15 Best Woodworking YouTube Channels 2023

October 4, 2023

Famous woodwork craft and woodworking youtube learning channels.

A woodworker’s skill is fascinating to experience, and there is something extraordinary about watching a skilled carpenter construct anything from nothing out of a single piece of wood.

For anyone seeking unlimited access to woodworking instruction, YouTube is an excellent place to begin their search for information. Simply searching on the subject matter, you want to study will provide a plethora of tutorials that will assist you in discovering new woodworking techniques or honing the ones you currently possess. Unfortunately, while there are many channels on YouTube, selecting the most excellent material for understanding woodworking may be time-consuming due to the sheer number of channels available.

I captured the effort to conduct the searching and fact-checking for you and have gathered a list of the top several most acceptable YouTube channels for woodworking instruction that you can explore!

List of Top & Popular Woodworking Youtube Channels Every Beginner & Professional Woodworkers Should Follow:

1) Frank Makes

Incredibly beautiful, Frank Howarth‘s artistry is simply captivating. If you are a novice, this is not the most incredible channel to gain knowledge, but it still recommends watching anybody interested in carpentry appreciate the awesome stuff he creates.

Purely based on what he is working on, whether it is a bookshelf or a timber phone case, the components are always highly well-designed, and everything accomplishes through excellent videography and stop-motion performance. Anyone who enjoys woodworking videos, including those who have rarely seen one before, should pay attention to the Woodworking Platform.

2) The Samurai Carpenter

The Samurai Carpenter is one of the most satisfactory woodworking YouTube channels for aspiring carpenters who want to learn more about the craft. You will witness the devotion of the channel creator to his profession, which is similar to the Samurai mentality, who is faithful and solely concerned with mastering the technique they would like to learn. 

With more than 802.000 followers as of this writing, Samurai Carpenter has unquestionably shown that it provides valuable material to people who are enthusiastic about the craft of woodworking. Upon further inspection, you will discover some complimentary designs to assist you to start. In addition, many suggestions for resolving issues may arise when working with various resources and numerous innovative ideas for anything from the tiniest things such as a toilet roll holder to more oversized items such as a dinner table.

3) Fine Woodworking

The FineWoodworking YouTube channel is a resource for woodworking enthusiasts who want to educate more about what is necessary to deal with lumber and woodwork equipment in a hands-on environment. The Fine Woodworking publication creators produce each youtube clip and assist beginning artisans through being proficient woodworkers. 

Since, apart from other YouTube channels operated by a single individual or professional, the fine woodworking YouTube channel incorporates a collection of video content from divergent woodworking specialists who dedicate their time to spreading their comprehension and knowledge and experience with you. In addition, the stream has video content from woodworking professionals such as Durfee, Van Dyke, Swann, Thibodeau, and plenty of other well-known names.

4) Matthias Wandel

MAtthias Wandel’s Woodworking Channel is primarily a woodworking facility for individuals who wish to undertake a specialized woodworking vocation. You will gain a great deal of information and receive hundreds of fascinating strategies that will help you create your unique masterwork. The creator of this channel offers instructional video content on how to modify various woodworking equipment and convert waste wood into treasures such as cabinet drawers, portable tool stands, and other projects. You will also gain knowledge on how to construct highly imaginative devices such as dust extractors and pager rotation machines, as well as several concepts for repurposing your outdated furniture to generate better pieces.

5) Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Steve Ramsey creates woodworking as an enjoyable activity. Steve’s YouTube channel, Woodworking For Mere Mortals Building, has videos of him constructing amazing things in his basement in California, where he lives. Throughout his 12 days of Craftmas, he will be creating anything from toys and crafts to unique seasonal skills.

So, each Friday, Steve regularly makes innovative DIY woodworking tutorials and ideas for his subscribers. Suppose you are utterly inexperienced in woodworking and concerned about not being able to buy the equipment you’ll necessary or being afraid of injuring yourself in operation. In that case, he is the ideal expert to look up to for guidance. 

Woodworking for Mere Mortals will show you how and where to operate a table saw, jigsaw, and sometimes even your tools more efficiently and securely throughout his Woodworking for Mere Mortals sequence content. He also keeps a running inventory of the equipment required to establish a rudimentary workshop up and running.

6) GarageWoodworks

Brian Grella constructs do-it-yourself woodworking items in his garage woodshop. He operates under the slogan Cars Do Not Live in Garages. Brian builds helpful home things such as instrument stands, pizzas cutters, and breakfast trays in his basement. Brian demonstrates how he made salad utensils in one of his movies and then consumes a salad live on a webcam to demonstrate his woodworking inventions.

7) Paul Sellers

Paul Sellers is a well-known craftsman on YouTube. Contrary to specific other streams, he devotes nearly exclusively to hand equipment. He produces films on subjects relating to hand tooling woodworking depending on his past decade of expertise, respectively performing and instructing woodworking.

Several of his tutorials focus on particular tools and methods to operate them and unique joinery methods. He also offers lengthier tutorials on furniture construction, although they are exclusively accessible on his premium domain, Woodworking Masterclasses. He’s also started a podcast. A further renowned YouTube series is his how-to-build-a-workbench course, where he also instructs individuals.

Something that distinguishes Paul Sellers is his unmatched mastery of hand tools, proper usage, and calming demeanor and intelligence. In addition, he’s a likable guy with a unique outlook on things, which he often expresses in his video content.

8) April Wilkerson

The creator of this channel – April Wilkerson is a woman, but she is also an incredible carpenter! Her films have amassed upwards of 1.35 million followers on YouTube, which may attest to the high quality of the information. Here you will find a plethora of inspiration for transforming wooden objects into unique pieces of furniture for your house. 

