How Does A Planer Work?

Thickness planer and hand planer.

You may be familiar with the word plane, yet you may end up a bit scratching your head when you hear the word “planer”. Of course, if you are a certified woodworker, you will exactly know what the word planer connotes. But if you are a newbie in carpentry, you might wonder about its functions.  How to Use … Read more

Best 12-inch Jointer Planer Combo

Different types and models of wood jointer and planer.

Sometime around last year, I was struggling to figure out whether I would buy a separate jointer and planer or settle for a jointer planer combo. Yet, after extensive research, I had decided that a jointer planer combo would suffice for my needs and requirements. The most crucial advantage of buying a jointer/planer combo is … Read more