How to Cut Plywood with Circular Saw

Using Circular saw to cut plywood.

In my long years of woodworking, I have learned that there are basically four things every aspiring woodworker needs to know when cutting plywood. First, you need accurate measurements to come up with precise cuts. You also need the right tool, like the circular saw, when cutting sheets. Moreover, you need to be cognizant of … Read more

How to Use a Router to Cut a Groove

Cutting groove on cabinet wood with router.

Several woodwork scenarios, especially for making furniture, can make it necessary to add a groove to your project. You see, grooves are crucial to controlling moving parts and joints on furniture. One way to cut a groove into a wood piece is to use a router, and we’ll walk you through how to do it. … Read more

Painting MDF Without Primer

How to paint MDF furniture without using any primer.

A friend of mine asked me the other week whether he could paint MDF without primer. Well, I said he could, but if he did not prime it, he would consume more paint than if he had primed it. Moreover, he would have ended up with a not-so-decent finish without a primer.  Of course, Medium … Read more

How To Use A Jigsaw To Cut Curves

Cut inner curve motif on wood.

At some point in woodwork, you will need to cut a curve into a wood piece. This applies whether you’re an amateur enthusiast or you’re already a veteran on the woodwork scene. Now you have the task, and we’ll present you with the solution – a jigsaw. Indeed, there is no doubt that a jigsaw … Read more