You will be amazed at the very unusual shelving, curving steps, treetops deck, swinging structure, foldable bench, fencing, and other features, as well as the minor details, including a poultry coop entrance. The filmmaker’s concepts range from the basic to the complex, and she even demonstrated her maiden Do it Yourself chair.

9) Ishitani Furniture

Ishitani Furniture is a Japanese public broadcaster that follows the life of renowned furniture craftsman Natsuki Ishitani, as recorded by his spouse Chie. In addition, their little puppy often appears in the recordings. It widely belief that Japanese woodworkers are some of the finest in the global economy, and Ishitani is unquestionably the most excellent talented woodworker on the internet.

He mixes traditional Japanese techniques with modern equipment. He even incorporates the Festool Domino to create stunning pieces of furniture that are indeed mesmerizing. Typically, his films are construction documentaries of works he does on commissions for customers. However, he’s had just several video content on the antique equipment he employs or on the process of creating jigs and equipment for his workbench.

What distinguishes Ishitani’s artwork is the top-notch artwork and the excellent quality of the video content. Chie films the whole construction operation in a very calm and pleasant manner, which enhances the quality of the movies even more.

10) The Wood Whisperer

The creator of The Wood Whisper – Marc provides various woodworking information on his YouTube channel, The Wood Whisperer, with everybody interested in watching, listening, and perhaps subscribing to his channel. How and where to select the woodworking equipment you’ll demand in your workplace and how to utilize this equipment to create unique woodworks such as wardrobes, armchairs, desks, and sometimes even utensils are among the topics he covers.

11) Woodwork Web

On Woodwork Web Youtube Channel. Whether you’re constantly on the lookout for woodworking strategies and suggestions to improve your experience in the workplace a little simpler, you’ll consider Colin Knecht’s YouTube channel Woodwork Web to be constructive and fascinating.

I have connected to the Woodwork Web YouTube channel since Colin is a living legend in his field of expertise. He puts everything into these films and spends his efforts to ensure that he conveys the information well in each of them. He is passionate about his work.

In other words, if you are searching for legitimate woodworking video content that includes woodworking hacking tools, tips and techniques, tool recommendations, and feasibility study plans to help you create your woodworking productions. 

I strongly advise you to check out the Woodwork Web YouTube channel, as there is more than enough of such video content there out there already.

12) Andy Rawls

Andy Rawls is a Texas craftsman who began his career as a filmmaker before becoming a craftsman who shows in the quality of his videos. He trained alongside Paul Sellers, and as a result, he is proficient in the usage of tools and equipment, and machines.

His creations typically center on constructing a segment of furniture ranging from basic cabinetry or trays to very complicated ones. Aside from creating films on equipment, his episode on his huge Oliver bandsaw is awe-inspiring. In addition, he has just begun producing documentaries about the restoration of an antique Airstream trailer.

What distinguishes him primarily is that he is a highly talented carpenter. However, he is also a warm-hearted individual, and his videos are serene and soothing while also being exceptionally well produced. For example, he typically creates two versions of his construction videos: one with discourse and another without speech comments so viewers may have a more relaxing view.

13) Darin Orvar

Darin Orvar is a craftsman and Vlogger from Sweden who makes things out of timber. She grew up in a household where carpentry and crafts were encouraged. Thus, her interest in crafting began early. Darin explains, among the myriad preferences that influence or affect my woodworking and creating are a fascination with science, innovation, and history. Her YouTube account features construction, designing, constructing, webinars, and YouTube videos, all of which are available for viewing. Whatever you might demand, from concepts for home decor furnishings to upkeep and equipment, may be found there. For example, she demonstrates how to construct a hovering LED cube shelf under one of her latest episodes.

14) Marius Hornberger

Marius Hornberger is a German woodworker whose primary emphasis is on all aspects of modest workspace design and construction. His films cover various topics, including building a band saw, retrofitting an antique jointer planer with a spirals cutter head, 3D printing components for a dusty collecting system, and more. Later, his films have included instructions on constructing furniture and evaluations of modern equipment such as Hammer’s most current CNC equipment.

What distinguishes Marius from several other YouTube woodworkers is his mechanical mentality, which enables him to be very good at identifying methods to enhance the efficiency of your workplace. As a result, he offers a wealth of information on creating woodworking more productive and enhancing your productivity. When you blend this with his distinct German dry tone of humor and commitment to producing comprehensive, high-quality films, you select a fantastic YouTube channel.

15) This Woodwork

ThisWoodwork is all intents and purposes of a woodworking YouTube channel established by Alex Harris, specializing in woodworking developments. A 22-year-old teenager who uses his YouTube channel to showcase his carpentry abilities and passion.

Despite his youth, you will learn from him that anybody can become engaged in the exquisite craft of woodworking that he demonstrates on his YouTube channel. Many tutorials and instructional films regarding woodworking and woodturning are available on this website, which you may stream and practice from to become an influential craftsman.

He makes a gorgeous watch out of small portions of waste wood in this specific episode. There are many other tutorials like that on the ThisWoodwork YouTube channel from something that you can acquire knowledge about woodworking in general.


You do not have to be a craftsman to benefit from viewing fantastic woodworking video clips on YouTube. Whether you are a newcomer just getting initiated and teaching the throughs and byes of the craft or a skilled professional working with lumber for many decades thus viewing excellent woodworking video content on YouTube is a fun opportunity to learn regarding various elements and perhaps even persuade you with your next venture.

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