, this kit comes with two cleaning pads (micro-fiber) for efficient cleaning. 

The microfiber pads carry an electrostatic feature that traps dirt and dust. Moreover, it comes with a cleaner spray, floor polish, and cleaner refill. Besides, you can wash the reusable pads.

2) Zep Industrial Hardwood and Laminate Floor Refinisher

If you are shopping around for a hardwood refinishing kit, you should check out the Zep Floor Refinisher. You can apply this clear refinishing coat with ease. With this finishing coat, you can restore your hardwood floor to its original splendor. This clear coat is a polyurethane coat that provides a protective layer to your hardwood floor. 

You can quickly use it and apply it with ease. It fills in the crevices and scratches, allowing you to restore the luster of your dull hardwood floor quickly. It is excellent for your kitchen floors, homes, and areas that register high foot traffic.   

3) Weiman Cleaner and Polish Restorer Combo (Hardwood Floor)

Another excellent option is the Weigman cleaner and Restorer Combo. You can use this quickly out of the box. Moreover, this formulation can get rid of dirt, grease, and grime. You can restore the appeal of your hardwood floors using this cleaner restorer combo. 

It is simple to apply and could extend the life of your hardwood floors. Moreover, it will help use this formulation on finished hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and engineered floors.

4) Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish

Another excellent floor restoration formulation is the Rejuvenate Wood Floor Restorer. You can use this formulation to restore the hardwood floor’s former sheen and fill in scratches. It bonds naturally to the previous finish to provide your hardwood floor with resistance to spills and stains. You only need to pour on this formulation and then use the mop to spread the formula, and you’ll get assured that your floors will get protected for years. 

It is perfect for commercial and residential floor restoration. It is also ideal for polishing projects. Besides, you can cover a maximum of 525 square feet with one bottle. This formulation dries after forty-five minutes.

5) Minwax 609504444

Another excellent option is the Minwax 609504444. This hardwood floor reviver requires no special preparation or sanding. It provides a durable and stronger coat and leaves a superior finish that doesn’t alter the floor’s color. Moreover, you can utilize a paintbrush to apply this formulation. 

The Minwax 609504444 doesn’t leave too many hard lines between the unfinished and finished areas. It also offers protection and beauty that could last for three to six months. Moreover, the drying time for this formulation is up to a day. Then, you can reposition your furniture on the floor. It’s also easy to use and apply.


The beauty of the hardwood floor is that it retains its excellent quality if adequately maintained. Although it can become dull and get damaged over time, it can regain its old beauty and sheen if refinished. For this reason, hardwoods are excellent flooring materials. Hardwood floors can last a lifetime likewise. It can even outlast the human lifetime. All you need to do is to maintain it regularly and refinish it when needed. 

You only need to get the best refinishing kit to get the refinishing job done. Your best refinishing kit options, of course, are the ones mentioned above. So, if you’re looking for a refinishing kit, you can always check out the abovementioned refinishing kits most recommended by the experts.

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