Best Circular Saw Blade Storage Cases & Racks 2023

June 17, 2023

Different types and designs of saw blade storage racks and cases for circular saw, table saw and miter saw.

If you’re a serious woodworker, you would surely want to have those extra or spare circular saw blades at hand because you want to ensure you would never run out of circular saw blades when you need one. Yet, storing circular saw blades might become a challenge, especially if you got a number of them. So, it will be best if you think of an ingenious way to store them.

You can design, for example, and make a perfect storage case for your saw blades. However, you can also buy one, for the market is awash with various types of circular saw blade storage cases. Yet, the sheer number of these storage cases might make the choosing process more challenging for you. 

Most Recommended Circular Saw Blade Storage Cases & Racks

Aside from knowing the essential factors to consider when buying a storage case, you can further facilitate the choosing process if you are familiar with the following most recommended circular saw blade storage cases in the market today:

1) BladeBuddy Storage Case

One excellent circular saw blade storage case is the BladeBuddy Storage Case. It features a remarkable design that most woodworkers would genuinely like. It is also an ideal gift for woodworkers and artisans. Besides, it can provide excellent protection to your circular blades when you’re not using them. 

The BladeBuddy Storage Case can hold various circular saw blades, though it can’t hold a 12-inch size saw blade. It consists of multiple drawers, and each drawer can accommodate up to four circular saw blades. 

It allows for easy access to saw blades. The drawers open in a horizontal way. Besides, it features a unique latching system that keeps the drawer closed, enabling easy storage and portability. 

The storage case is made of more robust materials, with a thickness of 2.4mm. It also features a reliable handle that could carry a maximum of 20 pounds. Lastly, it is an innovative and clever way to store and transport your saw blades.

2) Blade Runner Storage Case

The Blade Runner Storage Case is another good storage option. It features a threaded rod where you can mount the circular saw blades. You can also store your saw blades on the frame’s both sides. The mounting stud is perfect for storing ten-inch saw blades with a 5/8″ arbor. 

The wing nut comes with around .25″ thickness, allowing you to have about two inches of storage space. You can store up to five blades on both sides. 

However, this storage case has one limitation—it doesn’t have spacers between stacked blades. Hence, the saw blades will be rubbing with each other which might cause the blade to become dull.

3) SINCERITYLI Saw Blade Storage Rack

The SINCERITYLI Saw Blade Storage Rack is a wooden storage rack that lets you stack your circular saw blades safely and neatly. It can hold up to 12-inch saw blades with ease. This wooden storage rack is made of oak. Hence, it is durable. 

With this rack, you can easily access your circular saw blades and find the needed saw blade for the task at hand. It is also not difficult to assemble. 

It comes with three primary parts and eight screws. You can quickly assemble it. Besides, this storage rack is less expensive than the previous alternatives. 

4) Peachtree 2271

The Peachtree 2271 comes with a simple yet ingenious design. Its straightforward design allows for separate storage of circular saw blades, preventing them from rubbing with each other. With this case, you can store a maximum of eight saw blades with no issue at all. 

It can hold any size of saw blades up to twelve inches in diameter. With this rack, you can quickly access the saw blade you will use for your circular or table saw. Moreover, you can mount this on the wall. Besides, this rack is durable, being wrought in quality steel.

5) Sili Saw Blade Sleeve

Another excellent option is the Sili Saw Blade Sleeve. This one is made of silicone, and it wraps around your saw blade, preventing marring and damage to your circular saw blades. This one is perfect for ten-inch saw blades only. 

It will only carry one saw blade for each sleeve. Besides, you can hang each sleeve because it has a hang tab, allowing you to hook the sleek. 

You can also use the hang tab as a handle when transporting the saw blades to your workplace. Lastly, with this storage case, you’ll get your fingers protected from the sharp teeth of the saw blades.

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Storage Racks & Case for Your Saw Blades

When selecting a storage case for your saw blades, you can’t just grab any storage case out there. You need to consider your choice with care and base your choice on the following factors:


The storage case should allow you to store various circular saw blades. It should also be capable of handling your complete inventory of circular saw blades from the largest to the smallest. In this way, you can organize your circular saw blades well. 

Ease of Access and Convenience

Many woodworkers would usually have a hook in their shop to hang their circular saw blades. But if you are a meticulous woodworker, you would not just want to hang your circular saw blades on a hook. You want to store them safely and organize them. You also want something that is accessible. Moreover, the storage case should allow quick identification of saw blades to avoid downtime while searching for the best circular saw blade for a particular task.

Level of Protection Afforded by the Storage Case

Another factor you need to consider is the level of protection afforded by the storage case. Circular saw blades aren’t cheap. Moreover, they are a worthwhile investment that you should take care of. They will perform well if they are not rusting or damaged. 

But saw blades that are improperly stored usually rub with each other, making them dull. Moreover, dust and moisture can damage and dull those saw blades. So, when choosing a storage case, you should ensure that the case provides the utmost protection to your saw blades.


The efficiency and effectiveness of your circular saw blades depend on how sharp their teeth are. Hence, it will help protect your circular saw blades while using them and when they are not in use. When not used, one way to protect your circular saw blades is to store them well either in a DIY storage case or in a ready-made storage case, like those mentioned above. 

With the proper storage case, you can assure yourself that your circular saw blades will remain sharp and free of rust caused by exposure to moisture. And with sharp and rust-free saw blades, you can cut through any materials with high level of efficiency and safety.

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