Does Cedar Need To Be Sealed?

Sealing cedar wood with stain.

A question I often get asked by newbies in the use of cedar is whether they should seal the cedar. Well, the answer to that question usually depends on what you prefer. The cedarwood, of course, is a durable one and exhibits excellent resistance to deterioration. As such, as a newbie, you might think that … Read more

How to Protect Cedar Wood for Outdoors

Cedar wood planter box for outdoor garden uses.

Having a broad knowledge of Cedar Wood is a huge advantage since you’ve just invested a significant sum of money in it. In addition to providing long-term aesthetic value, keeping your Cedar well-treated will help keep it looking great for years to come. The more you know about protecting your Cedar wood, the more time … Read more

What Is Hickory Wood Used For?

Raw Hickory wood lumber

A hickory tree is a type of tree that produces hickory nuts. This tree produces hickory wood that is considered a hardwood. Hickory trees typically grow in the eastern part of the United States. The central, southern, and northern parts have different climates in which at least twenty species have already adapted to their climates. … Read more

How to Identify Hickory Wood

Hickory wood and tree

You can find hickory trees mostly in Northern and Eastern America. There are also some regions in Asia where hickory trees grow abundantly. Hickory trees are one of the genus Carya’s species in the Juglandaceae family. The genus Carya contains around 19 species, each with unique characteristics, of hickory trees. You can find eleven to … Read more

How To Store Lumber To Prevent Warping

Methods of storing lumber wood.

Do you work with wood frequently? Are you in the lumber manufacturing business? Then knowing how to store lumber without it warping is a skill that will come in handy. Although wood generally tends to age well on its own, poor storage conditions can quickly destroy it. This may not only lead to the loss … Read more