Best Circular Saw Blades for Hardwood

Makita circular saw blade to cut and rip the thick hardwood.

Aside from selecting a circular saw blade based on factors like the number of teeth, positive-negative zero saw blades, tip style, and many other factors, you also need to select a saw blade according to the material type you will cut. The materials you will cut might be non-ferrous metals, plastic, composite materials, softwood, or … Read more

How to Use a Miter Box

Using miter box and hand saw to cut 45 and 90 degree angles.

Many newbie woodworkers might not have heard of the miter box, for they are more familiar with the modern-day miter saw machine. Yet, the miter box had its heyday, and it once held a high place in the pantheon of woodworking tools. For hundreds of years, it was the only tool used to make perfect … Read more

What To Do With Old Saw Blades?

Dull and abandoned woodworking saw blades.

Not long ago, I happened to rummage through my stacks of old saw blades and noticed that I had already accumulated a heap of used blades. So, once again, I came face to face with the dilemma of what to do with these old blades. Of course, you may be like me, burdened with a … Read more

Saw Blade Teeth Guide

Different types and teeth counts of saw blade.

The famous words of Abraham Lincoln always ring in my ears every time I feel the need to replace my saw blade. He said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first hour sharpening the ax.” Of course, the blade of an ax is incomparable to the saw … Read more

15 Best Woodworking YouTube Channels

Top Woodworking and carpentry youtubers.

A woodworker’s skill is fascinating to experience, and there is something extraordinary about watching a skilled carpenter construct anything from nothing out of a single piece of wood. For anyone seeking unlimited access to woodworking instruction, YouTube is an excellent place to begin their search for information. Simply searching on the subject matter, you want … Read more

What is Bridle Joint?

Cutting bridle joint by hand.

If you know what a mortise and tenon joint is, the bridle joint needs no introduction! They are similar joints in terms of construction. Basically, a bridle joint is when you join together two wood pieces with ends that accept and receive one another. Once joined, they form a corner!  In contrast, a mortise and … Read more

What is a Woodworking Jig?

Different types of simple woodworking jigs.

When engaging in repetitive cutting or drilling tasks, you need to maintain the accuracy and repeatability of your cuts and drills. There is no other tool. However, that can help you achieve such accuracy than the woodworking jig. The woodworking jig is a custom-made type of device that you can use to control the motion … Read more

14 Best Woodworking Money Makers

Woodworker making list of profitable craft projects to make.

Quite frankly, if you will focus on woodworking and raise your woodworking skill a notch higher, you can surely monetize that skill. Woodworking, of course, comes with many benefits. It can give you a hefty workout for your body for free. It also lets you save money by doing your woodworking projects without spending on … Read more